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The Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

May 29, 2012

"A man will not care about something that doesn't belong to him. He should find a woman who is prepared to belong to him, surrender power in exchange for love. The woman is the heart. The man is the head. A creature with two heads is a monster. "

(Slightly revised from May. 2009)

I am grateful that I married a traditional woman.

I don't sacrifice any freedom for love. I am in charge. My wife is comfortable with that. I am twice as free as when I was single.

My wife is passive by nature. Passivity is the natural female principle. The marriage of active (male) and passive (female) is the basis of heterosexuality.

But it is heresy to say so.

Women are actually ashamed to be homemakers. How did this happen? How did motherhood go from being honored to being stigmatized? This transformation is the trajectory of Illuminist subversion of America. The Illuminists prefer women to be corporate widgets rather than wives and mothers.
A woman needs a man to love her. The notion that she should be "independent" and career oriented is absurd. As if pounding a mail route is superior to making a home and caring for loved ones. As if obeying a boss is somehow superior to assisting the man she chose to love and marry.

There is no greater blessing than a woman whose grace, beauty and love warms a home like sunshine. There is no greater gift than the nurturing love she gives husband and children.


The passive principle is the earth principle. The earth receives sunshine, water and seed and produces life. A woman receives a man's love and seed and performs the miracle of human birth.

A woman in love wants to recreate her husband in her children.

Carrying and nurturing the young is the essence of female psychology. The denial of this reveals the Illuminists' desire to override nature and re-engineer humanity.

Being a wife and mother is what makes a woman tick. She needs to be intensely needed and loved by husband and children.

Women were not meant to be idealized and don't respect a man who equates his need for sex with her being "perfect."

Their roles are passive by nature. They involve a great deal of adaptation and self sacrifice. But they also require that she is not taken for granted. A woman should be cherished and honored for her priceless contribution.

A woman is not going to be loved permanently for her appearance or accomplishments. Love is not like that. We love the people who sacrifice for us.

Men also sacrifice by supporting their families and providing leadership and love. Happiness can only be found in love, not self-seeking. Love is self-sacrifice. Human beings were designed to look after each other.

In contrast, Illuminism sees "freedom" as self indulgence. This is not the "truth that will make you free."

The model I am describing used to be second nature. It has become esoteric knowledge. It is not for everyone. I offer it to those looking for an alternative to feminist dysfunction. You will find your own balance.

Marriage is under constant assault. This formula has worked for centuries and still works today.


The Male Principle is the God Principle- purpose, energy, form and direction.

Women want to look up to their husbands. They tend to seek men who are older and more successful. Why? They want their husband to be like their father was (or should have been), strong, capable, reliable, protective and nurturing.

More than anything, they are seeking emotional and physical security. They feel most secure when they feel possessed by a strong, loving man.

A man should prepare himself for this role. He should have a clear vision of what he wants to do with his life. If he is lost, he might ask God how he can serve Him. What was I born to do?

A man's work should be his first priority and source of challenge and self-confidence. In contrast, a woman was not designed to get meaning from career. A real woman's primary career is her husband and family. A real man's job is to allow her to make that sacrifice safely.

Despite what feminists say, a man should never show weakness. The essence of masculinity is power. If he is weak, he loses a woman's respect. If he lacks confidence, he should gain it by setting goals and achieving them.

A man should never think of any woman as a sine qua non. That puts him in a position of weakness. (She has to pass your test, not vice-versa.)

A man should never succumb to emotional blackmail. If a woman is withholding love or sulking, he should ignore her and let her get over it.

A man should know what role he wants his wife to play. A man usually chooses on the basis of sexual attraction. What else does he want? I appreciate my wife's reasonableness, intelligence, competence, and sense of humor. Think of the long haul. You spend 1% of your time having sex. You need someone who is easy to live with.

Most women were meant to be wives and mothers. A man should think about becoming a father and the responsibility this entails. He is not only providing for his offspring, but also teaching them to be good human beings. He is creating a new world, a family.

A man will not care about something that doesn't belong to him. He should find a woman who is prepared to surrender power in exchange for love. A creature with two heads is a monster. A family with two heads will go in two directions.

The man is the head; the woman is the heart.

Marriage is about dependence, not independence. It is about union, two people becoming one. For women, surrender of power is the essence of love. If a woman can't trust a man with her life, she doesn't love him and shouldn't marry him.

Marriage is about possession and being possessed, which most men and women crave. A successful union is the only thing that satisfies the spiritual hunger underlying the sex drive, and prevents wander lust.

The heterosexual contract is this. The husband has the power and he does his best within reason to make his wife happy. A man cannot love a woman if he doesn't have the power to grant or deny her wishes.

But a man must keep his end of the contract, or the marriage is off. He must be loyal, and show how much he appreciates her.


The vast majority of people find their identity and values in family. Destroy the family and the state is in control.

Incredible as it sounds, the Illuminists are building a world police state. The international bankers finagled the right to create money out of nothing and collect interest on it. They need a police state to protect this racket and make sure no country defaults. They own the mass media, politicians, and dominate big business.

Feminism is the cover for a sophisticated illuminist propaganda program. We have been brainwashed.

Nobody has a problem with treating women as equal to men. Feminism treats women as though they were men. It portrays heterosexuality as pathology and discriminates against men. Women are favored for jobs so they will have careers instead of children and men can't support their families.

Society is being sabotaged. Alas, this is what the "war on terror" is really about, enslaving the world, not protecting it.

Bella Dodd, a former leader of the American Communist Party revealed: "The bourgeois family as a social unit was to be made obsolete." The aim was to "create a new type of human being that would conform to the world they confidently expected to control."

The bankers use Communism is to overthrow the Christian foundations of Western civilization and put themselves in charge. This is the true meaning of revolution.

The Rockefeller Foundation funds feminism. I searched RF and "Women's Studies" in Google and got 750,000 entries. They have funded population control and eugenics research for decades, here, in the USSR and in Nazi Germany.

clark.jpgWith women usurping the male role, we are becoming a homosexual society. There is a difference between accepting homosexuals as human beings, which I do, and allowing society as a whole to become homosexual.

Sound extreme? Consider this.

Homosexuality is the inability to form a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex. It is commonly characterized by an obsession with sex and promiscuity. Sex becomes a surrogate for love. Doesn't this describe society today?

Homosexuals generally have sex but no families or children. The bankers want us to have fewer children, and indeed the birth rate has plummeted since the 1960's.

The Illuminists aren't afraid of gays, single mothers or children. They are afraid of proud strong men who have families to protect. This is behind the degradation of men.

An ad for Swanson's TV Dinners goes like this. Working mom asked for a big bowl she can eat on the run. Swanson responded. Kids wanted something for after school. Swanson responded. "Dad wanted to wear mom's frilly under things!" Picture father with a goofy smile. "We didn't know how to respond." This is an example of the ongoing corporate attack on masculinity. The Whiskas cat food ads are another. They would never portray women as cats.

"First You Get the Women, Then You've Got the Children, So Follow the
Men" -Adolph Hitler


We can fight the New World Order by having strong male-led families.

After a couple of marital mishaps, I finally have a frictionless marriage. My wife and I complement each other. She doesn't compete, criticize, complain or try to control, the four C's. She tells me if something is wrong. I try to make her happy. She's part of me.

Because of her passive nature, I don't feel like I must constantly anticipate and meet her expectations. Rather she allows me to propose. Usually, she assents. When she doesn't, we compromise. Her acquiescence empowers and completes me.

I love her. She commits the unpardonable crime. She is good to a man.

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Comments for "The Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality"

Ron said (May 10, 2009):

It takes a lot of reading of this article to see it as not having the mindset of "the man is superior to the woman". One sex is not superior to the other, we're just different. "The man is the head" does not mean that the man is the dictator of his servant, his wife; he may have the right to decide "okay, we're doing _____", but only after discussing it with his wife with her being seen as his equal. It's just a matter of husband and wife being who we're naturally made to be.

At least that's the way it should be.

The problem is that, for at least two generations, women have asserted their rights (and in some cases created rights) and refused the resultant responsibilities. The huge majority of women I meet see themselves as being superior to men, whether these women are single or married. Divorce is no longer a tragedy, but just another stage in life as they seek their own personal happiness. I would have to think hard to come up with any exceptions. Men are quite tired of this, because they're getting shafted. Women are actually tired of it too, saying that "there's no more good men out there." Of course there aren't; the good men are avoiding these women!

Christine said (May 9, 2009):

It may interest you to know that there are single women out here (like me) who have never married partly because we no longer trust men. And that means we no longer trust them to take care of us.

Due to the Communist-instigated divorce laws, it is now very easy for spouses to quit each other. Over the years, I've heard tragic stories of women abandoned by husbands and were too poor to get legal help and even alimony.

It's really difficult to summon up much interest in marriage when you are sitting in front of an ex-wife who is now living with her parents. While I don't like having to shift for myself, that's just the way it is.

Oh, and by the way: if you think running off to a convent is the answer, that's out, too. The Communists have infiltrated the convents so badly that they are now havens for sodomites, perverts, feminists (Communists), and witches. Yes, witches.

Don said (May 9, 2009):

Mr. Makow - Margaret, in her response to your article regarding the Male and Female Principle, writes - " As the child of a abusive father..." I would present that the shattering of the father/daughter/son bond is the engine which produces the resentment which Margaret [below] and countless other children now grownups use as their hatred motivation against the pillars of our civilization such as the family. When we see the feminist and homosexual movements we are really seeing a mass psychotic breakdown of culture, society, and nation due to the hatred/resentment of children toward their ( weak ) fathers. Thank you for your excellent work. Best to you,

Kathy said (May 9, 2009):

I love and enjoy your point of view......causing one to think beyond the tiny think tank that most people live and thrive in.......and especially....sadly....most Christians.

What people desire....yes even non believers......is what has been placed in us all (innate) by our Creator......a clear distinction of who we are (many are dissatisfied with that as well). But yet sin has convoluted it all and now there is confusion in the world and in, sadly, our churches.

We just celebrated 10 years of marriage and I stopped and thanked the Lord for it. I also asked Him if he would continue to be with us and be a part of our lives.......admitting that Im not always true to Him and His Word (I am nothing without Him....and even with Him I'm only what He allows me to be). What a privilege it is to be a part of God's life and we a part of His.

Tony said (May 9, 2009):

This latest is so necessary I intend to print it out and spread it around - and, unfortunately, make a lot of modern, young women mad as hell. But maybe it will help them come to their senses.

I will only add this: "From the beginning of time until the 1960s every word of the following was simply common knowledge because it is obvious truth to anyone whose mind is still capable of ordinary human thought."

Wolf said (May 8, 2009):

I really liked this article, a lot. I'm in the quasi-same boat as your first respondent, Mark. I'm a naturally active/aggressive alpha male and do seek and desire an earth mother. Mother of my children, much like MY MOTHER. What women don't realize is the power they have over a man when they use the earth-like feminine power to which he willingly submits because of its inherent beauty, grace and love. The tarot card STRENGTH represents this.

My mother was such a woman. She was the hub of our family, but wasn't the boss per se, my father was, but she was the engine, the lifeblood. When she died, so did the family - we all just gradually drifted away naturally. In my experience, the MOTHER is the all-important principle of the family which is why she must be protected and respected. The father is vitally important too, obviously, but his role is defined differently and is more of an enforcer/provider.

Pierre [below] refers to his wife like he's nothing more than a nanny and a sperm bank (and I guess he is). Not even a wallet which is one of the roles for males nowadays. What he thinks works I would guess does not (from an objective viewpoint) and is precarious. Its very possible when his wife gets too irritated and figures out she could have a younger stud, he may be out.

I've seen that happen before (not to me) and heard about it. Like she's rekindling her 20s and the pinheadery that went with those years. With a recession on this will dampen such thoughts but come a recovery he's definitely replaceable as a nanny could be hired and she can acquire her younger stud for "stud work" as it were. Pierre is in trouble, he is just too weak and feminized to see it.

Pierre talks about mishaps and such. Life is full of them and inequality is the design of nature that does not mean what YOU said is wrong, because you're right. He and his wife are the modern day anomalies and products of social-Marxism. It can't last just like I suspect his relationship with his wife won't, he's already presented us with a window to this with his wife's irritation at him and his marching orders for the day.......its only a matter of time sure as the sun rising and the tides coming in.

We as a civilization are in trouble due to decades of social engineering, however, now we know (thanks to many who have reconstructed the ideological criminal enterprises in our midsts) who the culprits and criminals are, who advances this and only need to decide and advance what can be done. The enemies of the family and civilization have been identified and are nearing or are at their epoch of power, some day soon they will be in trouble themselves and may no Divine Powers, ever, help them.

Margaret said (May 8, 2009):

have never read such conservative drivel since Rush Limbaugh handed in his 6th grade English essay. Your ideas are absolutely NUTS!

Also, I find it disturbing that you, as a member of the Jewish faith, would align yourself with conservatism. You may as well go and laud Adolf Hitler.

As a Christian, I am shocked and disgusted by your warped interpretation of Holy Writ.

As the child of an abusive father, I think your ideas about the family are total bullshit. You sound like a wifebeater and a child abuser in your tirades against the rightful and just cause of Feminism.

I cannot believe that someone with your education and background could believe and purvey such drivel.

Rachel said (May 8, 2009):

As always, you hit the nail on the head. I have spent the majority of my life struggling to define myself as a woman: knowing that there is so much more to life, but unable to throw off the yoke forced on me by this Illuminati Agenda.

My father left my mother and us when my brother and I were toddlers. He spent the next 16 years or so trying to punish my mother for not going out, getting a career and leaving my brother and I as latch-key kids. My mother spent most of our childhoods working odd jobs to support us, but she was ALWAYS there for us when we got home from school. She cooked, she cleaned, she sewed all of our clothes, she was PTA president at some point, she did Avon, Tupperware, you name it..all to make sure she was always there for her kids when we needed her.

She was (and still is) my idea of the perfect mom. Sadly, she has never remarried but maybe one day she will find the right guy that will allow her to be herself. Because of my father, I have always wanted someone the opposite of him: I wish in my heart that I could find a man that would allow me to be a housewife. Not because I am lazy or don't want to "work", but because I know how important it is to raise my children and be the best mother I can be.

Sadly, I ended up marrying someone just like my father: selfish, putting his needs first instead of his family. He would never consider supporting me or my son. He earns enough money, but I am sad to say that he has been too drawn into society and thinks that a woman's worth is how much income she can bring in.

I therefore am stuck at work and longing all day to be with my two children. It would be a dream come true to be a housewife/house-mom. I do not see in any way how that could possibly take away my "freedom" that I have now. What freedom do I have, anyway? To be forced to work 40+ hours a week, away from my two kids??

I am lucky in that I have my beloved mom, who is watching the kids while I work. But in my mind and heart, this is not what I want to do. I want to be at home: cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, watching the kids grow up. I wish I had a man that complemented me. I want a man that is strong, who loves his family, who loves his job, who understands his place and mine. Maybe one day..

Angie said (May 8, 2009):

I am a single woman who was raised in the traditional family model and have become very frustrated at what I find on the dating scene.

Every man I have dated so far only want three things in life, porn, video games and to be unemployed. In my opinion men today want women to go to work and bring home the paycheck so they can sit in front of a computer and watch porn or play video games 18 hours a day.

I become very angry when I hear the attitude people of today have towards porn, it's always "men are visual creatures, every man looks at porn". The way I see it is when a man loves a woman and either wants to marry her or already has he has no need for porn or strip clubs. She will be everything he needs to satisfy his "visual hunger". I will not accept a man who watches porn or goes to strip clubs. I will not tolerate a man who refuses to have a good job, meaning he isn't just working part time at McDonalds at the age of 40.

The younger generation worry me. I am in my late 30's and can see in the younger men a terrible attitude towards hard work and being successful in life. It seems to me that they no longer value finding good jobs and working toward the goal of supporting a wife. I love my career and will continue to work until I retire, but I would like to find that one man who shares the same views and values that I have. I hope that more men and women will wake up and see the deceite before it is too late.

Mark said (May 8, 2009):

Henry, since discovering your site I am starting to see what has happened to me over the years. At 46 years old I am only now discovering what as a man I was supposed to be doing as far as relationships and women go.

I always wondered about the goofy looks or eye rolls I consistently got from most women and why I couldn't stand being around the majority of them. It was the feminist agenda and the destruction of the family in action. I'm not picking on the ladies either as they have been severely compromised as well. Now I am understanding my addiction to pornography and my complete inability to have a real relationship with a woman even though that has always been one of my strongest desires.

I always wanted to "posess" a woman but thought it was a bad thing or not the way I should feel. I feel so ripped off and emasculated as a man.

Henry I can't put it into word's really. This has been an internal battle within me that has gone on for years and nearly drove me to suicide on more than one occasion. I have felt completely lost in life for 20 years. Thank you for helping me to see at least in part what happened to me. I fear a family is too late for me unfortunately as I have never discovered my occupation in life and I cannot support myself let alone a family.

I don't know if I will find a woman or not as my heart is pretty hard but at least now I know what happened and I can stop blaming myself for what has happened to me and no doubt countless other men.

Pierre said (May 8, 2009):

It is precisely because of "marital mishaps" that women strive to be independently secure for themselves and their children. Too many women have woken up one morning to find husbands gone with bills that need to be paid, leading to enormous hardship, heartbreak and tragedy.

My wife, in parallel to raising two children, runs an online web business from home which makes more than enough money for the family to survive should I no longer be there. She is a fiercely independent woman who needs no man to define the course of her life. I would not have it any other way.

As I sit here writing this comment, she has just irritated the hell out of me by informing me that it is my turn to feed the children and get them off to school. I dare not refuse! I would not have it any other way. The founding principles of our marriage are equal partnership and shared philosophy.

I do not feel diminished as a male because she does not need me. I do not feel diminished because I do not possess her. Quite the opposite. I am proud of her. The fact that she has chosen me for a life partner elevates me. Neither is she any less of a woman because she has no need to be possessed.

Our marriage works precisely BECAUSE of the equality. Not in spite of it. I refuse to categorise this partnership as an example of feminist dysfunction.

Your "esoteric" version of marriage only "worked" hundreds of years ago because of the economically and socially servile state of women. They had no choice but to fulfill the roles assigned to them. This did not mean they were necessarily happily married.

I salute and respect the happiness you have found. Your wife's naturally acquiescent persona is obviously the ingredient for success in your instance. However, not all women are naturally passive. And not all men need a passive yes-woman to feel good about life.

I am on the team, Henry. I resent the march towards hegemonic domination of this planet by the power elite just as much as you. But sometimes I feel you tilt at the wrong windmills.



My wife has a graduate degree and a career. I shop, cook and clean up after. I am not talking about rigid roles here. I am talking about masculinity and femininity.

And by possession, I don't mean her mind. She has only some interest in my writing. We don't agree on many things.


Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at henry@savethemales.ca