Horse grease quotes

"Anyone who reads Jenner’s alleged Inquiry can see for himself that his specific was not cowpox, but horsegrease transferred to the cow by the hands of a dirty milker. Ordinary cowpoxes were "spurious". It was the London doctors, Pearson and Woodville, who forced the spurious cowpox on the public and on Jenner. They knew the smell of horsegrease and would not touch it with the end of a bargepole."--Lionel Dole

"The cow, infected with horse-grease, was in its turn to give this horse-grease cowpox to a human being."---- John Pitcairn

"In baron’s Life of Jenner, vol 1, p135, the following incident is given:--“His nephew, George Jenner, went into the stable with him to look at a horse with diseased heels.  “There,” said he, pointing to the horse’s heels, “is the source of smallpox.”"---JNO. PICKERING, F.S.S., F.R.G.S. [1876. THE STATISTICS OF THE MEDICAL OFFICERS TO THE LEEDS SMALL-POX HOSPITAL EXPOSED AND REFUTED]

The original source of his vaccine lymph was the matter from ulcerating sores on the udders of cows, a disease transmitted by the filthy hands of the milkers; he discarded this later for the greasy discharge from sick horses' heels; but since then there can hardly be an available species of animal but has been used to supply the "virus." As was stated in an editorial comment in the Lancet of May 13th, 1922: "No practitioner knows whether the lymph he employs is derived from small-pox, rabbit-pox, ass-pox, or mule-pox." Dr. Monckton Copeman, Inspector to the (then) Local Government Board, favoured matter taken from a smallpox corpse in the post-mortem room, inoculated first into monkeys, next into calves, and then into children, but for many years now the Ministry of Health have repeatedly confessed their complete ignorance in regard to the ultimate source of their own official supply. [1936 Pamphlet] The Case AGAINST Vaccination By M.  BEDDOW BAYLY M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

Jenner contended that every person who had had horse-grease cow-pox was protected against small-pox, but persons who had had the other kind of cow-pox were not protected, so that when he was confronted with cases where cow-pox had failed to protect, he said it was a spurious kind of cow-pox. A careful study of the evidence, as it is given in the  writings of  Prof. Crookshank, of William White. of Dr. Creighton, of Dr. W. Scott Tebb,of Dr. Monckton-Copeman, of Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, and many other writers, fails to show that there was anything worthy of the name of evidence in support of Jenner's theory that horse-grease cow-pox had a specific effect on the human body calculated to prevent infection by small-pox. [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

The medical men who took up vaccination would have nothing to do with Jenner's theory of horse-pox, and thus saved the scheme from destruction. Vaccination went on receiving credit for the reduction of small-pox really due to the gradual supplanting of the old inoculation process, but in the meantime experience was shattering its claims. [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.