Law Suit As a Result of Vaccine Induced GBS

I came down with GBS on November 17, 2001 and was immediately hospitalized. I spent 55 days in the ICU and was on a ventilator and received a tracheotomy. At the worst of it, I was in critical condition and was completely paralysed (head to toe) until March. I was released from hospital (rehab) on July 18, 2002 and am now on the road to making a complete recovery.

I was told that the onset of my GBS was probably as a result of a flu vaccine I received in early November, 2001. In fact, the hospital notified the federal health authorities (Health Canada), reporting my case as a possible case of vaccine induced GBS.

My question is this. Is any one aware of any successful law suits against pharmaceutical companies in such situations or any applicable case law ?

I would appreciate any thoughts any one might have on this topic.

Many thanks,