This is my son you are all discussing. I can assure you that he would not
have fainted had he not received the Hep-B vaccine. As a matter of fact
his doctor stated that and I quote her "OK Mom calm down (because I
started crying), he'll be fine. It's not uncommon for teenaged boys to
passout after receiving a vaccination." Which leads me to questions.
1) Why was he in the hallway if it's not uncommon for teenage boys to
2) Why is this the only doctor's office in the area that does not require
teenagers and adults to sit or lie down for 15-20 minutes after receiving
a vaccination?
3) Why are you not calling your local health department about their
policies about vaccinations and what can happen?
4) How many parents are aware that these vaccations are given to our
teenagers inside of schools and then sent directly back to class?
5) How many more teenagers are going to die from head injuries when it can
easily be prevented?
My problem with all of this other then the fact that my son is dead is
that I was not required to sign permission for him to receive this
vaccination until after he had it. I was not made aware that he
would/could/might passout because of this vaccination. I was told after he
passed out not before. Hep-B and Hep-A vaccinations can cause people to
passout especially young men and men. It's uncommon in girls because we do
not produce adrenaline as fast as men do. Therefore NO my son would not
have passed out had he not had the vaccination. He was given a clean bill
of health moments before the vaccinations.
Any further information that you need about vaccinations can be found at or do a search with my son's name in quotes and you'll
find more information then you really ever wanted to know. Especially if
you have small children.
Lori Watkins the grieving mother of a fine young man that will be missed
by many!

They have listed his cause of death as "pending".
As to 00doc the next time it happens I hope it happens to someone dear to
you and see if you feel the same. This is simple really.
He would not have fainted had he not had the injection. His DOCTOR stated
that boys pass out more then girls. His doctor stated the things I have
stated so therefore you think because I wrote what she said that I'm the
one being stupid. Fact of the matter is on my son's vaxs record - His
first and third shot were listed as given, not his second. Which any
doctor should have realized that the second one was not received because
he was given the vax that you stated. Mixing of the two was probably not a
good idea. Or is it more that you are a doc and you hate to see the
mistakes that were listed. Is it that most doctors have little to no
common sense. Books can make a person as smart as they want but bottom
line is that common sense needs to be there to react the right way. My
son's doctors made a horrible mistake and my son is dead. You have no
sympathy about it because I'm going to sue them. Not for the money of it
all but for their licenses. By the time I'm finished with this I'll own
that building and then I'm going to burn it to the ground. Why should they
continue to kill children and enjoy their own children's happiness. Why
should they make all this money by killing children. Mine or someone elses
I would feel the same way. They killed him and they know it. Why do you
not think they are not making a comment on it. Because I would venture to
guess that while my son was being rolled out dead they were on the phone
with their attorney. While I cried they were thinking about being sued.
Well your damn right I'm going to sue them. For everything they have.
I celebrated my Christmas without my son. His doctor gave her son his
gifts and hugged and kissed him that day. I cried. She was happy and I was
in hell. Her son sat next to her that day and my son sits in his urn. Did
you enjoy your Christmas with your child? Did you ever once think that
this could have been your child? Because I'll tell you what it damn sure
could have been. It just happens to be my child not yours. How would you
feel while your trying to bury your child? Now imagine that it all could
have been prevented if the doctor that killed your child had made the
right choices.
If a child sat there and said he did not feel it (the shot) would a nurse
venture to say that the child might pass out and take action to prevent
any injury from resulting from that reaction. If you pass out and let's
say your falling down steps. 175 lbs of weight coming down on your skull.
I guess you would not be hurt by that would you? The floor was carpeted
with thin padding. Explain how my son died since your so smart! Explain
it! Tell me how exactly he died! As I've said before this death to
everyone expect my son's family and friends (and some others that
understand it) is acceptable to them because it is not their death. It is
not their child, it is not your child that died it's mine.