Graves' disease
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[Media Dec 2002] Spate of Thyroid Cases Baffles Army (Graves' Disease, possibly a side effect of anthrax vaccine)

"I have Graves Disease (the largest single cause of hyperthyroidism), diagnosed in February of 2000. I was put on various levels of propylthiouracil (PTU) to get my thyroxin levels under control. I'm supposed to be between 0-5. In March of 2002 I stopped taking my medicine (in two years I had never been below 9) and started vitamin and mineral therapy on my own. I had my blood tested a week ago and for the first time in two and a half years my levels are normal: 2.49 to be exact. My endocrinologist does not think it will last, of course, and wants me to get either radiation therapy or a thyroidectomy, but I feel better than I have in years. "I belong to the National Graves Disease Foundation ( ) and posted my story on their bulletin boards - the only story on the whole site about any type of vitamin therapy. Within 24 hours, all of my postings and responses and anything to do with vitamins were removed and my account was suspended.  "I think Graves Disease is a nutritional deficiency disease that is correctable with proper vitamin and mineral intake. Dosage is mostly something we have to research and figure out for ourselves, depending on ones own individual needs. It is so scary to me that the doctors are encouraging damaging medicine/radiation/surgery as treatments and completely ignoring the fact that vitamins and minerals have worked for other people." Mary Beth Workman