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i would like to share a bit of my story with you:

in Oct 2003 the 1st week that anti D was avaialble on the NHS as routine for pregnant mothers who are Rhesus - (as I am) I had ahot of that stuff... I walked into the clinic & the nurse talked me throught he basics she questioned me as to whether I really wanted to go through with it or not & I said I did... as an add on comment she asked me again saying that in her opinion it caused children to be born autistic. I have to say that I brushed it off & went ahead with the jab

my reasons were:

1)dont be silly thats scare mongering
2)how could she possibly know that this is the 1st week of this in the UK being given routinely to mothers in late preganacy ... where was her established evidence???
3) I had it before twice, once after a miscarriage & once after the birth of my daughter born 1994 & I seemed fine with it & felt it was necessary at that time me being rhesus neg..

in July 2006 I took that same baby - fully vaccinated according to the UK schedule - (then age 2 & half)to the local hospital after being referred to child paediatricians where we learned the devasting news that he was indeed autistic..

I have had another baby since too & unlike his brother he has not had any foreign substances pumped into him either inside or outside of the womb

obviously my midwife put me under a bit of pressure to have the anti D but I was resolute.. she quoted chapter & verse - worse case scenario is that babies could possibly be born stillbirth or need a blood transfusion during their 1st week... but the compromise was that I would have antibody checks every 4 weeks from about 26 weeks onwards in the preganancy... that way they can tell if you need or at risk of needing anti D should you have an impact to the abodomen or hve a difficult delivery... I had the checks & all was fine...

the saddest thing about all this is that both my boys are O rhesus neg themeselves same as me, so they were never at any risk at at all - obviously that info cant be known before birth about the baby's blood group/type - & there is always a chance that this is the case so it is never a foregone conclusion that a baby is at risk

if your baby's father is also rhesus neg YOU DO NOT NEED THIS JAB because the baby you produce will also be RH- unfortunately health care practitioners will attempt to persuade you becasue they cant be sure that you know 100% who the father is ...

with vit K I took no chances... youngest had it orally..

so my scenario : I have 2 boys one fully vaccinated + anti D in utero & Vit K & Autistic

& the other not vaccinated at all & not autistic & bang on developmental milestones for his age...

my older daughter is fully vaccinated & not autistic but in those days Rh- mothers were not given anti D until after the birth..

there are no autistic people in my immediate family or showing up anywhere within 4 generations of both mine & my husbands side so where is the genetic evidence??

honey the choice is all yours...