18 August 2004 Another Electrotherapy (Low Level DC) To Treat Cancer Shunned

Gee wonder why....

Mr. Kulsh's suggested protocol is simplicity in itself. Something that does not bod well with the protectionist mainstream medicine and associated device manufacturers! They, of course, they are more interested in wealth even at the expense our health.

..."Free radicals are known to be formed in a biological medium when it is subjected to any voltage in excess of 1.2 volts. Electrochemical products begin to form around 1.5 to 2 volts (8) but these products may not be significant in concentration until the voltage is raised to, say, 3 or 4 V. If the anti-tumor effect of electrotherapy is due to the disabling of the pivotal enzyme RR (see below) through free radical interactions, voltage between 1.2 to about 3 V should be most beneficial. Higher voltage, for this mechanism, would be undesirable for two reasons: (i) more and more electrons would engage in electro-chemical processes, leaving less and less electrons free or as free-radicals, and (ii) concentration of toxic electrochemical species would increase steadily. This toxicity may be as harmful as the tumor itself."...

They always have vast sums of money for their protectionist, highly invasive, toxic and complex dead end research - but only roadblocks for even the most elementary and simple protocols such a the one Mr. Kulsh suggests. Then they turn around and say no human clinical trails have been done hence we can't use it. We are to take it that needless injury, disfiguring, deaths and suffering from their generally toxic, slash and burn procedures, many of which also don't have any human clinical trails, are OK (as they are profitable)

According to Dr. Becker the effects of anything that we ingest/absorb, in the final analysis, is eventually translated to some form of electrical activity. Mr. Kulsh is suggesting such a mechanism via the use of electrons in lieu of antioxidants.

For a long time I have been pondering on how utilize electrons directly as antioxidants and this and other research on wound healing (more on that in a later post) have given me sufficient incentive to continue investigating the idea of building a simple device to directly use elections instead of forking out megabucks for all manner of supplements etc.

..."Since the concentration of the target enzyme RR is much higher in cancerous cells, as compared to healthy resting cells, the gentle DC electrotherapy would act selectively on malignant growth."...

Targeting cancerous areas of the body without harming healthy tissue is a well know area of research. This is not the first time that cost effective and potentially efficacious methods have been shunned. Another good example that has been severely vilified is Laetrile* (see below for Mode of Action). I have been meaning to write about this nutrient as it has a similar targeting action on cancer and I suspect that the combination of the two might address long term systemic concerns so aptly described in Dr. Becker's book The Body Electric. (See Re: Brain Tumor for treatment vs cure discussion - Very important to understand for any disease mechanism)

Chris Gupta
Experimental evidence (Full paper is here)

The following is extracted for the above

..."The connection between low-level DC electrotherapy and deactivation of enzyme RR is being proposed for the first time. However, use of low-level direct electric currents to treat tumor -- without any clear understanding of the underlying mechanism -- has been reported in scientific literature about ten times during the last four decades (4-13).

Three of these papers - the last one in 1985 - reported very encouraging results. For example, in some experiments, there was total regression in 60% of mice (4), an average of 88% tumor necrosis in hamsters (5), and 98% reduction in tumor mass, also in hamsters (7). (It is strange that none of these studies had any proper follow-ups.) The outcome of other studies was less positive -- almost certainly due to poor choice of parameters.:...

Clearly this work is not new so why, with all their resources, they seem to be having so much trouble in at least validating this simple idea in human? Their agenda is patently clear. They are scared stiff of alternatives as these could put an end to the gravy train.

The Novel GEIPE Cancer Therapy
Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit the Pivotal Enzyme (in cell growth)

Enzymes control what takes place in a cell. The pivotal enzyme for the synthesis of DNA, and thus for cell growth, is RR (ribonucleotide reductase) since it supplies building blocks of DNA. Table-1 shows how critical is this enzyme for the growth of cancerous cells. Attempts are continuously being made to synthesize chemotherapeutic drugs that would selectively inhibit this enzyme, but with little success.

A novel way of blocking this enzyme is suggested by the fact that at the “core” (active-site) of this enzyme is a lone electron (free-radical) which is essential for its activity. Such free radicals can be neutralized or disabled by passing mild direct electric current through the tissue. Since the concentration of the target enzyme RR is much higher in cancerous cells, as compared to healthy resting cells, the gentle DC electrotherapy would act selectively on malignant growth.

The connection between low level DC electrotherapy and deactivation of enzyme RR is a recent proposal. However, use of low level direct electric currents to treat tumor -- without any clear understanding of the underlying mechanism have been reported in scientific literature at least ten times during the last 50 years. Results of all these studies are consistent with the proposed deactivation of the pivotal enzyme.

Outcome reported in three of these papers were very encouraging. For example, a study published in the prominent journal Cancer Research in 1985 reported 98% reduction in the tumor mass of lab animals -- a virtual cure. Please see Table-2.

Note: On contacting the head scientist Dr. Herbert of the 1985 study, it was discovered that he was denied funding to study the procedure further. Please see his letter in 'Testimonials & Correspondences'.

*Laetrile's (Amygdalin) Mode of Action:

Amygdalin (Laetrile/Vitamin B-17) is a relatively simple compound found in much of our food supply. It is most abundant in the seeds of non-citrus fruits. Most commercially prepared Amygdalin is extracted from the seeds of the apricot. Amygdalin is composed of two molecules of glucose (a sugar), one molecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic) and one molecule of hydrocyanic acid (an anti-neoplastic compound).

In metabolic therapy, the Amygdalin is broken down into its component parts as a result of the action of beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is found in abundance in cancer cells, and is relatively deficient in normal cells. Consequently, the cyanide is released only where there is an active cancer lesion. This liberation of cyanide under controlled and safe conditions insures that an adequate dosage can be administered without the threat of toxic side effects. This absence of cyanide toxicity is further insured by the action of Rhodanese, another enzyme. This enzyme is present in large quantities in normal cells but in very small amounts in cancer cells. Detoxification of cyanide occurs, therefore, in normal mammalian tissue through the action of Rhodanese which, in the presence of sulfur-bearing compounds, converts free cyanide to thiocyanate, a perfectly non-toxic compound. The thiocyanate is excreted in the urine.

The was extracted from a web site that was predictably shut down by the FDA - who literally work for the Medical industry under the pretense of protecting us. (a zipped copy of the site is here - approx. 600k)

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