Further to MMR AND AUTISM: The link really has been established

Chris Gupta

"The recent series of articles on mercury and autism and Denmark were conducted and sponsored by a single network of authors.

Those authors were tied, either indirectly or as employees, to a for-profit vaccine manufacturer (SSI) with a direct financial interest in the outcome of the analysis. Their motivations as investigators were closely tied to the products they were investigating. They have a clear conflict of interest.

Statens Serum Institut relies heavily on its vaccine products for revenue, growth and profitability.The growth and profitability, in particular, of its export vaccine business provides strong incentives for SSI to build ties with public health officials and manufacturing partners in the United States and United Kingdom. SSI has a clear and strong interest in the policy debates surrounding the autismmercury controversy. They cannot be considered an objective party.

SSI has a direct financial interest in the assessment of past mercury-containing vaccine safety issues and the future viability of mercury-containing products. Their participation in any analysis directly compromises the investigation. They should be excluded from further work in vaccine safety assessment."

The above conclusion is extracted from SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK

In the above you will find an expose which shows the inherent vulnerability of reputable peer reviewed journals to manipulation by commercial and private interests and why it is now dangerous to trust them generally.

It is a piece of research and documentation that is astounding. How much more of this skullduggery is going on in other areas, or did these guys just invent this conspiracy on their own and without a prior example or corporate coaching?

This expose does not explore the possibility of professional ghostwriters' involvement. It could be suggested that those authors did not even see the data, they just put their names to the articles in exchange for money and/or prestige?


Chris Gupta wrote:

Sadly, here again is another example on how our governments literally work for the industry interest with our tax dollars no less. Please sign and pass this on to as many people as possible.

Chris Gupta

Extracted from: Petition - Show us the Vaccine Data



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