Gibson ME/CFS 'Inquiry'

Gibson ME/CFS 'Inquiry' - Oral Hearing Announcement.
One Click publishes the latest so called 'Press Release' from the Gibson 'Inquiry' and names those presenting evidence at the first hearing scheduled to be open to members of the public on the 18 April 2006.  Each organisation is being given approximately ten minutes in which to provide evidence on ME/CFS.  One Click writes: "As with everything else in relation to this ME/CFS 'Inquiry' so far, you really could not make it up if you tried. ME/CFS ten minute wonder jokes are already doing the rounds on the internet. This is truly a stellar example of British politicians attempting to cackhandedly convince the electorate that they are "getting to the bottom of things" as Gibson so famously stated before he kicked off this so called 'Inquiry'. One does not need to have a degree in political science to realise that this is wrong. Attempting to suppress evidence submission at this 'Inquiry' is the very worst possible start that could ever have been conceived of by anyone.  Small wonder that the electorate is so disillusioned with politics and politicians that it fails to vote in its droves." READ THE NEWS ON ONE CLICK