here is an interesting comment just received on my article on AIDS today.

Looking at the problem from an interesting and certainly intriguing new angle.


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      None of the testing they are doing are looking for the correct virus. Knox and Carrigan have found a near-100% correlation between AIDS and HHV-6A, an incredibly virulent virus that attacks lymph nodes and other tissue, creating huge amounts of necrotic tissue. It is present in both people with AIDS and also those who have CFIDS, the non-HIV AIDS.
Consider the following links:    HHV-6A is the real AIDS (and CFIDS) virus
They are also overlooking an obvious cheap treatment for AIDS/CFIDS, suggested by the discoverer of protease inhibition, Matthias Rath. It is the same as his treatment for cancer: vitamin C and the amino acids lysine and proline, which inhibit viral replication, cell fusion, and destruction caused by viral oxidation products.
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'Global Business Coalition' Wants More Testing:

But Tests Do Not Show AIDS

BANGKOK - 15th International AIDS Conference: "Testing is the missing link," said Trevor Neilson, executive director of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, representing 150 companies around the world, according to an article on Reuters, calling for routine HIV testing on a large scale.

There is only one problem: No AIDS virus has been scientifically isolated as yet - incredible but true - and therefore available tests can not be validated against a virus. So there is no "gold standard" that would confirm that the tests actually show viral infection. They react to over 60 common conditions including vaccinations, the common cold and a host of other everyday health problems.

 Test manufacturers are well aware of this and are warning that tests, which were originally developed to ensure the safety of the blood supply, are not an accurate diagnostic procedure to determine an AIDS diagnosis. Nevertheless, tests are widely used to inform people of their "death sentence", encouraging them to take retroviral drugs and implying that they probably will succumb to the disease. Manufacturers of the tests have recently been sued in the US and in France.

 The aim of testing is clearly to deliver expensive and highly toxic retroviral drugs to more people. Yet, people survive AIDS without retrovirals, as shown by the example of David Patient, who is helping AIDS victims in Eritrea, and by "Alive and Well" Christine Maggiore, both long term drug-free survivers.

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