[DM 2006] Zithromax causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome  

Guillain-Barre and vaccination

"The disturbance was clinically described by Auguste François Chomel (1788-1858) in 1828, James Wardrop (1782-1869) in 1834, and Robert James Graves (1797-1853) in 1848.
    Guillain, Barré, and Strohl in 1916 described two soldiers acutely ill with muscular weakening, paresthesias, and muscular pain. The patients, 25 and 35 years of age, were thoroughly examined by Georges Guillain, head of the Centre Neurologique de VIe Armé. The great novelty in their examination, however, was done by Strohl, who investigated the spinal liquid and performed an electrophysiological test, finding major pathology in the Achilles reflex and the quadriceps muscle. The soldiers’ condition soon improved, however, and after a little over a month they were both released from the hospital, almost completely restituted.
    Only weeks after Guillain, Barré, and Strohl, Marie and Chatelin reported three cases, Their patients were all restituted within three months.
    It was H. Draganesco and J. Claudion who, in 1927, first used the term Guillain-Barré syndrome. Guillain and Barré obviously enjoyed this, forgetting both Strohl and Landry."