Subject:  How I was cured of Hay Fever ---  Greg Warren
Date:   * 22:51   Jun 09 2002 

I suffered with allergies for much of my life. The first time I became aware of
it was when I was about 12 years old. My father had taken me for a motorcycle
ride out in the desert, and during the return trip home my eyes became very
itchy and sore. I rubbed them until they looked like blobs of translucent
jelly. I had never experienced anything like it before, and didn't understand
what was happening. From that point on my allergy symptoms increased. I
developed reactions to dust, molds, cats, pollens, and certain foods such as
wheat and some forms of sugar. I could hardly bear for summer to come, because
I knew that it would bring with it a great deal of suffering for me. I worked
in construction, was outdoors a great deal of the time, in a semi-desert
climate full of sagebrush and rabbit brush, and these two plants together
nearly put me out of commission. I'm slight of build and sensitive to chemical
agents, so taking allergy medicine wasn't a good fix for me, because they all
left me feeling light-headed and strange. I would cut the pills in half, taking
as little as possible but enough to lessen my symptoms.

I couldn't sleep at night and could barely work during the day. I became
increasingly sensitive to environmental contaminants as well. This went on for
many years, until I was 35 years old.

I had begun studying natural healing and cleansing, and something wonderful
happened. I was on the phone one day with an acquaintance who lived in another
state, and she mentioned that she was doing a colon cleanse that involved the
use of psyllium and bentonite and some herbs. I didn't know what any of that
was at the time. She told me she was following the plan put forth in a book
called Cleanse and Purify Thyself.

I got the author's name and found the book in a local health food store. I
followed his directions and had good results, as in passing mucus and other
interesting things, and overall increase of energy and well-being. But the most
wonderful thing to me is that my Hay Fever symptoms disappeared! This was an
unexpected but amazing benefit to me, and strengthened my testimony of natural
healing methods and colon cleansing. I was so elated, and shared this
experience with many. Most of them listened and basically humored me, but there
were few of my family or acquaintances who believed as I did. But I knew for
myself that it worked, and I was so grateful!

In the intervening years, as I continued to study, I discovered that others had
taught the reasons why colon cleansing will cure allergies. I won't go into
that here. I just wanted to share this because I know there are many allergy
sufferers out there and I want you to know that relief is possible, without

I want to add, that I have not been 100 percent cured. Each year, when certain
pollen counts get extremely high, I still get a couple of symptoms, like itchy
eyes and runny nose. But when it happens, I immediately do the cleanse and my
symptoms always go away within 24 hours, and usually don't come back until the
next year. I believe that if ate a more pure diet, the symptoms would disappear
altogether and for good, but in my weakness there are many foods I still eat
that I know I shouldn't. I did give up milk and meat and most bread, but still
eat sugar and other dairy products like cheese and ice cream. I plan to lessen
the amount of these, but don't know if I can ever give them up completely. But
that's my challenge.

I hope this information helps to bring hope and healing to anyone suffering
with allergies.

Greg Warren

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