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Lexington, KY: Even as the Defense Department is “in discussions with other

agencies to assess civilian vaccination needs - particularly for emergency

‘first responders’ - in the event of a bioterrorist attack” (Washington

Post, May 20, 2002), a new book written by a former F-16 squadron

commander, “Anthrax: A Deadly Shot in the Dark” aims to educate the

civilians and the public health community about the hazards of the anthrax

vaccine, its flawed manufacturing history, and its devastating effects on

the military. (See ) “You may have to

face the same decision, whether to take the shot and risk your and your

family’s health, based on U.S. Department of Defense recommendations,”

writes Lt. Col. (Ret. U.S.A.F.) Thomas S. Heemstra, “or whether to speak

out and demand safety, accountability, and a quality vaccine...It’s vital

to know what they are about to inject into your body.”

It would be more than what the troops have been allowed to know through

years of having an untested, unsafe and illegally licensed vaccine injected

into them.  It will also be a great deal more than they will know in the

future, with the DOD’s Friday, May 17 announcement that from here on out,

the vaccine will be given in secret to personnel at high risk. Heemstra’s concerns about the anthrax vaccine, developed after extensive

research when he found he would have to order it for the pilots under his

command, eventually led to his forced early retirement from the Air

Force.  The vaccine’s extremely high reactogenicity has led a growing

chorus of active-duty troops and veterans to speak out against the vaccine,

voices which now may be joined by civilians.   Health problems attributed to

the vaccine include grand mal seizures, tumors and cysts, heart problems,

severe bone and joint pain, deep skin rashes and infections, loss of

testosterone in some men, severe hemorrhaging in some women, autoimmune

illnesses, and, to


pg. 2 of 2: New book answers civilian questions about anthrax vaccine date, six fatalities.  As the civilian populations looks at the possibility

of being forced to take a drug that is still on file with the FDA as an

experimental, Investigational New Drug whose safety and efficacy have never

been tested, let alone proven; and as laws are beginning to be passed in

various states making vaccines mandatory in time of national emergency -

the entire question and convoluted history of the anthrax vaccine will

receive new scrutiny.  Throughout his book, Heemstra combines research and

historical narrative with the personal stories of many who have become ill

from the vaccine, and with his own painful decision to risk a career he

loved in order to save the pilots under his command.

         On May 6th of this year, Heemstra filed his second “Whistle

Blower” complaint, this one directed to the Office of the President . The

complaint addresses the Defense Department’s failure to respond to his

first IG complaint 2-1/2 years after filing, despite numerous congressional


         Other current news highlights the importance of Heemstra’s book

and his complaints. In a  May 19, 2002, media story, Dr. Ken Alibek, former

deputy director of the Soviet biological warfare directorate, BioPreparat,

announced  the development of an inhaler which may make the anthrax vaccine

and other bioterrorism vaccines unnecessary.    “We need to stop deceiving

people that vaccines are the most effective protection [method of

biological warfare defense,]” said

Alibek in a 1999 interview quoted in Heemstra’s book.

          In light of Alibek’s announcement; the option of giving civilians

the vaccine and the public health threat the vaccine presents, and the

Defense Department’s stubborn clinging to a policy that has already killed

more people than last year’s anthrax attacks did, Heemstra’s book deserves

widespread public attention and is critical reading for public health

professionals.  The book’s website is  More information about the anthrax

vaccine can be found at:;;, and



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