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This Manual is dedicated to "those who have loved and lost"

Rome Was Not Built In A Day
New Age Witch Doctors
"I Haven't Got That Problem
Where Ignorance Is Mutual, Confidence Is King
What Is Premature Ejaculation ?
Ejaculation Control Versus Foreplay
Understanding Impotence
What Is Impotence ?
"Impotence ? I Haven't Got That Problem"
Impotence And The Nightmare Scenario
Sexual Problems ? - See A Sex Therapist
The Cost Of Sex Therapy
Gone To The Dogs
Penis Dimension
'Know Thyself'
In A Nutshell
Ejaculation Is Not Orgasm
Falling In And Out Of Love
Honour Thy Mother And Father
Sex, Drugs And Rock ' N Roll
Romeo' s True Love Story
Ejaculation Control The Key To Female Orgasm


Taoist Secrets Of Sexual Love
Sexual Psychology Of The Tao Of Love
Sexual Love For Health And Longevity
Sexual Healing
Demystifying Secretive Esoteric Jargon
'Pillow Books'. History And Origins Of The Ancient Sex Manuals
The Rise And Fall Of The Tao Of Love In Chinese Civilization
An Introduction To The Ancient Texts Of The Tao Of Love Masters
Sexual Conservationists - The Ecology Of Ejaculation Control
Explanatory Notes On The Yin-Yang Principle
Ejaculation Control As Practiced By The Ancient Emperors Of China
' Locking The Gate Of The Immortals'
Love Muscles
Ejaculation Control - The Essential Information
The Locking Method :
Level 1. Total Body Lock
Level 2. Partial Locking
Level 3. Mind Control
Ejaculation Control - The Key To Female Orgasm
Explanatory Notes
Tactile Loving - Orgasm Etiquette
'Come To Think Of It'
Heart And Mind In Loving Sex
Regulating Ejaculation
Self Realization Of The Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy
Advanced Level : 'Cooking Female Orgasm'
Healing Clitoral Conditioned Orgasm
Understanding The Nature Of Female Orgasm Energy
Essential Points For Cooking Female Orgasm
A Birds Eye View Of Fulfilling Sexual Love
Post Mortem
An Invitation To Readers


Dear reader, this is not yet another 'how to be a better lover' guide, which makes empty promises. Today's 'Better Sex' industry is fraudulently palmed off as an education for men and women, but in reality, only serves to titillate an already frustrated public; and does little more than teach ordinary people how to suck eggs! Thanks to our so-called sexually liberated culture, there is an abundance of puerile Joy of Sex style publications that profess to inform us on all we need to know about a 'good sex-life', etc. Sex education videos ranging from the pathetically infantile to the indecently misleading are also freely available to all and sundry. The world needs more of this sexual revolution type material like it needs a hole in the...er....ozone layer!

In writing this manual, I have avoided the sexually ignorant garbage of contemporary sex therapy, like the plague. I have done this with a view to exposing the old, and sadly, new myths of sex, in the hope of revealing to the reader the real enemy of fulfilling sexual love. What's more, in language that is understandable, or more importantly, acceptable to ordinary people. This Manual provides genuine and practical know-how for achieving orgasmically satisfying sex - for men and women.

While sex therapists and doctors of psychosexual medicine 'get off on their sexual Noah's Ark theology, (what ever your perversion, we can find someone just like you!), nothing, absolutely nothing, has truly contributed to the sexual well-being of individuals and society. Many of today's sex therapists were yesterdays' drop-outs. What began in the 60's as youthful indiscretion, has transformed into a vulgar money-spinning industry.

As for Tantric esoteric sex, this Manual is not a thinly disguised mish-mash of other previously written books on the Tao of this, that or the other. The great fault of other sex publications, that refer to esoteric traditions, is that they swamp the reader with supernatural knowledge that is of special interest to only a select few - usually cranks! Especially so, when pure doctrines are polluted by the mystic bias of modern authors. To invite ordinary people to discover the delights of the Oriental Bedroom Arts, and then 'like a sprat to catch a mackerel', unleash a deluge of pseudo sermons in an attempt to convert the reader into a self-deluding fanatic, is a farce. And I will have nothing to do with it. Vain men and women of ordinary talent have already successfully exploited the Hari-Krishna mentality of a growing salvation market. To call oneself a Taoist (which I am not) is not only an elitist ego trip, it is also a contradiction in terms.

Linking the Bedroom Arts of China to Taoist Sexual Yoga may impress the uninitiated and attract praiseworthy attention from dedicated followers of the Way (tongue in cheek); but surely this is unwise and therefore, of no practical use because it is like giving people meat before they can handle milk. Modern Tao of Sex books may display the authors' profound book knowledge; and referring to their particular 'Master' as an authoritative source of wisdom is fine for the mystically gullible. However, it must be realized that 'Masters' are two for a penny in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Obviously, there is more to safe sex education than wearing a condom, or two. Degrading acts of dangerous perversion are openly supported by the high priests and priestesses of modern sexology, who preach b anal doctrines that spread disease and lies. The promiscuous lie that 'anything goes as long as you're wearing a condom', is a sad reflection of mankind's barbaric sexual nature, in relation to his bio-spiritual evolution. With this in mind, I have written this Manual in a way that I would not be ashamed of, if my children were to read it. Genuine and effective sex education is a vital prerequisite for safe sexual love relationships, and I see no contradiction between orgasmic genital gratification and decency. However, I do not naively assume that the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy will provide an over-night cure for the international phenomena of sexual decadence.

Finally, it is not my intention to influence people's sanctimonious religious or political beliefs. Life is too short! I shall leave that prerogative to the mass marketing of todays' designer Gurus. Meanwhile, back in the real world, here is a 'Pearl of great price' for you, the ordinary person. Ejaculation Control - The Key to Female Orgasm will be of highly practical benefit to you; without having to chant nonsense 'Mantras', burn cheap incense or wear oddball items of clothing, in a vain attempt to grasp at some form of illusionary identity. Fulfilling sexual love is a deadly serious subject and deserves an appropriate attitude. Potent knowledge is required if it is to be appreciated in it's true light.

In the valley of the blind,
The one-eyed man
is King.


Fulfilling Sexual Love. The elusive dream of men and women, sought throughout the ages, even to this present day. We pride ourselves that we are a civilized and open minded society, yet so many relationships fail to provide people with true fulfilling happiness. Many books have been written that claim to deal with the emotional and sexual problems experienced by men and women. People consult Doctors and Clinics, Therapists or Psychological Gurus. Almost every magazine has sex and relationship articles and agony columns, where we often read of people suffering from problems arising from their quest for sexual happiness.

Years of research into the nature of human sexuality have done little, but to statistically prove that there is a chronic lack of sexual fulfilment, i.e.. happiness in love, on a mass scale. Since Dr. Kinsey, Masters and Johnson and others that followed, a profusion of sex clinics, therapists, sexologists and doctors who claim to specialize in 'healing' sexually related problems; have successfully proved that the sex therapy industry can be highly lucrative. However, they have shamefully failed to come up with any real or practical solutions to the most common, and yet basic sexual maladies that sabotage nearly all sexual love relationships, ie. premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and of course, lack of female orgasm during penetrative sex. A sorry state of affairs, without even taking into account the scourge of porn videos and 0898 sex-lines, designed to exploit the festering sore of sexual neurosis in society; exposing a humanity that has lost or perhaps, never found its natural capacity for healthy and fulfilling sexual love.

As the influence of religion has declined in the West, people have turned to the more tangible experience of sex as a means of seeking fulfilment. However, today's sexual freedom has not 'saved' us from emotional suffering, neither has it provided the stability and security which people need in their sexual relationships. On the contrary, our promiscuous society creates just as much pain and neurosis as the sexually repressive regimes that governed past generations. Unfortunately, in spite of man's many accomplishments, due to ignorance of the function of the sexual organs, the nature of sexual energy (orgasm energy), and the purpose of sexual love; we have remained in the 'Dark Ages' of sexuality. Modern sexology plays a significant role in perpetuating such ignorance that leads to suffering on a mass scale.


The root cause of this uncured epidemic of sexual misery is that modern sexologists are still confused over the issue - Is sexual love for procreation or for pleasure? The fumbling chaos of sexological theory and practice tries to give the impression that it has evolved a scientific understanding of our sexual nature. Yet sexologists all over the world have remained culturally conditioned by the 'infallible' religious doctrine that procreation is the purpose of sex and erroneously assume therefore, that ejaculation is the inevitable consummation of sexual love. This unquestioned medical dogma has become insidiously established as the bedrock of all modern sexual theory, but it is not scientifically rooted at all. It is a legacy that originates from centuries of sexually repressive doctrine, ie. 'Sex for pleasure (lust - sensual passion) is sin'. The unqualified antics of sex doctors and the bungling confusion of modern sexological theory stems from this moral dilemma and politically motivated lie.

Ever since Freud, sexologists have groped ignorantly in the dark, unaware that their point of view (sexual theology), is culturally conditioned by the inherited moral precepts of past religious dictatorships. It is precisely for this reason that modern sexology has remained in the Dark Ages and failed to answer the question — "Why do so few women experience orgasm during intercourse"?

The moralistic view that the purpose of sexual love is for reproduction is a myth that has remained imperceptibly embedded in Western consciousness. This myth is the poisoned breeding ground for all European sexological theory. While professing to know that ejaculation and orgasm are two distinctly different biological functions in the male, today's sexologists ignorantly presume that ejaculation in sex is a forgone conclusion. This is one of the key misconceptions of modern sexological theory.

Men and women may make love thousands of times in their lives and yet have only a few children. It is obvious that the desire for sexual contact is not motivated by a mysterious hidden urge of nature to procreate. However, the argument - Sex for pleasure versus sex for procreation is a battle that has been fought out politically, religiously, scientifically and philosophically for centuries. A battle that has not been without its victims and casualties. Although the battle rages on, generally speaking, and even among so called feminist-minded sex therapists, the notion that the man ejaculates in the act of love because sex is for procreation, has remained the dominant belief of today's sexologists.

As with all cultures, society relies upon it's peers and the established authorities for learning its 'way of life'. Our culturally conditioned sexual neurosis is made worse by self-appointed Witch Doctors, masquerading as sexual psychologists and therapists, who pedal their wares in the market place among the mob of an ignorant and suffering humanity. Under these tragic circumstances, men cannot be blamed for their sexual ignorance. They are born into an ignorant world and inherit the accepted myth that sexual fulfillment in the act of love (for the male), necessitates the need to ejaculate. Women are 'educated' to accept this fiasco unquestioningly as the norm, and often take comfort in making their lover 'come', while they themselves do not reach orgasm.


In our culture there is no formal teaching of ejaculation control for naturally achieving female orgasm. It is a pity that as a result of this sexual ignorance, the entire male race are premature ejaculators. Those who think they are not because sex lasts longer as they get older, do not realize that this is so because they are slowly, but surely, becoming impotent.

Premature Ejaculation : A man's inability to make love to a woman long enough to satisfy her, has for generations, been the master saboteur of sexual love relationships; and has brought about social chaos in the form of sexually related modes of frustrated behaviour. Sexual frustration in the love-lives of the masses has plagued human civilizations since before the rise of the Babylonian Empire and has paved the way for a scourge of decadent sexual behaviour. Sodom and Gomorrah is alive and kicking within the womb of man's psychotic struggle for sexual fulfillment.

Frustrated sex is commercially available. For centuries, powerful business empires have been built upon the craving sexual hunger of the people. All manner of perversion is being promoted by large financial corporations, who offer 'products' and 'services' for men and boys who rely on sexually frustrating substitute sex. The profits made by the 'sex for sale' industry have been cashed in at the expense of the sexual hygiene of the nations of the earth. It is not only a healthy sewage system that forms the sub-structure of a happy and civilized society. Sexual hygiene is also imperative to the bio-emotional health of the individual and the well-being of peoples. The essential sub-structure in human civilization is the biological core of the individual. Man's sexual nature is the biological core which, when left unsatisfied, brings about a collapse in the entire human structure.

Short-lived ejaculatory sex is the sandy foundation upon which the house of man's sexual nature has been built. When the facts of life bear down upon his fragile tower, it speedily collapses and he is left facing the ultimate catastrophe - Impotence. This is a catastrophe because it is the bio-spiritual downfall of our higher sexual nature. As well as the fact that short-lived ejaculatory sex often leads to short-lived relationships; men and women, single or married, spend their lives in and out of bed with a succession of 'lovers', frantically chasing the elusive dream of fulfilling sexual love. The catch 22 of 'uninhibited' sexual frenzy, is that we become ever more frustrated as the pleasure we crave eludes our grasp. The chronic plague of this sexual unfulfillment in our society is the insidious precursory for a self-polluting downward spiral toward national catastrophe.

The natural and romantic urge to find and keep a sexually attractive partner degenerates through frustrated disappointment in love, and ends in a sexual identity crisis. Lack of Orgasmic Genital Gratification, the uncured epidemic of human sexual misery has 'fanned the fire' of this crisis of sexual identity and loss of naturalness. Sexual pleasure that should otherwise provide orgasmic genital gratification serves instead to lubricate the fantasy of men and women's bed of lust. This crisis has been the cruel scourge that has corrupted the higher sexual nature of countless millions since the Dawn of Love.

Apart from the chaos of mass sexual misery, made worse by the infantile advice of therapists; modern scientific analysis of human sexuality is scandalously contradictory about the purpose of sexual love. The treachery of modern sexologists is that they claim to have learnt their lessons from the sexually repressive wasteland of the traditional nineteenth century Victorian view of sex. Doctors of human sexual relations, motivated by mortgage debt, are fee-extracting vipers in the bosom of society; who like vultures in sheep's clothing, profess to care for the emancipation of naturalness in sexual love and the preservation of sexual health in society. As a consequence of the harmful meddling of 'Experts', millions of men and women are left in hopeless agony as they court disaster in the abyss of sexual frustration, desperately trying to gain solace and instruction from the cosy rhetoric of the 'New Age Witch Doctors'.

The soul-saving task for twentieth century man is to gain practical knowledge that protects and nourishes our higher sexual nature and adopt a correct understanding of the purpose of sexual love. To expose the hazardous threat of modern sexual theory and practice is to disturb a hornets nest; but it could vaccinate impressionable minds from a major social menace. A hygienic sexual mentality that reflects a proper understanding of our higher sexual nature, is essential if nations of the earth are to avoid mass frustration and disappointment in love.

To create new life and perpetuate the species is a major function of our sexual nature, but from time immemorial, humanity has been fruitful and multiplied itself to the brink of disaster. Ignorance of our higher sexual nature, ie. the purpose of sexual love other than for procreation, has resulted in the continued abuse of sexual power through indiscriminate procreation; or more correctly, indiscriminate ejaculation, which gives birth to a population crisis and the attendant perils of ecological and sociological antagonisms. To accept undisciplined ejaculation in every act of sex as natural, is to assume that ejaculation is the inevitable consummation of sexual love. This sanctimonious myth is the offspring of the Mother of all sexual lies: The purpose of sexual love is procreation. This key misconception is the root of modern man's barbaric misuse of sexual power and robs loving couples of the potential joy of their higher sexual nature. The sexual suffering caused by this ignorant misconception of sexual power irritates the wounds of poverty and accelerates the dangers of social conflicts, which may in future bring humanity to a global crisis.

Undoubtedly, the ignorant and the poor suffer most, but we are all victims of a 'Beast with nine lives', that devours man's fragile sexual identity, and for generations, has perverted his nature and endowed him with a neurotic psyche that leaves him dangerously prone to the 'mob-mind'. There is ample evidence to support the contention that man's fragile sexual identity - his higher sexual nature has been perverted or polluted to such an extent, that his struggle for harmony and naturalness is often reflected in various forms of misguided mystical longings, supernatural fantasies, religious and political fanaticism, and above all, in his reactionary swing towards promiscuity. For the same reason, a proliferation of 'cults', from fashion to football and fascism to occult sorceries, confirm that the fruit of the earth - Youth, are desperately fighting a losing battle. They try to fill the void in their lives wit unsatisfying sexual practices that become standard in adult life and fail miserably to provide the biological core of their higher sexual nature with orgasmic genital gratification. Since the danger of Aids and the flood of sexually transmitted diseases, men and women, boys and girls, have turned ever more frantically towards substitute sex in a delirium of masturbation orientated pursuits.

This unfulfilled sexual emptiness is the breeding ground which gives birth to the unnatural phenomena of surrendering to the group psyche. Identity with the group mind provides the gratification their emptiness craves. Nature abhors a vacuum. The gaping festering wound of human sexuality becomes the sociological cess-pit, in which exploitive forces can have their wicked ways. Hitler is the most famous Maniac in modern European history, to exploit brilliantly the beast of the sexual frustrated mob-mind. The legacy of this Holocaust of human tragedy has remained deeply implanted in the human psyche, to such an extent that no one in their right minds would associate themselves with the question of population control. The repulsive memory of mass murder and the crying shame of human carnage has left its bloody mark indelibly in the minds of European peoples. 'The Horror'... of mankind's sleeping capacity for sadistic cruelty has whipped into line doctors, scientists, psychologists, priests and politicians, who bend over backwards to avoid the stigma of population control; which relates directly to the question of sex for love or for procreation. By confusion and refusing to address this fundamental issue, we invite the beast of fascist mentality to rise up once again from the pit of hell as masses of European and Third World people struggle for human satisfaction in the forms of 'freedom', 'living space' 'national identity' and 'ethnic self—rule'.

As politicians try to win the hearts and minds of the people, they hypocritically proclaim in carefully worded Manifestos that fundamental to their constitution is the policy that 'the health of the nation is a responsibility of Government'.  Today's world leaders, mere pimples on the face of the history of human civilization, would do well to heed the warning : "Beware - the Bitch that bore the Beast is on heat again"- Brecht.

For men and women to freely partake of nature's healing energy -orgasmic genital gratification, it is essential that the sexual education of the masses provides the true and potent facts of life, that naturally inspire a healthy sexual mentality. To annihilate through 'sexual happiness', worldly neurosis and unveil the joy of human existence in its natural uncorrupted state implies that Man's spiritual salvation is rooted in sexual happiness. To awaken this healing love in man and woman is to discover the creative Life-Force behind our bio-spiritual evolution.


Female Orgasm, or lack of it, has become a fundamental issue in sexual love relationships. Approx 20% men realize that they suffer from premature ejaculation, but have found no cure for it. 80% men are not aware that they are premature ejaculators, deluding themselves that they are good lovers, either because they have the common belief that female orgasm through penetrative sex is not important, or their women tactfully fake orgasm. All ejaculation preceding female orgasm is premature ejaculation. A truth that most men find too uncomfortable to face up to.

Premature ejaculation has been scientifically justified due to the procreation doctrine. It is repeatedly stated by Experts that "Men who ejaculate 'early' are biologically efficient 'propagators' of the species". Ironically premature ejaculation is instinctively realized by many men to be the root cause of lack of female orgasm, but it has been conveniently excused in medical jargon that unconsciously makes reference to the old moralistic view of sex.

Naturally, Sexual Psychologists and Alternative Therapists, the soothsaying charlatans of occult pedantry, may be entirely satisfied with their entrenched 'Joy of Sex' theologies - it is good business! Women however, are not at all satisfied. They have made it clear that they want more from sex than traditional sexual practices have afforded them. Foreplay - in particular clitoral stimulation, is fashionably marketed as if it had just been invented - teaching idiots a thing or two, maybe. But on the whole, the sex therapy industry does little more than try to teach ordinary people how to suck eggs! Central to this issue is the pathetic travesty of the big '0', yes Female Orgasm, the elusive quest of sexual love.

Perhaps the most damaging of all pseudo scientific sexual myths is that female orgasm depends on the woman's 'state of mind' and is generally treated as a woman's problem. Another recognizable trade mark of modern quackery is the scandalous falsehood that teaches -"it is normal for women not to achieve orgasm during intercourse' . This medically unsound belief is repeatedly quoted in Joy of Sex style books, magazines and newspapers that feature sex and relationship articles. Evidently, this superstitious myth ignorantly implies that a man doesn't have a hope in hell of truly satisfying a woman with his penis. It may be normal (common), but it is certainly not natural. I do not know what clinical analysis sex doctors have used to medically prove this hideous lie, but I do know that it has sent men and women on a wild goose chase of clitoral stimulation in a neurotic pursuit of female orgasm - a sore point for women.

The crux of the matter is that foreplay, or manual clitoral stimulation during penetration is the only solution that doctors can come up with, because their fumbling tactics are rooted in the belief that procreation — ejaculation, is the inevitable climax for the male. Due to this ostensible pretext, it has remained beyond the grasp of modern sexologists that 'all ejaculation, preceding female orgasm is premature ejaculation'. They are therefore oblivious to the fact that Ejaculation Control for longer lasting sex is the key to female orgasm and fulfilling sexual love.

Neurotically relying on clitoral stimulation before, during or after intercourse in the frantic pursuit of female orgasm, has become the norm due to the fact that all men ejaculate too soon when making love. This has resulted in the popular myth that women are not biologically designed to reach orgasm by penile thrusting alone. The myth is further popularized by the sexual misteachings of today's New Age Witch Doctors who call themselves sexologists, therapists, agony aunts, etc. Through clinics, books, videos and the mass marketing of the media, they prescribe clumsy, unfulfilling and sometimes crude tactics to bring a woman to orgasm. The stigma of this discreditable propaganda sadly ignores the Natural Solution - long lasting, deeply fulfilling penetrative sex. The bedlam of this ill conceived witch's brew is incompetently justified by sexologists who wrongly assume that it is natural for a woman not to reach orgasm during intercourse. Consequently, sexologists have jumped on a 'clitoral band wagon', shamelessly betraying society with perhaps the most dangerous miscarriage of medically authorized quackery yet.

These fundamental errors, which are disastrously confirmed in the gullible minds of the masses by the pandering ethos of modern sexologists result in the continued plague of sexual misery on an alarming scale. A preventable tragedy, often leading to abuse and frustration, lack of respect between the sexes, marital breakdown and the attendant emotional suffering in the break up of families.

The reason why sexologists have failed to conceive that premature ejaculation is the root cause of lack of female orgasm is simple — they are unqualified in the Art of Sexual Love. Hocus-pocus remedies palmed off as clinically tested sexual theory is fraudulently beyond the jurisdiction of medical authority. Today's Gurus of infallibility come in the deceptive guise of 'white coats' and other respected symbols of authority - 'Experts', whose patronizing theories and barbaric remedies are sold to the public en mass. By virtue of their assumed responsibility they are to be blamed for promoting this excruciating disease in our generation. And it is upon their door, the door of modern sexology, that I nail my protestations.

Via the disease ridden organ of the media, editors, journalists and publishers work hand-in-glove with the sex therapy trade. They willingly exploit sexual unhappiness in society with a deluge of sex and relationship articles, where the injurious mistruths that promote sexual misery are mass marketed. Ironically, adverts for this manual, Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy, were cynically refused by many editors of tabloids and magazines because it was feared it would be found "offensive" to their readers. Paradoxically, the concept of ejaculation control as the key to female orgasm, was considered "unsuitable" for their publications; which are otherwise quite happy to print pages and pages of smutty sex ads and puerile 'Better Sex' articles.... And thus the politics of sexual suffering marches onwards.

If yesterday's Popes have been replaced by sex doctors and ageing hippies posing as therapists, who goose-step their witches' dance toward a catastrophic New Order; does this mean that men and women are doomed never to find the Way to Fulfilling Sexual Love ?


I may be sexually educated, but I am a lousy business man! Why? Because when I started to write this manual for the benefit of ordinary people, I failed to recognize that I would have more chance of winning the pods than get men to realize that they have a 'performance' problem. This manual has been written and scrapped, rewritten and aborted many times because the profound and simple truths that can guide men and women to unimagined heights of sexual fulfillment are often an affront to male and sometimes female ego. Much of the advanced knowledge and skills pertinent to understanding the higher nature of human sexuality have been excluded from this manual, because I have learned the hard way, that it is useless to cast good seed on stony ground.

I must admit, I have really got stuck in and slagged off sexual authorities for making matters worse, and so on. Surprisingly though, I have found that doctors and psychologists of psychosexual medicine and even priests, are quick to recognize the profound implications and truths of Oriental sexual practice — when given the opportunity to be educated by it.  But by far the most obstinate and cowardly excuse of nearly all men is - "I haven't got that problem".

This Manual should have focused on the bio-spiritual truths of our higher sexual nature and explored the biophysics of the ecstatically enlightening fusion of male and female orgasm energy. Unfortunately, I am forced by public reaction to revert to kindergarten issues and laboriously dig up the boisterous clackings of the intractable male ego. I started out with the intention of helping adults to achieve orgasmically satisfying sex, and have ended up as a result of :he stubborn male ego, changing little boy's nappies for a living! My problem is trying to prod the 'cock-sure' European male out of his pram and wake him up out of his 'I'm OK' trance. "I haven't got that problem" are the famous last words of the modern sexual failure.

The outrageous poppy-cock of the 'I'm OK' mentality, prevents us as a society from evolving from the sexual dark ages. In terms of understanding our higher sexual nature, the bellicose boasting of the 'I'm a good lover' brigade means that, like sheep kicking against the pricks, we haven't even got past the gate post!

I have taught this Art to men and women of various professions and social backgrounds. Many of them did not consider that their love-making abilities were in question. Having experienced the true and long lasting joy of sexual ecstasy for themselves, some were surprised to find out that I am not a millionaire. They assumed that with this "priceless knowledge", I would be driving a Rolls Royce by now... Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes I can't even give away the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy. Such is the deeply ingrained and widespread fantasy of "I haven't got that problem".... And its no good men deluding themselves with a bombardment of foreplay techniques that they're any diffferent.


The insidious insulation of the male ego on this point is rendered  even more impenetrable by the barrage of 'Better Sex' guides and articles claiming to reveal the secrets of love and 'How to get what  you want out of sex'. The paradox of this "My sexual ability is not in question" syndrome, is that it is aided and abetted by false confidence gained from exposure to the 'How to be a better lover' industry. Familiarity breeds contempt - a kind of ego-blindness that is incubated by women who fake orgasm.

Modern sexual education means that we now know how to find the erogenous zones on a woman's body, blindfolded. We can spell all the sexual anatomy in Latin and we try not to be sore losers when it comes to foreplay etiquette. We can make love, wash the dishes and communicate at the same time. Boy, have we got our act together!

Puffed up by the conceit of our cocky posing, we prance and preen toward catastrophe and wonder why we can neither win, nor keep, the love of a beautiful woman. Never has it been more true that 'a little j knowledge is a dangerous thing'. If ever there was a 'Fortress Europe', then it exists in the minds of men who think "I haven't got that problem"


Many men do not realize that they have a problem with premature ejaculation because they learn from 'Better Sex' articles, that female orgasm is a woman's problem. The irony is that sex therapy, which is supposed to liberate women from male chauvinism, has instead, inbred into men an arrogant selfishness. Pick up the phone and dial any Agony Aunt helpline, and for 48p per minute, you can be 'counselled' by a qualified sex therapist who will fill your head with crap! A medically authorized form of verbal diarrhoea, that is highly contagious and is dangerous to the health of the individual. Many women's experiences with men confirm that modern sexology has been very successful in spreading the disease of sexual ignorance. Men who make love for two - five minutes do not think they have a problem when the woman does not reach orgasm. As far as he's concerned, it's her problem. This delinquent 'I'm OK' mentality is the disastrous effect of the medically unsound quackery of today's sex doctors and therapists. By their gross misrepresentation of the problem of premature ejaculation, they encourage and confirm this selfish attitude in men.

In the interest of popularity and liberalism, 'politically correct' sexologists condone all manner of crude and perversive sexual practices. These 'bum chums' of sexual decadence, who poison the minds of the masses, are the very same sexologists who smugly assume that they understand human sexuality. With spurious authority, these confident pseudologists pass on their eloquent misteachings through various profit-making outlets; ie. sex help-lines, clinics, etc.  Let's examine the sexually ignorant, anti-female propaganda of the sex therapists, in regard to the universal phenomena of premature ejaculation. The official medical interpretation of premature ejaculation is as follows:

1. If a man ejaculates before, or while entering a woman; or after only a few thrusts, this is premature ejaculation.
2. If a man can thrust for two - five minutes, he does not suffer from premature ejaculation.
3. If a woman does not achieve orgasm after two - five minutes of thrusting, she suffers from anorgasmia - it's her problem!

Many women have told me that when they make love with men, it's usually all over in about two minutes, (particularly confident, good-looking men). If a woman plucks up courage to say something, words to the effect of "Is that it ? What about me "? The reply has invariably been - "I've done my bit (foreplay and all), if you haven't had an orgasm, that's your problem, isn't it "? Women are instinctively outraged at this selfish audacity in men, despite this lie being confirmed in every magazine they read. Men have unfortunately, been disastrously misled by trendy sex counselling. They foolishly take refuge in the face-saving jargon of sex therapists, who claim that two - five minutes of penetrative sex before ejaculation is adequate; and women who don't achieve orgasm from this, have deep-seated psychological problems and should seek the 'healing balm' of sex therapy. Does this not show clearly, that in their utter stupidity and ignorance, sex therapists have done women a grave injustice ?

Dear reader, let me put you out of your misery! To blame a woman for not achieving orgasm after only two - five minutes of penetrative sex, is at best, a lot of old balls! The underlying insinuation is that two - five minutes thrusting is the natural limit for the male, therefore, women must have the problem. Hence, the most damaging and cruelly misleading sexual lie of the twentieth century is ushered in "Women are not biologically designed to achieve orgasm by penile thrusting alone". A man can only realize how ridiculous this assumption is, if he learns to control his ejaculation and finds he can take his lover to heights of ecstasy with an hour or more, of loving thrusts. A woman, suffering from the excruciating dilemma of feeling that there must be something wrong with her, can only be helped back onto the path of sexual health and sanity, when men and women realize that all ejaculation preceding female orgasm is premature ejaculation.


Journalists and doctors who write about sex are forever devising new ways of saying the same things about Sex, Love and Relationships. But they all share the same bed of discontent. None of them offer a genuine solution to the common problem of lack of female orgasm during penetrative sex. This is because Foreplay has been hailed as the key to female orgasm. You can spot the cliché a mile off... "Practice, lots of erotically satisfying practice, makes perfect" etc. But practice what? Practice hours of obligatory oral sex, (lovely when shared affectionately rather than neurotically), and five minutes, or ten if you're lucky, of actual penetrative sex. (3 1/2 minutes is the average, if the truth be known!) If you cannot make love to a woman for one to two hours and bring her naturally to orgasm with your penis - then you have got that problem.

Premature ejaculation has been cured in one foul swoop by the new breed of up and coming therapists. How? Simple. Move the goal post to suit the theology! With remarkable genius, they have doctored the term 'premature ejaculation', by changing it to the face saving term 'early ejaculation'. Now that this unpalatable term - premature ejaculation -has been given a respectable face lift, men can be relieved that they don't have this problem! According to this clinically progressive understanding, there are no premature ejaculators, only early ejaculators. Gradually modern sexology is coming closer to realizing that all ejaculation preceding female orgasm is... 'early' ejaculation. However, in the dark ages, people used to call this kind of pandering sophistry that creates illusion - magic. Unfortunately, the superstitious believers in magic would often turn on the soothsaying sorcerers and burn them at the stake for witchcraft.

Today's new age witch doctors all advocate that foreplay is the answer for male, and particularly female, satisfaction. Even women repeatedly claim that they need more foreplay. It is not foreplay, but Orgasmic Genital Gratification that is chronically lacking in sexual relationships. For women to demand more foreplay is to admit that without it, penile penetration would not be enough to satisfy them. Surely therefore, it is not more foreplay women need, but men who can control ejaculation for longer lasting, deeply fulfilling intercourse.

Foreplay has been shoved down the throats of a sex-hungry public as the be-all and end-all of a 'Good Sex Life'! Exploited by the media like a sprat to catch a mackerel - Foreplay is without doubt the sexual 'red herring' of the twentieth century. Men and women have become so expert at foreplay, and have memorized and practiced all the love-making positions in the Kama Sutra, that they believe they are experienced, and confidently proficient in the Art of sexual love. Sexologically, society has become psychotically attached to the bravado of its foreplay arsenal. It is because of this, that the idea of ejaculation control - the key to female orgasm, is often rejected out of hand. 

It is precisely because men have become experts at foreplay tactics that they are hood-winked into believing that they don't 'have a problem', the problem of satisfying a woman in bed. A steamy sex session usually means half an hour of foreplay and five minutes of penile thrusting. By this yard-stick, men and women judge their bedroom exploits as being 'good' in bed. This ludicrous fiasco has been accepted by the general public as normal and endorsed by our sexual peers and authorities, as the way to fulfilling sexual love. It may be the way for humanity to go on a wild goose-chase in the neurotic pursuit of femae orgasm; but it is no way for men and women to experience the true and lasting pleasure of deeply rewarding, lengthy bouts of penetrative sex.

If men do not know how to control ejaculation during intercourse, how can men and women ever hope to discover and experience the true joy of sex ? Foreplay, which would otherwise be a natural and rewarding accompaniment to sexual love, has degenerated into a grovelling 'pigs-ear'. Indeed frustration, the fruit of neurotic foreplay, is often the seductive fore-runner for perversion and abuse. The neurotic misuse of foreplay in the frustrated craving of the masses for orgasmic, genital gratification, is the breeding ground for promiscuity, homosexuality and other sexually related social diseases.

The reason why men and women have become obsessed with the Foreplay Syndrome is that, foreplay can be indulged in and lasts a long time. Whereas penetrative sex - thrusting, is nearly always a five minute wonder! Foreplay is the only way lovers know how to come close to Orgasmic Genital Gratification.

Oral sex and mutual masturbation are affectionate and natural expressions of sexual love. Kissing, fondling and caressing, sweet-talk and wearing sexy clothes in the bedroom, are all pleasing aspects of foreplay. Erotic love-making positions are a natural and beautiful expression of the human form. Tastefully presented erotic art, music and literature can also be useful 'sex aids'. But.... no matter how nice and natural foreplay is, it cannot compensate for lack of Orgasmic Genital Gratification. Foreplay is a poor substitute for long-lasting, deeply fulfilling penetrative sex.

"Setting the atmosphere right
Exchanging the common courtesies
Of lovers at play.
Foreplay, and sexual passion
Are ordinary bedroom niceties.
To be able to make love
For 1 or 2 hours and not ejaculate
Is the key to female satisfaction,
And only by this can the male
Safeguard his essential virility
And cultivate strength and tranquillity".
- Li Yin's advise to the Green Dragon Immortal Chi Jen-Yi.


Premature ejaculation has already been discussed to some degree. Now we must focus on male impotence, if we are to unravel the complex travesty of the big 'O', female Orgasm. A proper understanding of impotence will clarify the real issues of female orgasm. Premature ejaculation and impotence are inseparably connected. They are the twin imposters that, like a double edged sword, stab at the heart of a man's ability to bring a woman to orgasm with his penis.

Men are not aware that they are locked into a premature ejaculatic impotence syndrome. Unconscious of this biopathological viscious cycle, many men claim that love-making with their wives or girlfriends isn't enough for them and that they need to masturbate to 'relieve' themselves. This attitude proves the following points :

1. It gives them a form of sexual satisfaction that is free of the neurotic pressures of 'performance' which they experience when trying to satisfy a woman. This is a road which can lead men towards homosexuality. The same is also true for women who are turning to their 'sisters', from finding that lesbianism is more satisfying than sex with a man. Homosexuality and lesbianism are the ultimate manifestations of 'spicing up your sex—life'.

2. Women are not particularly impressed with men's love-making and are tiring of long oral-sex scenarios, followed by short-lived ejaculatory penetrative sex.

3. Men are also becoming 'bored' with long foreplay sessions every time they want to make love.

4. Sexual Attraction. If partners are not 'turned on' by each other's bodies, there is little natural enthusiasm for regular sex together, which frustrates the natural instincts to be sexually attracted to a beautiful figure. This is the reason why men and women fantasize and masturbate over soft or hard porn pictures and videos of sexually attractive bodies; even when married. The ancient sexual phrase 'nice figure' has been conveniently dropped from modern sexological rhetoric, and the term 'performance' is treated like a dirty word. These natural 'figures of speech' that reflect a common sense have been 'sacked', in preference for obscure new age therapy jargon such as 'right chemistry', etc.

5. Continuous uncontrolled ejaculation in sex or masturbation establish a conditioned premature ejaculation reflex, accompanied by impotence, loss of erectile power and depleted sex drive. Fear of loss of sex drive, combined with unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, results in a fury of sexually frustrating, fantasy-based masturbation neurosis; which eats away at the male psyche, robbing him of the source of his sexual power (virility, potency), and warping his fragile sexual identity.

6. In spite of what doctors will tell you, short-lived ejaculatory sex and masturbation accompanied by erotic fantasies, will never in a million years provide men and women with orgasmic genital gratification. If it did, then the human race would have found sexual happiness before Christ was born, and we would be living in a different world.


The male race does not consider that it has a problem with premature ejaculation for reasons previously stated. However, men and women also believe that impotence is an irrelevance until old age. The idea of impotence, or unreliable erection power, being a reality in men from as early as twenty years old is a 'gag', which sticks in the throats of women and men 'cock a deaf ear' to. Impotence and loss of erectile power are the ultimate catastrophes of the male psyche. However, it is falsely confirmed by doctors and sexologists that "most men do not have this problem until old age. Or if they do, its usually because there has been some kind of breakdown in 'communication' in the relationship", which they say - "we can cure by counselling and therapy". Or if its a medical problem - "there are many simple remedies that we can offer the suffering patient". We'll take a look at some of these savage and barbaric medical 'remedies' later.

Premature ejaculation and impotence are viewed by modern sexologists and urologists as two distinctly separate problems. These common sexual maladies are disastrously mistreated as if they were psychological or medical dysfunctions. This is a conspiracy of money motivated ignorance.

Generally most men think, and quite correctly so, that impotence means an inability to produce live sperm that can fertilize a female ovum, - (procreation doctrine). This is why most men do not consider themselves to have a problem with impotence, and don't expect to until they reach old age. Also, it is obvious that men are aware that loss of potency, ie. ability to produce sperm, is usually accompanied by loss of erection power. When doctors speak in general terms about impotence, they unwittingly misinform the public because they use this term loosely and therefore, inaccurately. More often than not, when sex therapists use the misleading jargonistic term - impotence, they are referring to loss of erectile power; which in the Freudian school of thought, is also called loss of libido. The latest evolution of medical terminology is to now call problems relating to loss of erectile power 'secondary impotence', making a distinction between reproductive potency and erectile power. This is because their antiquated theories of the sexual nature of man do not marry up to the facts of life. In order to excuse this medical fiasco, they have conveniently invented this new term — 'secondary impotence', meaning erectile dysfunction.  Doctors who specialize in sexual problems may attempt to cover their tracks by justifying the mis-use of this alarming term — impotence, by modifying their medical jargon; but in their attempts to clarify these hocus-pocus misnomers, they have effectively frightened off the male race from discovering the truth about impotence.

Men are scared out of their wits by their ill-informed concept of impotence. It is feared as if it were a sinister nightmare that creeps up on them, robbing them of the pleasure of sex as they get elder. Our sexual culture confirms this nightmare in the minds of the masses as a natural inevitability of growing old. It has been said by an sminent sexologist that "at the heart of man's psychotic nature is the fear of castration". There is, of course, some truth in this, but if the whole truth be known, it is loss of erectile power - impotence, that is at the heart of man's sexual fear.


Men automatically link impotence with old age or a medical problem. They are told by soothsaying doctors that "it is normal for a man to experience occasional bouts of low sex drive and loss of erection, but don't worry, nearly all men experience it". They are advised to 'spice up their sex lives with variety and romance, or as they get older, they should somehow "sublimate the sexual aspect of their relationship with a 'deeper awareness'". Men are deceived by such puerile advice and in order to prove to themselves their own virility, they masturbate themselves to oblivion, forever chasing women they can't have. As for men in relationships, they will often tell you that they can 'make love to their wives', 'screw a bit on the side' and 'wank themselves silly' over porn videos etc....... Impotent ? No Way!

It is because our sexual mentality is chronically ignorant of the higher function of the sexual organs and the nature of orgasm energy, that men are forever on a wild goose-chase to maintain their sexual libido. This fact provides the market for all manner of 'spice up your sex-life' products and services, which are encouraged by new age witch doctors. Consequently, men do not realize that at the heart of their frustrated struggle for sexual happiness, is a saboteur called impotence.  Impotence that is not there by nature, but by the faulty way of loving. Ignorance of the nature and cause of impotence results in a whirlwind of unsatisfying sexual frenzy, which has become normal in adult life and is condoned by doctors as 'healthy'.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, women are no longer content to be 'taken like cattle'. They are engrossed in their own private war, trying to fathom out the elusive 'earth-moving' orgasm; which they now have permission to take responsibility for themselves. You can bet your life they're too busy following the latest sexually liberating maxim -'masturbate thyself', to worry themselves about men's problems of impotence.

If doctors are right that most men don't suffer from impotence until they get older, why is there such a huge million dollar market that exploits this phenomena, which seems to affect many men from the age of twenty upwards ? It is because they are wrong and do not understand that it is not old age, but the debilitating sexual practices which they condone, that actually cause impotence.

The 'closed shop' institutions of modern sexology are like a secret society that exploits our cultural mentality of compulsive obedience to authority. In vain we put our faith in this despotic medical jurisdiction- a tyranny that has caused havoc with its quackery since Freud put the boot in. The incumbent patronage that has sustained the moguls of Harley Street for generations, proves that professional credibility, ie. authority, is a highly profitable means of lining one's pockets. The barons of this Imperial dynasty are the new age witch doctors of the twentieth century. The sleeping fascist mentality of the masses are willing to serve and obey the dictates of this regime we innocently call .. . Modern Sexual Science .... Sexology. As a result, millions of loving relationships are thwarted by unreliable erectile power, loss of sex drive, lack of female orgasm and therefore, lack of interest in unsatisfactory sex; and psychologically - loss of sexual identity leading to masturbation syndrome, perversion, lack of respect between the sexes and the depression and unhappiness that follow.


Published statistics which are read by millions, repeatedly confirm that most women require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Some women can tell you that they've known men who could 'bang away all night', but they still didn't reach female orgasm. When we analyse what they mean by 'bang away all night', we discover that core often than not, the man ejaculates within the first five to ten minutes, but then he continues to make love in determination to be a 'good lover', and satisfy his partner. This reveals a key issue, which requires proper analysis, if we are to understand that impotence is the real culprit for lack of female orgasm.

Today's sex doctors spout flash medical terms at us, like -'refractory period', meaning the time it takes for a penis to regain erection after ejaculating. They assume that a man will inevitably ejaculate before female orgasm and that he will then if he's potent, continue to 'bash away' after the refractory period - ie. got back his erection. All this talk of making love the 'second time round', ie. -carrying on after ejaculating the first time, is a nonchalant Freudian slip, which shows that modern sexologists are incompetent nincompoops who do not understand this basic biological function of the human body. Particularly the function of sperm and sexual energy — orgasm energy.

Sex doctors and therapists may quack away until the cows come home, quoting all sorts of irrelevant statistics about a man's assumed ability to keep it up all night, if he's not impotent. But for all their patronizing medical jargon, they don't even come close to dealing with the sexual facts of life. In order to explode this myth; that men who are not impotent are able to satisfy their women by continuing penetrative sex after ejaculating; we should look at what really happens in the bedroom. Let us examine this ridiculous nonsense and 'wake up' to the realities of the ultimate 'nightmare scenario' - a scandal that has led modern sexology to evolve the theory that "women are not biologically designed to reach orgasm by penile thrusting alone".  In this bedroom fiasco, the sick irony is that many women suffer emotional agony, while many men take comfort and delude themselves by it - the physically uncomfortable and emotionally confusing situation, when a man endeavours to carry on making love for the 'second time'. This is a popular notion of virility, that in practice leads to more reasons for a woman to fake an orgasm.......Why ?

To set the scene......

A loving couple are in bed sharing sexual affection. He feels he has warmed her up with the obligatory foreplay syndrome and decides to penetrate her. She willingly accepts and guides his 'love weapon' into her moist vagina. Gently he enters her deeper and she groans with pleasure as he reaches full penetration. Wriggling and writhing her hips in seductive waves, she entreats him to thrust into her. Spellbound by the magic of her delicious lap of luxury, he is seduced to thrust ever more vigorously. As her orgasm energy is awakened, she reveals her hunger by expressing sounds of love and moving her voluptuous body in the exciting and erotically sensuous ways that only a woman knows how. Naturally, the man struggles to keep up his passionate endeavours for the woman's pleasure. Desperately, he holds back as she captures him completely. In vain he tries to ride her to the shores of orgasmic bliss, but alas - he uncontrollably ejaculates and effectively ends the love-ride for both partners. A performance of perhaps five to ten minutes (not including foreplay), resulting in loss of erection, loss of desire and lack of female orgasm. If she hasn't faked an orgasm while he was ejaculating, there are two nightmare scenarios that could follow:

1. She convinces him that 'it was wonderful' anyway and he falls asleep, content that his manhood is still intact and that he is a good lover. She may then masturbate herself to orgasm, or sadly lie awake, perhaps mistakenly thinking that she needs to 'get to know her own body better'. She's probably read somewhere that 'its up to her' to sort out 'what she needs' to achieve orgasm and feels it must be right, as she's found it more or less the same with all men. And apparently, so she's read - 'its normal for a woman not to reach orgasm by penile thrusting alone' and 'basic copulation has little to do with making love' has it ? Hasn't it!?

2. The man ejaculates, she has not reached orgasm, so being a 'good lover', he continues thrusting regardless of the fact that he has lost the power of his erection, (having lost the source of his erectile power — sperm). He tries frantically to bring her to orgasm with a slopping soft penis and even if he does eventually succeed in regaining a hard erection (refractory nonsense), there is very often insufficient bio-electrical excitement (orgasmic sexual tension), to arouse the woman's orgasm energy. In this futile act of male desperado as he tries to 'make her come', she can feel cold sperm dribbling down her bum, (not very pleasant), and is losing interest rapidly. Her clitoris and vagina are numbed by the insensitive and tactless bashing, which he considers to be manly passion. The unfortunate woman, realizing that he is hopelessly trying to bring her to orgasm, but desperately wanting him to stop, has very few choices. She can either tactlessly tell him to stop his pointless thrusting and gently caress her clitoris (afterplay), which in the heat of the moment, can be very difficult; or she can lovingly fake that 'earth-moving' orgasm, (often an award winning performance, deserving an oscar).

Perhaps it is true that 'behind every successful man is a good woman', but it is probably more true that 'behind every successful man is a woman who's good at faking orgasm'.

So, we can now see that the 'second time round' syndrome doesn't work. This is because all the electrifying tension and passion of loving is lost when a man releases his sperm in ejaculation. A woman's orgasmic arousal dies down very quickly with the loss of this bio-electrical energy in the man. Also, the reduction in size and rigidity caused by ejaculation mean that she is insufficiently stimulated for full sexual pleasure. When a man ejaculates, he robs himself of the bio-electrical stimulation (sexual energy), vital for the arousal of female orgasm energy. No amount of brave and passionate thrusting will compensate for a penis that has lost its power. And a vagina that has been flooded with cold and dying sperm will not be moved to orgasm — even if he does get it up again. In the battle of the sexes, when a man ejaculates, he has effectively lost his most powerful love weapon. Vanquished, all he can do is crawl off and lick his wounds, or maybe hers!

If men persistently enter the battle of love and lose the fire — power of their erect penis in the first heat of battle, - and this has been going on for centuries; then no wonder that women have lost interest in sex with men with small penises, prematurely off-loading their neurotic frustrations inside of them. And no wonder the myth that women are not biologically designed to achieve orgasm through penetration alone. The fact is that a man can thrust away to his hearts content, but if he has insufficient sperm, through the faulty habit of ejaculating in every act of sex; his penis will not have the power to arouse a woman's orgasm energy. There are, of course, artificial means of maintaining erection and delaying ejaculation, ie. drugs, alcohol, anaesthetic creams and sprays, etc., but these kinds of 'all light' love-making sessions are attained by a complete exhaustion of sexual energy - sperm power; resulting eventually in lack of male orgasm and impotence. Thus we see that sperm is the source of male orgasm energy and by ignorantly tossing it away in every act of sex, we create a vicious cycle which results in lack of female orgasm, (and ultimately lack of male orgasm). Female orgastic disfunction is a medical misnomer, caused not by lack of clitoral stimulation, but by lack of male orgasm energy — Impotency.

Indeed, the central issue to understanding the secrets of sexual love is not the big 'O', but rather the big 'I' - Impotence. It is not a condition that slowly dawns on one in old age; neither is it a psychological or medical problem. To understand human sexual nature correctly, it must be realized, as I have previously stated, that premature ejaculation and impotence are inseparably connected and they are the twin imposters of male and female orgasmic genital gratification. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen.... , premature ejaculation and impotence are the real problems, not women's bio-emotional ability to achieve orgasm. The fascination sex therapists have for female orgasm may be financially rewarding, but it has meant that women have been poked about and interfered with for far too long. Leave them alone... their genitalia is perfectly capable of looking after itself as far as orgasm goes. If we are ever going to sort out this pathetic travesty of the big 'O' once and for all; its about time men took a long hard look at their own genitalia and sought to understand the function of sperm, other than for procreation, and the nature of their own orgasm energy.

Men learn meaningless measuring slogans that are stoically accepted notions of male virility such as, how often he can ejaculate in one session, how often he feels like sex and how reliable his erection is. These biologically ignorant measuring slogans form a fundamental branch of contemporary sexological impotence-rhetoric. But they are only pseudo scientific presumptions that expose a chronic ignorance of the true nature and cause of impotence. The truth is that these dislocated aspects of impotence are only outward symptoms, whereas the root cause of impotence is the faulty way of loving; which is the culturally conditioned lemming habit of ejaculating in every act of sex. This life-debilitating practice brings us back full circle to the central issue. Premature ejaculation, impotence, unreliable erectile power and lack of female orgasm are a direct result of the key misconception of modern sexology, ie. Male ejaculation is the inevitable consummation of sexual love because the purpose of sexual love is procreation. This old religious myth has remained imperceptibly embedded in modern sexological theory and practice.

These fundamental errors mean that modern sexology has not realized that sperm is the source of erectile power. It is not the nerve endings at the penis head, nor the blood supply that creates the power to erect the penis. A continual loss of sperm through repeated ejaculation in every act of sex, brings about a hormonal deficiency crisis in every male. This faulty way of loving robs the entire biological mechanism of the body of hormones, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which are vital to erectile power and potency; and the physical and emotional health of the individual.

The casual complacency displayed by doctors when they talk in term; of 'how many times a man can make love in one session', etc., clearly shows that they are ignorant of the higher function of sperm, which is to generate and store sexual energy - orgasm energy. Any loss of erectile power or sexual desire, at any time, are sure indications of the onset of impotence, resulting from the unhealthy habit of ejaculating in every act of sex, including masturbation. For the same reason, if a man cannot keep a full erection at any age, indefinitely - (1-3 hours); this is also symptomatic of an unnatural loss of potency. Impotence is a senseless and unnecessary disaster that has crippled man's fragile sexual identity for centuries. A foolish ignorance of his higher sexual nature that has damned his potential for happiness in love.

Doctors of psychosexual medicine and sex therapists justify their impotent theories and meddling butchery because they themselves are impotent premature ejaculators, who cannot achieve female orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Therefore they assume that the rest of society should be like them. Unless they confess to these crimes of sexual ignorance, they set themselves up to be remembered in history as the perpetuators of the great sexual lies and myths of the twentieth century. In the future to come, today's glorified agony aunts, with scalpel in one hand and vibrator in the other, will be looked down upon with appropriate contempt. They will be blamed for inflaming this excruciating disease in our society - the sexual suffering of the people. In a sexually civilized society, sexual misteachings typical of today's new age witch doctors will be outlawed by a sexually educated public, who will bring about this revolution--Naturally.


Some of the worst offenders for spreading ill-conceived medical propaganda are health and fitness type magazines and adult sex publications that pose as well informed 'safe sex' authorities. With trendy helpfulness, they recommend the virtues of employing the services of sex therapists, who confidently speak in terms of 'we're qualifier' and we know what we are talking about'. These publications proceed with the usual slick spiel that invites us to put our trust in 'Experts', who can teach us all we need to know about sexual satisfaction. We are assured of their qualifications and the efficacy of their methods. Premature ejaculation, impotence and of course, lack of female orgasm, which new age witch doctors have conjured up a respectable new term for - 'Anorgasmia'; are the bread and butter of the sex therapy trade.

These self—appointed charlatans with university degrees will tell you the 'facts', that all men at some point in their lives encounter some kind of problem with impotence or premature ejaculation. Impotence in the context of not being able to ejaculate, has now been cunningly re-termed 'retarded ejaculation', thus masking its true nature. But, what ever and when ever the case, you can be sure that you have 'options for resolving any such problem should it occur' . That option is called - (wait for it) Sex Therapy! With incredulous hypocrisy they tell us we need sex therapy because "in our culture, we do not obtain correct sex information from reliable sources". If ever there was a prize for famous last words, this would take it!

The audacity of this insidious confidence trick prepares us for accepting another well worn sales pitch:

"Finding a good sex therapist means employing the expert medical advice of a counsellor who is authorized by one of the many medical institutions. They should know about the psychodynamic, behavioural and cognitive strategies for treating specific sex problems".

This is the kind of jargon that these qualified quacks try to impress us with. Freudian sexual theory, like much of England and America, has undergone a face lift. But if you give Dr Frankenstein's monster a face lift, you end up with an even more hideous beast!

How then do sex therapists get their expertise and obtain certificates that authorize and give licence to practice ?

"A good sex therapist will have experienced additional training beyond a standard degree at a reputable institution. For a diploma in sex therapy, the clinician must have had at least three years of clinical practice, over 150 hours of supervised practice, at least 100 hours of theory, methods and techniques of sex therapy and three 'peer' endorsements", (ie. learn techniques that persuade women with Anorgasmia to use a vibrator, then get some of the 'old boy' network to say you're a 'good chap') .

Having completely sold us on their credentials, they consolidate the sale with an assumptive suggestion, which is designed to rake the customer feel good about being in control. They casually encourage us to 'shop around' for a good sex therapist. This kind of soft sell technique offers no real choice, but is merely an alternate close, an illusion of democracy.

In this 'Brave New World', where clones of Goebbels and Frankenstein are mated in laboratories of institutional mad-houses to produce fantastically deformed creatures, which we kindly call sex therapists; an army of Dr Strangeloves has mobilized its forces and is on the march. Commercially, it has Blitzkrieged its course upon the gullible, leader-less masses. Like barbarian hordes, crusading witch doctors waving banners of medical authority, are ransacking and pillaging the easy pickings of the sexually frustrated masses. This campaign has met little resistance from the mass organisation of our brutal obedience to authority.

Now that the battle to annex medical authority to the sex lives of the people has been won, we slavishly bow to the dictates of doctors of psychosexual medicine. Publishers and sex journalists join forces and collaborate with Dr Strangelove to win a complete victory over the minds of the masses. When this holocaust of slave-based tyranny has run its course, it remains to be seen how history will put Humpty-Dumpty back together again! Only by exposing the mythological mistruths of modern sexology, will Mankind free itself from the bondage of the bullying menace we call 'Sex Therapy'.


Impotence or erectile dysfunction are unnecessary sexual diseases that are not properly understood by sexologists, and have failed to respond to traditional methods of therapy. These common male problems, like a thorn in the flesh, are being increasingly treated with injections, drugs, hormone replacement therapy and surgical implants. It is both exasperating and incredible that nearly all men suffer from premature ejaculation and impotence, and yet modern sexology persists in banging humanity's head against the wall, by refusing to acknowledge the facts of life that would cure these problems forever. They con the public into believing that sexual science has evolved into a practical and medically sound body of 'experts'; who have developed 'cures' for the specific problems of premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction and Anorgasmia. Here is what a leading specialist in sexual medicine had to say about the treatment of these sexual problems : -"Conventional thinking on sexual therapy dictates that counselling is often the most effective remedy for problems such as loss of desire and premature ejaculation, etc. However, drugs, hormonal treatment and surgery can often prove more successful".

Another 'pioneer' in this field said that his Institute, which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of impotence - "starts its treatment of the patient with an examination to determine if the problem is physical, psychological, or both".

This medical peer, who has founded one of a nation's biggest Institutes to exclusively treat impotence, goes on to say :

"Impotence is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for the satisfaction of both partners, in at least 25% of attempts. (From this we can see that these- dickheads are still confused over distinctions between premature ejaculation and impotence). Impotence can be devastating, but the real tragedy is that many men aren't aware that they can be cured in 95% of cases. Depending on the cause, treatment can include medical procedures to correct problems with blood supply, medications, sex counselling or surgical implants".

Let us take a brief, but frightening glance at some of the 'cures' that these medically authorized 'Experts' use to treat men with erectile dysfunctions and impotence; and how much it can cost. Sex therapists warn us that treatments for impotence can be expensive. In this we can certainly take them at their word. Here is a breakdown of the cost of impotence in the USA :

* Semi-rigid penile prosthesis - $3,000
    - a malleable rod surgically implanted for a permanent 4" erection,
    holding up a dead and insensitive penis.

* Inflatable penile prosthesis - $9,000
   - No need to blow this one up out of all sense and proportion is there?

* Injections into the penis - five years at 10 per month - $3,000

* Vacuum pump - $200 - $350
   - use with extreme care, as directed by physician.!!**?!

The drug barons of pharmaceutical corporations have beer quick to jump on this money spinning band—wagon. They grease the axles of this 'Trojan Horse' we call sexual medicine, with an unlimited supply of money, political power and social credibility. What does the internecine forum of medical quackery have to tell us about the development of drug products in this field?

"We're seeing an increasing number of men with potency disorders and erection difficulties. We now know that at least 50% (millions) of men who suffer from impotence have a physical problem; deficient blood flow to the penis, nerve problems or hormonal dysfunctions. 90% of men who come to us with impotence can be treated, (note 'treated', not cured). Treatment may be as simple as counselling or as complicated as surgically implanting a penile rod. Also, the use of injections has certainly helped a lot of men. This remedy simply means that a man requires an injection (into the penis), whenever he wants an "erection."

No wonder men are terrified when they hear the name of the witches' spell... Impotence! They would rather live with this imposter of love that seems to come and go like a thief in the night, than fact' the horror of modern sex therapy. Men fear impotence more than cancer, Aids or war. A fear so deep that it has been banished from the realms of male consciousness. Modern sexological theory and practice is a powerful instigator of this biopathological neurosis in men.

So, now that we are assured that the sexual health of the nation is in the capable hands of Experts, lets look forward with anxious anticipation to what drug developments are in store for us in the future Dr Strangelove says: "Now is the time for pharmaceutical companies to start thinking about the quality of our sex life. Some major pharmaceutical companies have expressed interest in manufacturing drugs specifics for the treatment of sexual problems. Some are hormone-based, but for reasons of confidentiality, I cannot disclose the details......Of course all drugs are dangerous. A man could end up with an erection from these drugs that needs surgical treatment to reduce, (a kind of blood letting. But we doctors have formulated the secret dosage which gives an erection for a time period suitable to the patient. Some men only need one injection ( to frighten them off forever!). They get an erection from the drug and realize that they had a psychological problem (**!!?!) Other people aren't so lucky, we tell them they need to use the treatment over a long period of time, which can be expensive. Fortunately, most people who come to us are financially successful and can afford the cost of the treatment..... In five years or so, there will be drugs readily available to men who suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. You can be sure we will keep you posted and let you know when they are available". - By that time hopefully, this Quack will be in an asylum for the clinically insane!

The cost of sex therapy is not something we should measure in just financial terms. To say yes to the policies of modern sexology, is to invite the mass corruption of the fragile sexual identity of Mankind. It leaves society vulnerable to unspeakable crimes of perverse abuse, suffered by innocent people who are too weak to defend themselves; mass misery in married life and family life, and the gaping abyss that unconsciously separates men and women, boys and girls, like a super efficient system of apartheid; gangs of 'underprivileged' youths, whose neurotic response to sexual frustration is violence; - All these symptoms and too much more to mention, have been seen to repeat themselves, like a 'beast with nine lives', throughout the history of human civilization and have proved to be the breeding ground that prepares the way for a new dictator to lead a broken humanity over the edge of catastrophe.

The rise of neo-nazi groups and nationalist yearnings that are fundamentally linked to issues of racial/sexual hygiene, are sinister omens that echo the 'mating call' of the beast. Therefore, the cost of modern sex therapy should be measured in terms of how much it can be blamed for contributing to the mass chaos of sexual frustration, and the bloody carnage that follows it.


There is an increasing number of sex therapists who promote the use of 'surrogates' in a 'clinically controlled environment'. A surrogate partner in sex therapy jargon, is a person (usually female), who donates her body to the cause of science; which in this case means allowing herself to be practiced on by men with sexual problems, who have no partner. Sometimes this 'service' is free, sometimes it is paid for. However, in spite of this pioneering 'work', prostitutes can be a far more reliable source of the sexual facts of life, than professional sex therapists, who use surrogate guinea pigs for their 'research'. Whatever may be said about prostitutes, they certainly get more of a birds-eye-view than sexologists, who gain their experience from studying the use of a vibrator in group class therapy seminars, or by smugly fumbling with mirrors and other sex aids, on the therapy couch. The difficult and demanding work of prostitution, though fraught with danger and decadence, can give us amazing insight into the sexual prowess of men and their performance ratings.

The prostitution game would collapse over night if the male race knew how to control ejaculation and satisfy women with their penis. Prostitutes rely on the fact that all men ejaculate very 'early' during penetrative sex. Prostitutes, who are no different in their sexual capacity to ordinary women, are able to 'service' many clients through-out the day and night, and then go home and make love with their boy-friends or husbands. This clearly proves that there is not a man that walks the face of the earth who can confidently assume 'I haven't got that problem', unless of course, he knows the subtle secrets of the bedroom. Of course women do sometimes achieve orgasm during penetrative sex, but usually only after plenty of foreplay.

In the following story, we gain a comical insight into the universal phenomena of premature ejaculation, that can be learned from prostitutes :

"A past neighbour invited me to one of those sex lingerie parties, where pretty bedroom ware can be ordered from a catalogue. It was ladies only, so I went along for the fun of it!.. The host insisted that we all join in a few party games to break the ice and get the 'right atmosphere'. She proceeded by playing 'adult' games like - who can think of something on the female body beginning with - V?!  When she had sufficiently relaxed us, she sensed the time was right to bring out her arsenal of dildos and vibrators and all sorts of ugly mechanisms. The 'finger and thumb' particularly gave me the creep — sending a shudder of disgust right up me... Anyway, while at this cosy little gathering of squealing, giggling women, I met an old female acquaintance who ordered a BOX FULL of vibrators. I just had to ask!. What on earth could one woman want with all those vibrators ? ... She told me. Apparently, she runs three 'houses'. In other words she is a 'Madame', you know, she looks after her girls. Well, according to this enterprising upstart, who we shall call Madame, her girls need 'something' after a hard nights work servicing clients. They need to satisfy themselves - have an orgasm. A vibrator was the only solution to this tear-jerking dilemma ".

"At first, I was appalled that Madame could talk so nonchalantly about women earning a living from paid-for sex. Then I pondered the amazing implications of prostitutes needing to satisfy themselves with a vibrator, having been screwed all night by all those men. Later, it dawned on me that Madame's solution to lack of female orgasm from penetrative sex, wasn't much different from the contemporary practice of sex therapy ".

The vibrator, which is the revered 'mace' of sex therapy, does have its advantages. For a start, it can be mass produced. Also, sex therapists, (men or women), can teach their patients to rely on a vibrator for orgasm, without themselves having to do the good deed! It is the magic wand of sex counsellors who advocate their use for women with Anorgasmia. Of course, much expertise and skill is employed by therapists to persuade the patient that shoving a plastic phallus up them is a wonderful experience of human sensuality; and a natural product of our educated liberal approach to understanding our sexual nature!

If women cannot achieve orgasm by the stimulation of a penis, why can they, when using a vibrator ? Obviously, a vibrator doesn't let you down. It doesn't go limp from ejaculating too early, does it ? Vibrators are the easy option for sex therapists, who cannot work out the natural solution to anorgasmia because they do not have the slightest idea of what fulfilling sexual love is like.


What ever your point of view, prostitutes will not only tell you that men are the 'under-species', but that many men have under-sized penises. Penis dimension is a subject that sex therapists persistently try to fob off with cock and bull stories like: "penis size doesn't matter, its far more important to communicate than to keep it up all night". Or with the customary 'medical bullshit baffles brains' thrown in : "Only the first third of the vagina contains nerve endings, which is why many women who haven't got a 'G' spot, need clitoral stimulation as well as intercourse to be satisfied.... Therefore, despite what men think, size has nothing to do with female satisfaction". You may think I'm joking, but this is the official medical jargon of relationship-style sex therapy clinics.

So, what do women say ?..... "Of course size matters".

"I'm fed up pandering to men's egos by saying that size doesn't matter. I think we've been very diplomatic about penis size for far too long". Quite clearly then, women do not need to become prostitutes to share a common sense. Penis size is an important factor.

The European male race is chronically under developed in its penis size due to the fact that short-lived ejaculatory sex robs his vital source of erectile power, and his 'love weapon' fails to be provided with sufficient exercise for optimum growth. 

Balding big-shots rely on money and status symbols to attract women to their shrunken dying penises. They may try to 'spice up' their sex-life, by paying for the services of high class prostitutes, who adorn their gorgeous bodies with pearl necklaces and are worth every penny. But, whatever these atrophied specimens of the 'in crowd' get up to, (including the sporty ones), in this decadent melting pot of 'anything goes as long as you're not hurting anyone' mentality; women are not impressed! These big spenders of vital energy, in the pursuit of beautiful women, boast with airs and graces to show off their virility and prowess, in an attempt to rescue the loss of face their small penises afford them. To regain his failing youth, the desperate well-heeled poser ostentatiously flaunts his elitist laurels among the applauded circles of celebrities, aspiring to glamorize his dwindling sexual prowess. Female gold diggers and women looking for a good time are only too willing to flatter his dignified nimbus; admiring his big ideas as they turn a blind eye to his small penis. As for women who earn a living selling their bodies to these men with bulging bank accounts and erectile deficits; it is not a question of 'for love or money', but how many 31/2 minute ejaculators they can service in one night's work'.

Exclusive health and fitness retreats are fast becoming the stately mecca of moneyed middle—aged men, who aspire to rekindle the seed of their loins by treating themselves to an heroic pampering. A 'Champions champagne' health farm may do wonders for one's prestige, and help men to lose a little weight, especially if they're carrying cash. But despite these efforts to salvage their youthful vitality and add to their status, it does little to increase either their virility or heir penis size.

The vigilant ranger of the 'good life' may even strive to uplift his sex drive by borrowing a sense of well being from hormone injections, megavitamins, (aphrodisiacs, cocaine, marijuana) or alternative therapy such as herbal and homeopathic concoctions, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation, etc. These may delay signs of ageing and help the overall health of the individual, but they do not compensate for the continual loss of vital energy from ejaculating in every act of sex.

Penis dimension is an important issue that all sex therapists avoid, nearly all men worry over and all women know the truth about. Its about time therapists come clean on matters of penis size, but before they do, perhaps they should ask my satisfied friends, who have studied the secrets of sexual ecstasy, practised ejaculation control and found that they have not only experienced orgasmically satisfying sex; they have also added a healthy inch or more to the length and width of their penis.

"If you lack great talent for the Bedroom Art,
Tempt not with lesser skills the womb of woe,
In the heat of love good looks will go unseen;
What use are seductive rhymes before the foe?
You expect from birth love's perfect instrument ?
Then see that its size and design are left to you ".
--- The Carnal Prayer Mat, Li Yu. (A.D.1657)


Sex therapists who work in various sex and relations style clinics, repeatedly spread the lie that 'basic copulation has little to do with love-making'. They also try to convince us, rather grandly, that women are 'finally taking responsibility for their own orgasm'. This is supposed to be a breakthrough and we are persuaded to rejoice and take comfort, as the age of female orgasm is finally coming to its own. According to quacks who consider themselves 'qualified', and second rate journalists who recycle this sexually ignorant garbage for the mass consumption of the people; 'sex in the 90s' is the age of female satisfaction and the discovery of the clitoris. Women are supposed to 'know what they want' and 'take full responsibility for their own orgasms'.

The great ethos of today's self-deluding sexual mentality is 'Know Thyself. For women, spending time getting to know her body, relaxing, experimenting with her clitoris and studying the reflection of her vagina in a mirror; is typical of the advice sold by experts as the golden rules for learning about sexuality and the right 'state of mind' to achieve female orgasm. It is painfully obvious that the blind cannot lead the blind, or if they do, they lead each other into a ditch and perish. In their quest for fulfilling sexual love, ordinary people who are caught up in events they do not understand; look into the mirror of modern sexual theory and think they see truth. But it is an illusion, because when we look into this mirror, the left is right and the right is left. The truth that is reflected back to us reveals only a 'Heart of Darkness', that our culture and peers condition us to believe in.

Know thyself is a powerful maxim that is memorized by many and understood by few. As for the 'new man', he is supposed to give up the idea of satisfying his loved-one with his penis. Instead, he is advisee to 'spice up' his sex life with infantile 'I'll touch yours if you'll touch mine' games, and occasionally, for a bit of 'real sensational sex', 'throw her over the kitchen table while she's peeling the onions to the music of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet . . Not forgetting the essential finale of bringing her to orgasm with the biggest banana he can lay his hands on, while she sits on a pound of grapes! - A spiced up sex life is the food of love', he is assured. — Sounds more like a scene from 'Clockwork Orange' if you ask me!

The words of the famous song, 'Love is a many splendoured thing', have sadly lost their meaning in the psychotic jungle of diverse sexual practices which we are encouraged to follow. The female masses are moving in a great tidal wave towards taking responsibility for their own orgasm in one desperately "upside-down direction; and men are frantically trying to spice up their libidos with impotence causing practices in the opposite direction. The pitiful irony of human beings tearing themselves apart like this, is that they do so in the belief that men and women are coming closer together.

To excavate the sexual misteachings of our culture reveals that all the myths and lies tie together, like the bones of a hideous beast. This beast of sexual ignorance is like a demon that possesses us to self-destruct. After the holocaust of today's sexual misery has left its mark, exorcising the demon will be the 'work' of loving couples, who have been endowed with true knowledge and have found sexual happiness. If we are to resist this 'menace', a tyranny of 'good vibrations' that foreplays itself toward an impotent new age; it is essential to expose the myths that shackle the people to a form of sexual igorance that has, for centuries, inflicted terrible suffering in the love-lives of millions.

New age witch doctors beat the drum of: premature ejaculation -early ejaculation, secondary impotence - erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia - pre-orgasmic; but what's in a name ?... For the sex therapy industry, its all over bar the shouting!

No doubt, the comments I have made will invite an avalanche of defiant bullying tactics. Sex therapists, doctors of psychosexual medicine, agony aunts and perhaps, even journalists who earn a 'good living' writing sexually ignorant drivel; will 'up in arms' and protest at the audacity of my 'unqualified' remarks. However, no amount of cynical bluster will alter the fact that they do not 'know themselves'. A herd of quacks on their way to the abattoir, may bleat like sheep, 'kicking against the pricks'... Can we therefore anticipate a statutory closing of ranks, that will manifest to the public that modern sexological institutions are not true benefactors of society? We shall be able to judge, by the inevitable storm of credibility hysteria of sex doctors and therapists, in their bid for self-preservation as their authority is publicly ridiculed, by the absolutely undeniable fulfilling sexual love, that is enjoyed by those who have rid themselves of this universal sexual ignorance. Lovers, by their own orgasmic genital gratification, will realize the utter stupidity of modern sex therapy -theory and practice.

Understanding our higher sexual nature is probably man's most evolutionary step toward healing and salvation. In the 'white heat' of this orgasmic metamorphosis in the love-lives of the people, there will be no place for worn out sexual practices, or impotent men who prematurely ejaculate their way through life, smugly deluding themselves that they don't have a problem. As for sex therapists and journalists, it is not simply a matter of 'know thyself, but more critically - 'heal thyself'. Failing that - they will have to catch on quickly or pack up and go home.

Adopting the biologically sound practices of controlling ejaculation for male and female orgasmic genital gratification, and regulating ejaculation to maintain male potency; completely revolutionizes the sex-life of the individual.

Though only a small step... It would be a giant leap for Mankind.



Ask any man or woman: Why does a man ejaculate when he reaches orgasm ? The inevitable answers to this question will be:

1. A man ejaculates because it is an inseparable part of male orgasm.
2. A man must ejaculate to experience orgasm.
3. A man needs to ejaculate to satisfy himself.
4. Ejaculation is the highest pleasure, the climax of the sexual act.

For centuries, it has been assumed by generations of sexually ignorant masses that ejaculation for a man is Orgasmic Genital Gratification, ie. sexual satisfaction. This misguided belief is a fundamental assumption of our culturally conditioned view of male sexuality, but it is also a fundamental error.

If we dig deeper and ask a sex doctor or priest why a man ejaculates in every act of sex, the answers will be similar to:
1. A man needs to ejaculate in order to 'relieve' himself of sexual tension and he achieves biological and emotional satisfaction from it.
2. A man ejaculates in every act of sex because the purpose of sex is procreation.

However, if I ask you: Do you make love because you want to 'make a baby'? Your answer, in most circumstances, would be an emphatic No! This is a contradiction that doctors, philosophers and priests have failed to reconcile with their pet theories. This paradox gives fuel to the religious argument that sex, other than for procreation, is sin. The logic of this repressive doctrine is that sex that is for sheer pleasure is lust; and lust is a sin of concupiscence, ie, sensuous, of the flesh (cupid). The conclusion of Constantine's internecine creed is that sexual love which is not motivated by the divine intention of co-creating a spiritual offspring with the Almighty God, is a fornication of lust - a sin that is punishable by hell fire and brimstone. From this mother of all damnable lies, the extreme manifestation of religious ignorance preaches that contraception is also sin. According to strict Christian interpretation of sexual morality, contraception is synonymous to 'interfering with the divine process of procreation for the sake of indulging in sexual love for pleasures of the flesh'. Unfortunately, where this kind of religious tyranny has existed, the lack of contraception has produced large families accompanied by appalling poverty. Historically, poverty, ignorance, disease, abuse, exploitation and generations of cruel, hard labour (particularly for women); are the fruits of this sex for procreation - contraception is sin dogma. The sanctimonious scourge of this dark doctrine of Christendom is a sacrament of spiritual perversion. Millions of conscious and unconscious Christians drink from this poisoned chalice.

Even among liberally minded Christian churches, contraception is a contradiction in terms. Many Christians juggle their conscience in the issues of human sexual love with a vague policy of contraception, that is accepted for practical reasons; but cannot be justified according to their religion. For a Christian to accept contraception as an indispensable practicality, is to accept the need to sin! - The natural human instinct to indulge in sexual pleasure, yet sabotage God's divine purposes with contraception.  When I argued this point with the Bishop of a church of over ten million members, world wide; he embarrassingly admitted that he escapes this natural sin dilemma, by withdrawing before orgasm and ejaculating on his wife's abdomen, or all over the bed sheets. I suggested a paper bag might come in handy. Unfortunately, he didn't realize I meant a grease-proof paper bag!

The point is that Christian, atheist and pagan alike, are all subject to the chaos of this dilemma. All share a common belief that ejaculation is the inevitable consummation of sexual love because for the male, ejaculation is orgasm. So we are back to square one. There is not only a religious contradiction in our cultural understanding of sexual love, but also a basic biological contradiction in our scientific understanding of the function of the genitalia, the nature of orgasm energy and the purpose of sexual love. The medical contradiction that 'ejaculation and orgasm are distinctly separate mechanisms, but ejaculation is the goal of sex for the male', is a fundamental scientific error that is inherited from the old religious doctrines. It is for this reason that modern sexology has failed to realize that premature ejaculation, followed by impotence and accompanied by lack of female orgasm; is a direct result of ignorantly believing that ejaculation is the inevitable climax for the male, because ejaculation is orgasm.


Allow me to freely admit that only a man who has learned how to discipline and control his ejaculation reflex can experience the fulfilling bliss of extended orgasmic genital gratification - leading to Total Body Orgasm. The fortunate men who have been sexually educated in this Art, are aware that this priceless treasure is within the grasp of all men. It is only because this knowledge has remained hidden from mainstream society, that it can rightly be called a 'secret' of sexual ecstasy.

It is obvious from men's promiscuous habits, that despite their addiction to sex, they do not gain enduring fulfillment from intercourse with women. This fact exposes the core of sexual neurosis in men. Fulfilling sexual love constitutes two co-existing human faculties: orgasmic genital gratification and emotional, perhaps even spiritual, satisfaction. Short-lived ejaculatory orgasm has been elevated by sexually ignorant culture to exemplify male sexual gratification. Though this is a universally accepted notion and practice; what I call 'the culturally conditioned, lemming habit of ejaculating in every act of sex'; it is biologically impossible to gain orgasmic genital gratification from short-lived ejaculatory orgasm. Without biological satisfaction there can be no emotional fulfillment. Absence of biological and emotional satisfaction will never in a million years result in fulfilling sexual love. 

The love, peace and good vibes of the sixties interpreted sexual satisfaction in the decadent form of uninhibited promiscuity which was and still is, justified by the irresponsible and exploitive lie : 'Anything goes as long as you're not hurting anybody, (and you're wearing a condom)'. This self deluding safe-sex mentality is doomed to failure because of the uncured sickness at the biological core of the individual - lack of orgasmic genital gratification from normal romantic male - female love-making. The fruits of our so called sexually liberated culture has failed to produce a generation of happy families. This tragic calamity, that rots the very heart of a nation, clarifies the obvious conclusion that sexual liberty is not synonymous to sexual satisfaction.

Let me say clearly then, that ejaculation is not the inevitable climax for the male. Ejaculation is not the highest pleasure of sex and ejaculation does not provide the male with orgasmic genital gratification. The sexual truths that serve to educate men and women, empowering them to partake freely of orgasmic genital gratification, are available to all who have the faith to taste it for themselves. Short-lived ejaculatory orgasm (male), is like chewing food and spitting it out, instead of swallowing; thereby foolishly wasting it's potential nourishment. By the same principle, arousing male orgasm energy and allowing it to immediately escape from the body during ejaculation, robs a man's biologic core of the healing ecstasy of orgasm energy.

As the concept of regular sex without continual loss of vital energy (ejaculation), is quite a revolutionary idea in the West, let us look a the advice given to the Yellow Emperor, when at first, He doubted the pleasures of sex without ejaculation :

Emperor Huang Ti : "It is generally supposed that a man derives great pleasure from ejaculation. But when he learns the Tao of Yin and Yang, (secrets of sexual ecstasy), he will emit less and less. Will not his pleasure also diminish"?
Peng Tsu, (One of the Yellow Emperor's senior Tao of Love advisors) : "Far from it! After ejaculation a man is tired, his eyes are heavy and he longs for sleep. He is thirsty, his body is sluggish and he feels weak. When he ejaculates, he experiences a brief spasm of sensation, but long hours of weariness as a result. And that is certainly not the true pleasure of sex. On the other hand, if he wisely regulates his emission of vital energy, (sperm), and knows how to love a woman, his bodily functions will be strengthened, his mind at ease and his inner vitality will be improved.  Although the man seems to have denied himself an ejaculatory experience at times, his pleasure and love for his woman is greatly increased. It is as if he could never have enough of her. And this is the true and - Classic Of The Plain Girl, lasting pleasure. Is it not"?

In today's society, there has been a recent trend to openly confess that there is a chronic lack of female orgasmic satisfaction in normal sexual love relationships. Surprisingly, or not, many women admit to only reaching orgasm when they masturbate, or sadly, by the popular use of crude and degrading sex aids and practices. This is a tragic reflection of modern man's barbaric state in relation to his evolution and true potential for sexual happiness.

When a man has become sexually educated in the Royal Art of ejaculation control and has acquired the ability to control and regulate his ejaculation frequency, (a skill that can be learn very quickly), he conserves his vital essence and safeguards his potency for reliable erectile power - a vital resource if he hopes to satisfy a woman with his penis. However, the sexual health benefits of ejaculation control are only one of the many precious jewels of this priceless treasure. The highly refined sexual culture of the ancient Chinese were well aware that ejaculation was not the most ecstatic pleasure for the male. Real sexual fulfillment lies not in feeling the life energy escaping out of you, (what the French call 'petite sort' - little death'), but in increasing awareness of the orgasm energy that flows through the body, and cultivating it for prolonged and fulfilling sexual ecstasy - Orgasmic Genital Gratification. Once a man learns this, he can quench a woman's formidable sexual appetite and discover the inexhaustible delights of prolonged sexual ecstasy with her. Indeed, the pleasure of sex beyond premature ejaculation leads to a far superior type of orgasm, where lovers share long periods of deeply satisfying orgasmic bliss.

Ejaculation control is a feat of muscular strength and skill. Retaining the genital orgasmic pressure until it fills the entire body, rather than allowing it to escape prematurely through mindless ejaculation. This not only provides both partners with orgasmic genital gratification, but reserves the vital sexual energies for life-long pleasure. Ejaculation control kills the disease of premature ejaculation, impotence and Anorgasmia, stone dead... finished... gone forever!

The joy of this kind of sexual love must be considered superior to ordinary short-lived ejaculatory orgasm. The lengthy exchanges of passionate thrusting, (1-2 hours), generate a sexual ecstasy that is so intense that it often leads to what feels like a spiritual awakening, simultaneously invigorated and tranquilized by the fusion of male and female orgasm energy. Apart from tranquilizing the emotions and restoring sexual confidence, a man who prevents loss of his vital sexual energy by controlling ejaculation can treat his precious lover to hours of erotic bliss. This life invigorating power of orgasmic genital gratification is the fundamental bond of human love.

"A man should cultivate the ability to delay his ejaculation until his love partner is fully satisfied... To be overwhelmed by feminine beauty and emit beyond one's vigour, injures the blood, nerves, organs and glands of the body and gives rise to every illness. If one loves a woman to orgasm, but does not emit semen, the life-force and vigour are in excess. The body recirculates the energy and all the senses are sharpened. Correct practice of sexual love, other than for procreation, can cure every ailment and at the same time, open the doors to liberation." — By Li Tung Hsuan, a seventh century physician and director of a medical school in Chang-an, the Imperial Capital.

The average man ejaculates after just 60 - 100 thrusts. A sexually educated man can give a Thousand Loving Thrusts! Ejaculation control empowers a man to reward his lover with long and erotic love—rides, inspiring her to as many 'earth moving' orgasms as she pleases.


It is easy to see that the initial excitement of falling in love dies down very quickly in nearly all sexual love relationships, rather like a man's penis after ejaculating. Ever since Cupid shot his first arrow, women have shared a sisterly outrage at the perplexing contrast in the way men treat them before and after sex. Women often complain that men view them like trophies and discard them unceremoniously when finished with. Many women have experienced that men are charming, considerate, romantic and loyal while in pursuit; then they change like Jekyll and Hyde, after 'they've got what they want'.

The cooling off from sexual attraction and affection is the common experience of couples who lose respect for each other, with a sex-life that has gone stale. There is much truth in the words of this famous old song : " In a restless world like this is, love is ended before its begun, and too many moonlight kisses seem to cool in the warmth of the sun ". In vain, lovers put faith in fashionable foreplay scenarios, that have become the normal interpretation of 'good sex'; thanks to the successful exploitation of the sex therapy industry. As a result of this, men and women are in the confused situation where on one hand, they are confident that they have 'sussed out' their sexual relationship; yet on the other hand, the facts of their sex-lives reflects only a greater awareness of their lack of real sexual fulfillment from intercourse.

No amount of pandering sex therapy can alter the fact that continually ejaculating before female orgasm, turns a woman off sex and her man. Her disappointment is increased when he neurotically protects his ego with reactionary chauvinism; finding excuses to treat her disrespectfully rather than romantically, as when he first wooed her. During this cycle of love and hate, he is draining his vital forces by repeatedly ejaculating every time he makes love, and even when he masturbates. This crippling sperm loss robs him of the bio—emotional energy that drives romantically motivated sexual love. The epitaph of their sexual misery is true for all lovers - ' The more he ejaculates, the less he loves her '. Chronic misuse of the man's sexual power denies both partners real orgasmic genital gratification - the penultimate catch 22 of the 'faulty way of loving'.

Men fail to gain orgasmic genital gratification from short-lived ejaculatory sex with women. Due to the unseen enemy of this sexual frustration, they often can't help behaving like chauvinistic 'bastards' or even perverts. Women, on the other hand, have from time immemorial, had to suffer the misery of a lousy sex-life and make do with wimps, wallies and bullying selfish bores for 'soul-mates'.  Though it nay not be natural, it is certainly understandable why some women end up as lesbian man-haters. It is sadly not uncommon for relationships to end in infidelity. Adultery is the cruellest of all death-blows to any relationship. So this is the heart of the matter, the truth that strikes at the biological core of every man and woman.

I receive many phone calls from broken-hearted men who are tortured by the living death that courts a man who has lost his loved-one. Although it may be true that the foul-mouthed lower-class macho-moron mentality is beyond saving; and that perhaps, the fashionably uncouth female single-parent breeder doesn't have a hope in hell of finding happiness in love; but many ordinary people who contact me, express a serious determination to sort out the grief of the bedroom fiasco we call love. Whatever the curse of our family background may be, the most excruciating pain that is common to all men is losing his 'darling' to a male rival. Men are bastards in that they prey upon other men's wives and girlfriends. Apart from the obvious atrocities like war, murder and rape; stealing another man's wife reflects a cruel disregard for the feelings of one's fellow man. The malaise of this almost universal disrespect is another sad reflection of mankind's lack of humanity.  Only a callous bastard could willingly and beguilingly inflict such pain upon another human being. And only a fool who has never loved before can say 'it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'.

For sure, some men are arrogant pigs and don't deserve the loyalty or even interest of a good woman. But there are many ordinary, decent people out there, who have suffered the agony of adultery and the shattering effect it has on the family. Adultery is a cancer to family life and can be blamed for the most part, upon lack of female satisfaction from love-making. Naturally, it goes without saying that women can be just as callous and irresponsible when it comes to infidelity.

The kind of bullying, inhuman advice that sex therapists and agony aunts dictate to these casualties of love, exposes a gross disregard and lack of sympathy for natural human instincts. The rhetoric of today vibrator-wielding therapists and sex counsellors is little more than a cosy sham that unashamedly reveals the politics of feminist vengeance. It is for this reason that I often have to reassure my clients that the are not insane. I do this by educating them to the fact that sex therapists are 'Alien beings from a dying planet'... (their purpose..... to make it their world!).

Equal rights for women, respect and the decent treatment of ladies are prerequisites for civilization. A cause that should be championed in our society, but not at the expense of common sense in a reactionary swing toward clitoral masturbation and neurotically motivated lesbianism. If men could satisfy their wives with their penis, whereby their marriage would be consummated, not by ejaculating, but by fulfilling sexual love, their women would be less susceptible to other male predators.... '

Long lasting, deeply fulfilling sex is essential for a long lasting, deeply fulfilling relationship.


It's a crying shame that working class youth seem to be suffering from the conditioned delusion that the more they shout out 'fuck', in public, the more they increase the credibility of their sexuality; the more they holla 'cunt', the more likely, they think, women will open their legs to them; the louder they bellow 'bollocks', the bigger their penis will grow; and when they yell 'wanker', the less they will be sexually frustrated.... Safe-sex education has done wonders for working class youth. So much so, that they can now approach young girls with flattering colloquialisms such as " put a condom on my cock, you "''fucking slag"!

However, thanks to a comprehensive schooling system, the cultural distinctions of working class and middle class have dissolved into a degenerate melting pot, where all are contaminated. It has produced a race of sexual pigmies. The inherent debasement of sexuality in family life appears to have become an intrinsic characteristic of working -class Britain, where our reputation for child-abuse has become so widespread that it is referred to by some Europeans, as the English vice! Apart from the evil plague of child-abuse, which exists in all classes of society, the young generation of working class parents use sexually abusive language as part of their every day manner of communication toward their children. No amount of 'equal opportunities' politics will compensate for this foul cancer of backward behaviour. It is for this reason that 'Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy' cannot be regarded as a hope or cure for many social ailments. Sadly.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint! I swear like a trooper - sometimes. But not in front of children, my parents or in public. It is not only a matter of manners, it's just that I feel there is no need to contaminate the next generation with my bad habits.

Thankfully, the fact that Britain is an Island has possibly saved us from more than the horror of rabies. Continental Europe is rabid with pornography and awash with legalized indecency. Amsterdam is Known as the mecca of the European drug trade, homosexuals and child abusers. In a kind of inverted irony, Holland is the only country ever (in modern history), to have run the Pope out of town. The sinister link between fascist cruelty and homosexual child abuse becomes perhaps even more apparent, when it is often well-healed European perverts that flock to Bangkok to hunt for cheap arseholes. Interestingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, rich American paedophiles come a close second in this gay currency exchange; where in Thailand, homosexual child abusers can have a good time doing unspeakable things to little boys (and girls), for only five Dollars. Life is so cheap in these God-forsaken hell-holes, that these obscene criminals can afford to wipe the blood off the:ir penises with the paper money of these poor countries. Since the flood of Burmese refugees running for their lives across the Thai borders; starving orphans and particularly young girls from destitute families, have only two choices. According to an eye-witness account: " The ordinary ones work in slave-labour sweat-shop factories, and the pretty ones are roped into prostitution. 'Brothers' act as pimps for their sisters as young as twelve years old. They approach 'Tourists' in the streets and say, 'Hey Mister, you good man. You want to fuck my sister ? She do anything for you, give you good time. Only five Dollars, very cheap'."

It is a pity therefore, that there were not Twelve Commandments. 'Honour thy children' and 'Honour thy neighbours children'.


The nature of orgasmic genital gratification is that the body and emotions are simultaneously invigorated and tranquilized, by the absorb-tion of life rejuvenating orgasm energy. This has profound significance if we are to understand the biological core of drug abuse. The people's favourite drugs - (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin,, LSD, Ecstasy, etc.), have one effect in common. These drugs contain substances that both invigorate and tranquilize. My deduction is that there is a relationship between drug dependence and lack of orgasmic genital gratification. The effect of O.G.G. feels similar to the characteristic effects of these drugs; except without the hangover, negative personality change and harmful exhaustion of vital energy.

Substituting drugs for O.G.G. and relying on them for dutch courage in the bedroom in the hope of improving performance; or using drugs for anaesthetizing the conscience to obscene acts of perversion; are the real issues that create the shackles of addiction. Lack of sexual satisfaction, coupled with loss of face and a declining sex drive, emotional emptiness, biological ruin, unquenchable craving for sexual contact; this is the stage of love on which all men play their tragic parts. Add to this nightmare scenario a generous dose of alcohol or drug dependence and what have we got cooking? At best infidelity and promiscuity, at worst, perversion or even child abuse... And not unusually, homosexuality.  Never mind the 'Naked Lunch', this is the Naked Truth. Food for thought maybe, but not a very gay outlook for such a queer conclusion!

If we are to contribute to a cure for drug abuse and sex abuse, we must first teach men (and women) how to fill their bellies with Orgasmic Genital Gratification - in normal romantic sexual love relationships. It is not only an army that marches on it's stomach. Man's evolutionary march toward civilization must include a sane and healthy love—life. A highly human appetite that can be fulfilled when he surrenders to what is natural. The most effective and potent healing balm for neurosis biopathological anti-social behaviour, sexual deviancy, drug addiction, abuse and lack of respect between the sexes; is Orgasmic Genital Gratification. Ejaculation control for fulfilling sexual love is the only known antidote to this chronic holocaust of sexual suffering.

As for Rock 'n Roll 'Heroes' who prance and preen on the world stage, flaunting their immoral fantasies like a lad insane; no amount of cocky posing will justify the fact that these drug-ridden cottage queens are emulated by misguided youth. The youth in their turn, are abused by heinous men who prey upon vulnerable, sexually frustrated young boys (and girls). In the decadent world of celebrities, many young men (and women), in their utter confusion, seek to climb the ladder to the stars via the back door. Or should we say back passage? Drugs are the essential tool that whips up the fascist frenzy of pop idols, who wield their aids infested axes in the direction of a lost and jagged youth. As for AIDS - the acid test for these 'Johnny do-gooders' is usually in their own hands....."Roll a condom Over your penis Beethoven".

Meanwhile, political plonkers, recognizing the profitable votes of this socially accepted cess-pit, vie for 'leadership' (authority and power), by seeking a Mandate to promote this injurious filth, by reducing the legal age of consent for homosexuality. No vender some politicians, and the celebrities that 'Heil' them, are often ridiculed and condemned to the status of the clinically insane. In 'ay view, applauding these atrophied promoters of obscenity is like greeting one's fellow man with a Judas kiss... Need I say, MORE ! ?

The puritan preaches morality,
The libertine his creed.
But both need listeners predisposed,
If they're going to succeed...

... Wanton bawds talk much of chastity
And gain thereby a false celebrity.
Others there are, of snow-white purity,
Who're only roused by rare depravity ",

- The Carnal Prayer Mat.


Romeo was a lucky guy. His Italian father owned a successful wine importing business in London and was generous toward his son with financial support; as any decent parent would be, who could afford it. But this wasn't the only reason why Romeo was lucky. He was tall, dark and handsome. He had a fine selection of Italian clothes and the cash and car to go with it. He wasn't a spoilt slouch by any means. He studied hard at college and was loyal and conscientious to his family.

Romeo's participation in his father's business enabled him to socialize among the 'good life' circles at regular wine-tasting events. This proved to be a marvelous opportunity to meet women. He had no problems finding a woman, he just couldn't keep one! Searching high and low for the answer to this dilemma, he remained a prisoner of love.

Anyway, Romeo was a lucky guy because he saw this advert : Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy. Ejaculation Control, the Key to Female Orgasm. I received a phone call from this lad of love. This is what he told me :

R : " I have no problem starting a relationship with a woman. But they all end pretty soon after we've made love a few times ".

You see, the problem for Romeo is that in the world of beautiful daughters with rich parents, good-looking men who are lousy in bed, are two for a penny. I asked Romeo how he coped with this situation :

R : " I find it hurts my feelings and I'm confused why women go cold so quickly. I thought it might be because I went for young beautiful women. Perhaps they're just as fickle and selfish as men can be. So I thought I'd try older women. There was some improvement, they were certainly more demonstrative and exciting. You could tell they were experienced and liked sex. But it all ends in the same way, they lose interest very quickly and I feel like a fish thrown back :into the sea, I've had many girlfriends and I would like to keep one forever. Please tell me David, what does it take for a woman to fall in love and stay in love with a man "?

D : " Good question Romeo. I'll send you my Manual ".

Three weeks later, the phone rings and it's our Romeo.

" Hi! David, Boun Giorno ".
" Ah, Boun Giorno Romeo - how are you "?
" Fantastico, just unbelievable David ".
" Why, what's happened Romeo "?
" I have found a lovely woman a few weeks ago and we made love for the first time this weekend ".
" Well, what do you think of the Manual "?
" It blew my mind, forty five minutes David ".
" What ? You read the Manual in forty five minutes ".
" No, we made love for forty five minutes ".
" So ejaculation control worked for you. Did you find it easy or difficult "?
" It was easy David. It's a very natural and practical technique.

I just did what you explain in your Manual and it worked, it's incredible ".

D : " Did she notice you doing the locking method "?
R : " No David, that's what's so brilliant. As you say in the Manual, it doesn't intrude on the romantic nature of love-making. But she did ask how I managed to last so long ".
D : " Great! What was her reaction " ?
R : " She loved it. She got really carried away. Like er, really erotic, know what I mean " ?
D : " Yes, I know what you mean Romeo. What did she say to you after making love "?
R : " She said she had never imagined that sex could be so wonderful and that she had never experienced this kind of sexual ecstasy before, with any other man. - It's a miracle David, I feel like a God. This art really turns an ignorant brute into a gentleman of the bedroom ".
D : " Yes, I know, I'm glad your young lady was pleased ".
R : " Pleased! She said - will you make love to me like that for the rest of my life "?
D : " Ha ha ha, what did you say "?
R : " I said I would try ".
D : " Did you love her to orgasm "?
R : " That's what's so incredible David. She said it felt like one long orgasm. Every thrust brought her a wave of ecstasy. It was as if she couldn't get enough. You were right, it takes about twenty minutes to make a woman orgasm, even with a little foreplay ".
D : " Did you make love again in the morning "?
R : " Yes, another long one. Mama mia! - just amazing ".
D : " What did she say to you after that one "?
R : " She said - will you marry me "?

Peels of laughter on both ends of the phone!


If we look into Chinese Medical History, we find evidence of a highly evolved sexual culture that prevailed at certain times. Oriental Sexologists (often women), who advised the ancient Emperors of China, had no concept of female orgastic disfunction. They wisely concluded that lack of female orgasm was a reflection only on a man's "faulty way of loving" ie. his inability to control ejaculation. Unique to the Chinese 'Bedroom Arts' is the fundamental skill of controlling ejaculation to prolong the act of love. This natural and simple to do muscular technique empowers a man to 'keep up' with the woman as she enters higher and higher states of arousal, bringing her naturally to orgasm.

A man who learns ejaculation control can make love for as long and as often as he and his partner pleases. Armed with this potent Love-Knowledge, he enters the Battle of the Sexes with a healthy confidence in his sexual skills, whereby his male psyche is cured of sexually related neurosis. He is free from the common sexual maladies that sabotage nearly all sexual love relationships. A woman, fortunate to be loved by a man who has learned this Art, is no longer repressed by the fear of humiliating him with her natural sexual appetite for lengthy bouts of passionate thrusting - Orgasmic Genital Gratification. Only in such a liberating love relationship is she free to unveil her true sexual nature and say "goodbye" forever - to faking orgasm.

Female Orgasm, the glistening jewel of sexual love is a trophy that cannot be won by looking through a microscope, nor by postulating speculative foreplay jargon. The simple truth is - Sexual Love is not a Science ... it is an Art.



Sexual Chi Gung - (Chi means Vital Energy, Gung means skill gained through knowledge and practice), is little known in the West; although it comes from the same source as Acupuncture and Tai Chi Chuan, which have become increasingly popular and are of Taoist origin. Tao is not a religion or a ritualistic moral code. Tao, or more correctly ... Tao Te Ching, is a natural science which studies the transformation of energy in nature and the universal laws that govern it. It can be translated as 'The Way of Nature and the nature of It's Power'.

According to medical texts from the Chinese Imperial Archives, women played a significant role in Taoist sexual practices. Around 2,000 B.C., the Illustrious Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, was surrounded by female Tao of Love consultants. Great importance was placed on a man's ability to satiate a woman's natural sexual appetite.  In particular he received instruction from the 'Plain Girl' (Su Nu), which was designed to conserve male sexual potency (erectile power) and culminated in the ability to sustain his sexual energy (control ejaculation), through long hours of love-making. Whereas the Imperial Guard were expected to perform as gladiators on the battlefield, the Emperor's duty was to perform as a 'Gladiator' in the bedroom. He was also taught the Bedroom Arts to prevent impotence and illness and prolong life. Improperly educated Monarchs were exhausted at an early age by the sexual demands of their wives and many concubines. However, the knowledge remained a jealously guarded secret for centuries, and was taught only to the Emperors and their innermost circles.

The ancient Taoist sexologists were not superstitious fools. They were free from the burdens of artificial rules and concepts, for the Tao of Love is a sexual science governed only by the laws of nature. They based their practices upon factual observations of the natural functions of human biological and psychological structure. These Taoists were the pioneering scholars of scientific discovery and invention in ancient Chinese civilization. They recognized profound significance in the Purpose of Sexual Love and prescribed Ejacjulation Control as the essential skill necessary for long lasting penetrative sex, leading to proper female orgasm; a fundamental requirement for Fulfilling Sexual Love.

Due to their correct understanding of the Function of the sexual organs, the Nature of sexual energy and the Purpose of sexual love; the wise men and women of the Orient successfully vanished the sexual maladies so common in our own society - Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence and Lack of Female Orgasm during penetrative sex. Oriental Sexology provides a simple and effective cure to these chronic sexual diseases... A medically sound solution which has eluded Western sexologists ever since Freud threw up his hands in despair and pleaded -"What do women want"?


The Taoists Sexologists who advised the Emperors of China were well aware that sexual satisfaction for both partners was a fundamental requirement for harmony in society. They regarded female orgasm during intercourse as essential and therefore, developed and perfected the Bedroom Arts to control ejaculation and prolong the act of love in order to satisfy the woman's higher sexual nature. Women were referred to as the 'Tiger' in Taoist bedroom terminology, out of respect for their formidable sexual prowess. A woman overwhelms an unskilled lover with the power of her own erotic responses during lovemaking, causing him to ejaculate before she has reached orgasm. The Chinese 'Way of Love teaches that the 'Balance of Power' in the Battle of the Sexes can be harmonized if a man learns to control his own volatile responses. The man's ability to "Ride the Tiger" with a skilful display of various thrusting sorties in the act of prolonged sexual joy, was charmingly expressed in the ancient Sex Manuals as - "A Thousand Loving Thrusts".

Oriental Sexologists had no illusions as to who held the power in the bedroom. They recognized that men are sexually weaker than women, they lose more energy through sex than women and they are more prone to be sexually insecure. A woman may receive a man sexually for as long as she pleases, whereas a man's performance is limited to his ability to maintain his erection, usually until he ejaculates. This sexual imbalance between men and women has far reaching consequences, not only sexually, but also emotionally and socially. The secret fear of failing to sexually satisfy a woman is the hidden curse of man and leads to his ultimate downfall. Man's sexual insecurity is one of the deepest roots of his chauvinistic, macho and sometimes even perverse behaviour. To redress this sexual imbalance could establish a sound base for a more harmonious society.

Sexual Chi Gung does not profess to be a cure for all social ailments. It is only concerned with the nature of sexual energy and cultivating it for health and happiness in the Art of Sexual Love. By becoming aware of the natural inner energy of the body and learning how to retain and nourish it, one increases sexual vitality, physical strength and mental and emotional stability. Centering one's attention on the Life-Force (orgasm energy) within one's own body, rather than surrendering to the dictates of any Guru of religious, political or medical authority.

Unlike our own sexual culture, Oriental Sexologists were not confused over the issue of sexual love for procreation or for health and pleasure. Free from a neurotic misconception of the function and purpose of sexual love, they had the clarity to realize that premature ejaculation is the root cause of lack of female orgasm. They also believed that undisciplined ejaculation in every act of sexual love results in a conditioned premature ejaculation reflex, erectile dysfunction, impotence and on a bio—emotional level — loss of love and desire.


There are Three Precious Treasures to the Taoist Way of Loving. The first is Ejaculation Control, the second is Female Satisfaction and the third is Regulating Ejaculation. Oriental Sexologists laid great emphasis on 'regulating emissions' because they were aware that male semen was one of the vital essences (Life-Force) of the body and therefore, it must not be squandered in an uncontrolled manner. Master Sun Ssu-Mo, a prominent physician of the Tang Dynasty (AC 618-906), gives us this advise in his medical treatise, 'Priceless Recipes' : "When a man squanders his semen, he will be sick and if he carelessly exhausts his semen he will die before his time. And for a man this is the most important point to remember".

It may occur to some if preserving the sexual essence is so important, why not simply limit intercourse to procreative purposes? Apart from the fact that this solution is not acceptable or natural to normally sexed men and women, it also misses the point entirely. To see how important love-making was to the Taoist medical physicians, we have only to look at some of the ancient Classics. Dating from the third and fourth centuries B.C., we find texts such as 'The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine' (Huang Ti Nei Ching), and the invaluable 'Classic of the Plain Girl' (Su Nu Ching), which is a collection of instructions given to the Yellow Emperor by his chief female sexual advisor - Su Nu :

Emperor Huang Ti : "I am weary and in disharmony. I am sad and apprehensive, What shall I do about this"? Su Nu : "All debility of man must be attributed to the faulty ways of loving. Woman is stronger in sex and constitution than man, as water is stronger than fire. Those who know the Tao of Love are like good cooks who know how to blend the five flavours into a tasty dish. And those who know the Tao of Love and harmonize the Yin (female) and Yang (male) sexual energy are able to blend the five joys into a heavenly pleasure. Those who do not know the Tao of Love will die before their time, without even really having enjoyed the true pleasure of loving... Is this not what Your Majesty should be looking into"?

In Western modern parlance, we might say that a man who uncontrollably ejaculates every time he makes love with a woman, is like a gormless brute; ignorant of his own sexual nature and totally incapable of appreciating the true nature of woman's sexuality.


The advanced level of 'Dual Cultivation of Orgasm Energy', teaches the techniques of circulating the orgasm energy around the meridians that orbit the body, to achieve Total Body Orgasm - (referred to in the Chinese Classics as 'Valley Orgasm' or 'Body and Soul Orgasm'). As this potent Healing Energy pervades the vital organs, their hormonal secretions are nourished and stimulated and the biological functions are greatly invigorated. When sexual energy is conserved and transformed, lovers can enjoy a superior and enduring sex-life, improved health and deep inner balance. Lovers who perfect this Royal Art can experience the bliss of sexual ecstasy. Through the harmonious exchange of their essential life-force - female (Yin) and male (Yang) sexual energies, they can experience the ultimate 'Transcendental Orgasm' -marriage of female and male spirit — Union of Yin and Yang. A bio-cosmic interpolation of female and male orgasm energy.

On the emotional level, lovers who practice this enlightened form of love-making can benefit more fully from the lengthy exchanges of erotic bliss. As a result of this fulfilling sexual love they can achieve peace of mind and tranquillity in their personal lives. Cultivating orgasm energy for health and happiness conforms to a fundamental psychological premise :- Orgasmic genital gratification provides the biological stability essential to the emotional health of the individual and for the well-being of society. This 'Sexual Happiness' was known to the ancient Chinese as the 'Harmony of Yin and Yang'.

The Taoist principle of Yin-Yang (female-male, negative-positive, etc.), is that these two opposing elements co-exist in all things. Sexual relationships between men and women are regarded as the ultimate physical manifestation of this principle; an indispensable and natural part of human life. In the 'Classic of the Plain Girl', we find the following advise:

"For the man to cultivate his male power he must nourish his Yang essence (male orgasm energy) by absorbing Yin essence (female orgasm energy).  When men and women indulge freely in sex, exchanging their vital energy and breathing each other's breath, it is like fire and water meeting in such perfect proportions that neither one defeats the other. Man and woman should ebb and flow like the waves and currents of the sea. First one way then the other, but always in harmony with the Great Tide (female orgasm). In this manner they may continue all night long, constantly nourishing : and preserving their precious vital essence, curing all ailments and promoting long life. Without this basic harmony of Yin and Yang neither medicines refined from the five minerals, nor the most potent aphrodisiacs will be of any use. If the vital essences are dried up due to continual emissions or neglecting the Tao of Love, they can never be revived".


Taoist terminology may seem unfamiliarly puzzling. It is a form of language that derives its principle symbols from nature. In the West we call this form of expression 'imagery' or 'metaphor'. However, to the oriental mind, it is more a matter of 'synchronicity', ie. the intrinsic relativity of man and nature. Decoding the esoteric literature, poetry and art of Taoist adepts, provides a key to understanding the secret alchemy of sexual ecstasy.


" - to blend the five flavours into a tasty dish" - Cultivating sexual energy for life-rejuvenating body orgasm, ie. arousing the orgasm energy inherent in the reproductive capacity of the five major organs and glands. Oriental sexological physicians taught that the entire human biological structure is the source and root of orgasm energy -not just the clitoris and penis, as believed in western sexual theory.

" - to harmonize the male and female sexual energies and blend the five joys into a heavenly pleasure" - refers to the sexual alchemy of Organs and Glands Orgasm - Valley Orgasm.

" - to ebb and flow like the waves and currents of the sea" - means 10 vary the intensity of love-making appropriately, in response to the rising ecstasies of orgasm energy in both lovers. This 'orgasmic-rapport' is commandeered by the man's tactile use of his 'love—weapon" in harmony with the woman's sexual responses.

" — like fire and water meeting in perfect proportion" — is to patiently bring the woman to orgasm — 'Great Tide', without her female energy (water) overcoming the male energy (fire). The man's 'fire' brings the woman's 'water' to boiling point and by skilfully loving he 'simmers' her orgasm. As he lovingly 'cooks' her orgasm, their bodies are filled with sexual ecstasy which spills over to the very core of their being - Body and Soul Orgasm.

The Taoist view of Sexual Power is that Orgasm Energy is the source of nature's reproductive capacity ie. Orgasm Energy is the Life-Force. In this context 'The Joy of Sex' carries a weightier meaning.

Ride Tiger - Return To Mountain.

The heroic significance of this laconic platitude is pregnant with meaning. Elucidation as to its meaning illustrates a profound yet perceptively simple observation of Human Sexuality.

Ride Tiger : 'Taming' the primal sexual nature of a woman with ecstatic love-rides of a "Thousand Loving Thrusts".

Return To Mountain : The Mountain is a classic Chinese ideogram and symbolizes clarity and contemplation. It also signifies 'a long way'.  The image of the Mountain represents the tranquillity, power and superior vantage point of Nature above the World.

Return to Mountain - literally, "to return to health and Innocence" ie. to annihilate through sexual happiness, all worldly neurosis, unveiling the joy of human existence in its natural uncorrupted state. Thus Ride-Tiger - Return To Mountain implies that Man's spiritual salvation is rooted in sexual happiness. To awaken this Healing Love in man and woman is to discover the creative life-force behind our bio-spiritual evolution.


A Taoist physician of the 3rd Century B.C., Ko Tze, wrote in his manual "Food and Sex are life's most natural appetites". The Chinese Cooking Arts have been enjoyed in the West for nearly 500 years. In Cities and Towns all over the world, it is easy to find a Chinese Restaurant. Unfortunately, the Bedroom Arts have not attained such acceptance or notoriety in our culture. Due to the prudery and prejudice of religious and political dictatorships which held Europe in their grasp since the emergence of the Holy Roman Empire; the Chinese Bedroom Arts, perhaps their most valuable contribution to human civilization; have been ignored or rejected out of hand.

The Taoist scholars of antiquity carefully studied the sexual, as well as the cooking arts. Their research into these natural appetites, in particular the human truths of sexual nature, were candidly recorded in illustrated manuals and books, and even art and poetry, which were , often couched in Taoist esoteric terminology. However, the ancient Sex Manuals were practical and frankly written guides for couples seeking sexual fulfillment, health and happiness. They were known as 'Pillow Books' because they were kept by the pillow for easy reference.

The Priceless Classics of Oriental Sexology focus as much on the biological and emotional aspects, as they do upon the sexual skills fundamental to sexual satisfaction. For those who have 'eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to perceive', it can be discovered from these manuals that the first step is for the male to learn to control ejaculation for longer lasting sex, thus heightening the pleasure of both partners. Female Orgasm? — Absolutely! Some of the more valuable manuals taught that when this elementary skill is practiced, the next level is for the woman to convert (restore) short-lived outward flowing, clitorally orientated orgasm, into long lasting, inward flowing Body Orgasm-(Valley Orgasm, Organs and Glands Orgasm). The highest level of this Art requires that the man achieve the same, inward flowing Body Orgasm, (without ejaculating), thus opening the way for a connection of the opposite polarities of their male and female orgasm energy. Dual Cultivation of the Life-Force.

The cosmic interpolation of male and female orgasm energy creates two universal phenomenon - Balance and Flux - Stillness and Motion. The volatile energy of male orgasm is harmonized by the ecstatic fission of female orgasm energy. The unfathomable potency of female orgasm is then ignited by the harmonized male energy, and an explosive fusion of orgasmic ecstasy circulates the lovers' bodies, '-"his 'communion' of the Life-Force circulating their bodies, spiritualizes their consciousness -a Revelation of the Source of Life. A down to earth explanation of this enlightened form of love-making, is to say that: this 'Way', "a man attains Peace and a woman finds Deep Fulfillment". Psychologically speaking, this means Sexual Happiness.

Some Pillow Books were Works of Art, while others were Masterpieces of Metaphysical Sexology. In the secretive texts of recluse Taoist Adepts, we find references to sexual alchemy which values orgasm energy as the 'Secret Elixir of Life'. These ancient sexual gladiators were not merely formidable lovers, but sought also in the act of love the 'Way of Immortality', not to be confused with the Western concept of 'not dying' . To the Chinese mind Immortality is 'the natural form of the Spirit'.

" The man directs his vital energy (orgasm) to return and prevents any loss of semen. He absorbs the vital essence from the woman's Prescious Gate (vagina), while above, he drinks her saliva. This special practice is known as 'Completing Nature'. It endows a person with good health and long life ". - Da Lo Fu

" He embraced his dearest lovingly, and she guided his Jade Peak (penis] into her moist Lotus Flower (vagina). With patient skill, he aroused her full passion, while carefully guarding his precious essence. To and fro they played the lute strings of love. As the full richness of their delight was realized, they paused to contemplate the depth of their love; absorbing and exchanging each other's treasure (orgasm energy). Then again, they plunge once more into the Heavenly Pool of ecstasy. In this way, they shared a feast of sexual love that no ordinary husband and wife could know. This is how man and woman become One with the Eternal Life-Force - by absorbing each other, selflessly. These practices are Sacred Gifts for Man's spiritual evolvement and they should not be abused. Misuse of Sexual Power will drag you into the pit of sickness and confusion. Humans should take care to act correctly in the potent practice of sexual intercourse ". - Li Yin's discourse to Chi Jen-Yi.

'The Carnal Prayer Mat', a seventeenth century Classic by the celebrated literary genius - Li Yu, is one of China's most beautifully written works of Art. The Novel tells a charming story where Jade Scent, one of the leading female players in this bedroom adventure, expresses her amazement at the knowledge she finds in some secret Pillow Books. The books that she discovered were called 'The Unofficial History of the Embroidered Couch' and 'The Life of the Lord of Perfect Satisfaction'. The following is an excerpt from this humorously enlightening Novel :

' She noticed that these books invariably praised penises as either extremely large or exceptionally long. Using demeaning expressions such as 'a head the size of a snail', 'the body like a skinned rabbit', and 'strong enough to support a peck of grain without bending", to describe small weak penises. She also noticed that men's thrusts were numbered in the thousands and tens of thousands, rather than in the dozens and hundreds. " I simply don't believe there is any man as strong as that between Heaven and Earth, or anyone with so impressive an instrument either ", she reflected, " my husband's is less than five inches long and two fingers thick, and cannot last more than a couple of hundred strokes before ejaculating. He has never reaches a thousand" He told me himself that he was without equal among men, so surely there cannot be anyone Dozens of times stronger than he is! As the old saying goes, 'Better to have no books at all than believe everything you read'. These absurdities must have been concocted by the authors! such marvels dont exist ".

Later, Jade Scent was able to explore the validity of these sex Manuals, during a sexual encounter with the 'Hero' of this story.

' Wanting to put his priceless treasure to the test, she was constantly on the watch for it to swell and heat up and was thus far more aware of it's size and temperature than another woman would have been'. - 'His instrument, far from being insignificant, was at Least 'serviceable', and she relaxed somewhat. Then, when she noted that his technique was that of a Master and that he varied his pace like a man of experience, she relaxed completely. - As he worked, it did swell and heat up, like some enormous Mr Horn filled with boiling water and jammed inside her. Even if he had not moved at all, simply left it there, she would have felt pleasure, but how infinitely more pleasurable it was with his manly, agile movement! At last she realized that the account she had read in the Manuals, was not hyperbole and that the term 'Priceless Treasure' was a fitting sobriquet for it. She said to herself with deep satisfaction, "Obviously, he is a Hero of the Boudoir, a Champion of Sex, What else is there to say "?'— Excerpts from Patrick Hannan's translation of 'The Carnal Prayer Mat'


Transcendental Orgasm or Orgasm of Body and Soul, was wisely respected as a natural way to Mankind's enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Their understanding of the higher purpose of sexual love, reflects the profound genius of the Tab of Love Masters who wrote the ancient Sex Manuals. Taoist sexologists who were often highly accomplished martial artists, poets, painters and medical physicians, devoted generations of astute study and diligent practice researching this higher aspect of sexual nature for human health and happiness. At a time when their society was happily free of sexual neurosis and repression, these wise men and women were able to assiduously analyze the natural science of sexual relations between men and women - with open eyes and open minds.

In his book, 'Sexual Life in Ancient China', the eminent European scholar R.H. Van Gulik, noted the distinctive and natural approach of the ancient Chinese to love and sex : "It was probably this mental attitude, considering the sexual act as part of the order of nature... it was never associated with feelings of sin or moral guilt; together with the nearly total lack of sexual repression, that caused ancient Chinese sex life to be, on the whole, a healthy one. Remarkably free from the pathological abnormalities and aberration found in so many other great ancient cultures.... The Taoist sexological theories have throughout the ages formed the fundamental principle of Chinese sexual relations, so the curious conclusion is that for more than two thousand years coitus reservatus (his term for ejaculation control), must have been widely practiced in China without apparently affecting adversely the progenitor or the general health of the race."

The Chinese invention of printing eventually led to the copying and circulation of these sacred texts, which became readily available in society. Though they may be rare today, Pillow Books once formed a traditional part of every Bride and Grooms' wedding trousseau. Even among ordinary households, the bedroom skills of the sexually educated male were highly esteemed and considered among women as a mark of refinement. A husband who knew the Tao of Love was a higher prize than one who was merely good—looking.

In the following poem by the Han Dynasty poet, Cheng Heng (AD.78-139), we have a glimpse of traditional Chinese sex life and the special role of Pillow Books: -

"I have swept clean the pillow and bed mat,
And have prepared the burner with rare incense.
Let us now lock the double door with its golden lock,
And light the lamp to fill our room with its brilliance.
I shed my robe and remove my paint and powder,
And roll out the picture scroll by the pillow,
The Plain Girl I shall take as my instructress,
So that we may practice all the various postures.
Those that an ordinary husband has but rarely seen,
Such as taught by Tien Lao to the Yellow Emperor.
No joy shall equal the delights of this first night,
This shall never be forgotten, how ever old we nay grow."

Since the 'flood of the red tide' in 1949, Mao Tse Tung's communist rule in Beijing violently and fundamentally reconstitutionalized the Chinese sexual mentality; and tragically resurrected the 'Beast' of sexual suffering. Ironically, the current communist regime in China has all but destroyed knowledge of the Taoist bedroom Arts, by forbidding the circulation of Pillow Books. The highly practical, no-nonsense Sex Manuals such as the 'Classic of the Plain Girl', which were part of every married couples bedroom, have been replaced by an officially sanctioned booklet, sedatively entitled 'Information on Sex'. It contains puerile dictatorial propaganda such as: "People should not; commence intercourse until the age of 25. After marriage, couples may indulge in intercourse once or twice a week for the first few months. Later, as familiarity and age increase, sexual desire declines and one should have intercourse no more than 2 or 3 tines per month. The best remedy for suppressing sexual desire is abstinence and correct political thinking".! These sexually repressive doctrines have not been without serious consequences. Sexual discord between me: and women has led to problems of marital violence, frigidity, impotence, homosexuality and other disturbing social phenomena, which were rarely heard of in China prior to 1949.

At the dawn of human civilization, the Yellow Emperor of China inaugurated the Genesis of the Tao of Love and practiced its secrets under the auspicious guidance of his sage Taoist advisors. The inspired 'Initiates' of Oriental Sexology who first discovered the Key to man's bio-spiritual evolution and unlocked the secrets of sexual ecstasy, would no doubt clasp their hands in anguish and shake their heads in sadness and bewilderment to see their descendants wandering so far from the Way.


In the anticipation of readers from many different social backgrounds and interests, I have separated the ancient scripts from the main text of the Manual. Hopefully this will enable the discerning reader to discover the highly educational potential of this 'priceless knowledge' and acquire a taste for what is to come.

Following this introduction to the medically sound teachings of the Taoist physicians, is a straight forward explanation of the essential practice of ejaculation control - referred to in the 'Classics' as the 'Locking Method'. True Taoist (Chi Gung) methods are not complicated. If only a gifted genius can do it, then it would be of no great value. The 'natural simplicity' of the secrets of sexual ecstasy, (Tao of love), is itself the real secret. The purpose of this Manual is to reveal the key to fulfilling sexual love in a way that the ordinary citizen can understand and gain practical benefit from; without necessarily having prior knowledge of the ancient science of China - Tao.

For the sake of clarity, I have organized the various aspects of this Bedroom Art into a logical sequence of information. This section first examines the origins of Oriental sexual skills, as practiced by the ancient Emperors of China. Consequently, considerable reference is made to the 'Doctrines of Illumination', as were recorded by the old Masters.

In the by-gone era of Eastern antiquity, long before the government of Confucius and the idolatry of Buddhism swept throughout China, a very old 'way' of relating to the phenomena of life and nature prevailed among certain benefactors of primitive society. Originally, these wise men and women had no formal name or religion. Today we call them Taoist because they attempted to co-ordinate the form of their behaviour, in harmony with what they called 'the way of Tao'- (Nature, Life-force). Of course, this ancient mentality is rich with outstanding genius and far-reaching perceptions into the 'meaning of life', etc. But it is no' my intention to give an expose on Tao. It is only due to the historical Taoist origins of the Art, that certain esoteric terms of expression are unavoidable in the following chapter.

" The Art of the bedroom constitutes the climax of human emotions and encompasses the totality of Tao. Therefore, the ancient sages disciplined their external pleasures, in order to control their inner passions. They established detailed rules governing sexual intercourse. If a man cultivates his sexual potency, he will feel at peace and attain longevity. But if a man abandons himself to sexual pleasure without regard for the rules set forth in the ancient texts, he will soon fall ill and gravely injure his life ". - A Commentary from Pien Chang's 'Dynastic History' of the Later Han Period.


According to historical records, the historian Tzu-Ma Chien documented that the Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, lived to be 111 years old. His five successors lived to an average age of 102. No doubt this was due in part, to good diet, fresh air and meditative and martial training But in ancient China, the correct way of love-making was also strongly linked to good health.

" There is no medicine or food, and no spiritual salvation that can prolong a man's life, if he fails to understand end practice the harmony of sexual energy " - Peng Tze, physician to the Yellow Emperor.

Without exception, the Tao of Love Masters stressed that ejaculation control is the single, most important factor in maintaining good health and longevity. The principle of ejaculation control consists of two unique practices. Firstly, it is an essential requirement for long lasting, deeply fulfilling sex - (orgasmic genital gratification); thus satisfying the biological and emotional needs of both partners in a sexual love relationship. Secondly, regular love-making with infrequent emission of vital energy (sperm), safeguards and nourishes the sexual potency (erectile power) and overall mental and physical health of the male. Women are not prone to the debilitating effect of continual sperm-loss, but they do however, need complete orgasmic satisfaction from a sexual love relationship in order to establish psychological and physiological well-being.

The medical effects of practicing ejaculation control were referred to by Su Nu, one of the Yellow Emperor's chief female Tao of Love advisors :

" Heaven and earth have their opening and closing, Yin and Yang have their activities and changes. We human beings must not do things against nature. When Yin and Yang are not in communion, they can no longer compensate and harmonize each other. We breath so that we can exchange old and used air for fresh air. When the Jade Stem (penis) is not active it will atrophy. That is why it must be regularly exercised. If one can make love and yet knows how to control and regulate one's emissions, one can benefit greatly from this, and that is what we call the return of the Ching (sexual energy). The return of the Ching is beneficial to man's health ". - Su Nu Ching.

Su Nu, sometimes referred to as the 'Plain Girl' (plain talking), had many occasions to 'instruct' the Emperor in the 'ways of the gentleman of the bedroom'. In an interesting dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and Su Nu, he asked her to explain the harmony of Yin-Yang: 

Emperor Huang Ti : "In Yin—Yang communion (intercourse), a correct proportion is vital. I should like to hear about it ".
Su Nu : " When a couple practice the Tao of Love correctly, the male will remain healthy and youthful and the female will avoid a hundred diseases. Both will enjoy it thoroughly and at the same time increase their physical strength. But if they do not know how to practice it correctly, then love-making can be harmful to their health. In order to receive full benefit from the Tao of Love, the couple must first learn how to breath long and deeply, so they will be relaxed. They must have a sense of security so that their hearts will be tranquil. They must achieve an accord of their wills so that there will be no conflicts. When they have succeeded in all three essentials, the joy of the Tao of Love (orgasm energy), will be completely at their service. They must also pay attention to practical matters, such as temperature, so it is neither too cold or too warm, to their stomachs so that they are neither too full or too empty. Also, they must take the act easy so that they thrust neither too fast nor too deeply. A good guide line is when the female is completely satisfied and the male is not yet exhausted ".

Wise men and women of the Orient have from time immemorial sought means of cultivating the secret elixir (orgasm energy) of the body. Without exception, they realized the healing power of the sexual act. Cultivation of this elixir, which Westerners might call recycling orgasmically charged hormonal secretions, requires a technique or 'way' that prevents loss of sexual energy (sperm) during the act of love. Thereby allowing both lovers to enter higher states of sexual ecstasy without injuring the life-force of the body.


How did the old Masters manage to stay sexually healthy and physically vigorous well into their 80's and 90's, when, most people would expect to be feeble, bed-ridden or even dead ? In the 'Classic of the Plain Girl', the celebrated sexual consultant, Su Nu, is recorded to have instructed the Yellow Emperor on this question :

Emperor Huang Ti : " Men of great antiquity lived nearly 200 years. Men of middle antiquity lived up to 120 years, but in our time, men often die before they reach the age of 60. Even among the youthful, so few are relaxed and at peace with themselves and are suffering from diseases. What do you think is the reason for this "?
Su Nu : " The reason men often die young today is that they do not know the secret of the Tao of Love. They are immature and lustful and they ejaculate their Ching (sperm) indiscriminately when they make love. This is like cutting off the roots and fountain of their life-force... How can they expect to live long "?

Modern sexual theory has not understood the nature of orgasm energy and failed to discover a way to recycle this healing life-force to the body for sexual health and longevity. With frequent loss of sexual energy, vitality ultimately declines. The big spender of vital energy energy loses erectile potency, his health weakens, hair falls from his head and he grows old before his time. At first he may not feel drained, but after years of continual abuse of his sexual powers, his constitution will alarmingly begin to collapse. When the hormonal secretions of the sexual glands are regularly leached out, the reproductive capacity of the biological functions of the body are sapped at their root. And he, if not his penis, withers and dies.

Perhaps more importantly in the context of this Manual, the ecology of ejaculation control not only protects the inner environment of the individual (biological core), it also provides the 'only way' for men and women to find happiness in love. Ejaculation control is the gateway to orgasmically satisfying sex for both partners. Orgasmic genital gratification and fulfilling sexual love are synonymous to the secrets of sexual ecstasy.

The last point is a particularly subtle and significant observation. A man who cultivates high levels of testosterone (sperm - semen), and other vital male hormonal essences such as oxytocin, will experience a overwhelming enhancement of his love and affection for his woman. By regulating his ejaculation frequency to a minimum, he creates the potency to act upon the mutual desire for sex for as long and as often as he and his partner pleases. Conservation of the hormonal vitality of the body by preserving semen/sperm, lies at the very heart of 'safe sex' in terms of health and fitness. The medically verifiable practice of treasuring the vital essence during love-making is succinctly illustrated in the following text:

" The Art of the Bedroom consists of regulating emissions, absorbing Yin (female) sexual energy and harmonizing Yang (male) sexual energy so that it returns to strengthen the brain, and other vital functions of the organs and glands, thereby attaining longevity ".

For those who practice this enlightened form of love-making, understanding the precepts of this Royal Art becomes second nature. Equally, orgasmically satisfied lovers deeply realize the penetrative words of Peng Tze - physician to the Yellow Emperor :

" A man can obtain longevity by sparing his ejaculation, by cultivating his spirit and by taking wholesome food and drink. But if he does not know the Tao of Love, and wastes his vital energy (sperm), no matter what he eats or drinks, he will not live to a great age. The union of man and woman should be like the harmony of Heaven and Earth. It is because of this harmony of Yin and Yang that Heaven and Earth last forever. Man however, has long neglected this harmony of Yin and Yang and thus is in decline of health and power. But if he could relearn the Tao of Love to avoid ills, he will once again discover the way to longevity ".

Orgasmically satisfying sex was not only regarded as essential to a harmonious love relationship, it was also considered a natural health therapy. An 'internal' exercise to restore imbalances in the biochemic mechanisms of the body; thus tranquilizing the emotions. Sexual love without loss of seminal power repairs and revitalizes the entire phys: logical functions of the body. Oriental medical science treats sexual energy, hormone balance, physical health and psychological well-being as an holistic system. The specific Taoist practice of sexual energy conservation and transformation ensures that the internal equilibrium and biological health of the human energy system maintains it's inner balance. Thus Taoist sexology sees everything - hormones, energy, sex, emotions, etc. linked inextricably together. 

Ordinary short-lived ejaculatory sex discharges the scarce of orgasm energy and the body's entire biochemical and electromagnetic functions strain to replace this loss. Modern sexual theory tells us that this is supposed to be healthy and natural! They believe that a sexually healthy male should ejaculate regularly , in order to satisfy his need for orgasmic gratification and release of bioelectrical tension! ... Cods Wallop! ... Dare I say it again ? - Short-lived ejaculatory sex does not and cannot provide the male with orgasmic genital gratification, and it is neither natural or healthy. The classic symptoms of this 'faulty way of loving' are conditioned premature ejaculation reflex, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and what sex therapists now call 'postorgasm anxiety', and of course, lack of female orgasm.

Every organ pays heavy tribute to the glands that produce the sexual seed energy. The reproductive glands receive the essential elements of sexual energy from the blood. The blood withdraws the precious vitality of the life-force (Chi) from the organs and glands of the body, including the bone marrow, spinal fluid and brain. In a scientifically literal sense, sperm originates from the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain. Semen derives some of it's essential nutrients from the cerebro-spinal fluid. This is why constant sperm loss causes backache.- Not many people know that! Backache in women is often caused by orgiastic congestion, through lack of lengthy bouts of deeply fulfilling penetrative sex. Clitoral orientated orgasm gives temporary relief, but is accompanied by loss of sexual energy because it is a short-lived outward flowing orgasm; not a long lasting inward flowing total body orgasm, ( not orgasmic genital gratification).

Ejaculation control allows a man to benefit greatly by retaining the source of sexual energy (sperm) within the body. This is the first step to reversing the devastating cycle of premature ejaculation and impotence, in which the male otherwise, pays an unnecessarily stiff price for misguided sexual conduct. The sexually satisfied male becomes J free of his unconscious neurosis and may discover in himself, a confident human being who is at peace with himself. A practical form of peace combined with a new sense of vigour. Virtues such as patience and courage spring to his aid, giving him a kind of faith that enables him to 'look on the bright side of life' (Monty). This makes harmony in a sexual love relationship a possible reality. And those who have found this kind of loving harmony have found happiness.

This is the secret of sexual ecstasy. It is the one and only way that a man can enter the erotic realms of a woman's higher orgasmic capacity. Fulfilling sexual love, without continual loss of vital energy (ejaculation control), does not mean less sex nor less pleasure. Regulating ejaculation restores interest in sex (desire, libido, etc.); increases potency (erectile power), resulting in more frequent love-making. Abstaining from mindless ejaculation means experiencing multiple orgasms - a continuous orgasmic intensity that gradually fills the entire body - orgasmic genital gratification. And... a woman who is loved by such a man finds that as a result of her orgasmic genital gratification, she is greatly inspired to desire regular love-making.... Is this not the true and lasting pleasure of sex ?

The following story of the Emperor Shou Wo summarizes the main points of the Ecology of Ejaculation Control :

During the Han Dynasty (200 B.C.- A.D.200), one of Emperor Shou Wo's favourite pass times was hunting on the banks of the Wei River. One day he saw a middle-aged man fishing in the shade of a tall willow tree. He noticed that the man had an unusual radiance about him. The Emperor asked his attendants what they knew of this man. One replied: "He is Wu Tze Tu, son of the capital of the Imperial House and he is 138 years old ".

Another spoke, saying, "This man's life force is in communion with Heaven and Earth because he practices the Tao of Sexual Love ".

Shou Wo ordered his attendants to leave, so he could discuss these matters with Wu Tze Tu alone. Introducing himself as the Emperor, he asked why he had not heard of the Tao of Love before now. This was Wu's reply :

" The Tao of Love is a provocative secret: That is why I, Your Majesty servant, have never said anything about it before. When I was a very sick man, I was taught the Tao of Yin and Yang by Ling Yang Tzu and till now, I have practiced the Tao of Love throughout my life. All those who strive for happiness in love and longevity, must seek at the source of life. And the secret of this is not forcing ejaculation, even when one is greatly attracted by the beauty of one's female partner. Forcing ejaculation will cause all kinds of diseases ".

To bring to a close this introduction to the ancient texts of the Tao of Love Masters, here is another interesting case which occurred during the Ming Dynasty (A.D.1368-1643). There was a man who called himself 'the 95 year old Greybeard of Chekiang Province'. He wrote a couching farewell in one of his Tao of Love Pillow Books. To him, and Others like him, we can be grateful for some of the most precious creasures of antiquity :

'' During the reign of Emperor Shih Tsung (A.D. 1522-1566), a Tao of Love warrior named Tou Chen-jen enjoyed the Imperial favour of the court in Peking, because of his extraordinary powers. His knowledge of the Tao of Love was transmitted to the Emperor, who lived to an advanced age due to the skills taught to him by this Master of the Arts. Being interested in the secrets of the Tao of Love, I bribed a palace official and thus obtained copies of the two secret Manuals, Chi Chi Chen Ching and Hsiu Chen Yen Yi, written by Lu Tung-Pin of the Tang Dynasty -(A.D.618-906), and Wu Hsien of the Han Dynasty. After studying these enlightening Manuals, I immediately put into practice what I had discovered. It was difficult at first, but after some practice, it became natural habit. In the course of sixty years I have loved more than one hundred women, reared seventeen sons and served under five Emperors. Even now, though I am advanced in years, I am not yet tired of moving and could still satisfy several women in one night. Truly heaven has blessed me with long life, but I cannot deny that the secrets of the Tao of Love have a great deal to do with it. Ordinary men, who do not know the subtle secrets of the bedroom, die before their time, without ever having tasted the true joy of sex. I could not bear the thought that the priceless knowledge in these Manuals would be lost when I come to die one day. Out of compassion for the world, I had these manuals printed, wishing that all men and women may benefit from them. If there are sceptics that doubt the validity of these Classics of Sexual Immortality, let them toss away their chances of obtaining sexual health and happiness. Why should I worry about the way of fools "? Written in the first lunar month of the Spring, in the year 1594, by the 95 year old Greybeard in the Purple Mushroom Hall of the Tien Tai Mountains.


For the purpose of demystifying these obscure terms, the following is a simple explanation of the origin of these Chinese symbols.

The Tao of Yin and Yang simply means the reproductive intercourse of male and female. Communion of man and woman in loving sex is the archetypal image symbolizing harmony of the reproductive forces in nature. The manifestation of the life-force (Chi), is born by the differentiation of male and female polarities. It was believed by ancient Chinese philosophers that in the beginning, the Universe was void -(formless) and boundless. From this state of chaos arose 'motion', 'activity', which was termed Yang. Relative to the Yang force was Yin -'stillness', 'inactivity'. The state which includes both creative-Yang and receptive-Yin forces was termed Tai Chi - Cosmos.

This Yin-Yang theory became fundamental to Chinese philosophy and natural science. During the Yin Dynasty, the lunar calendar was arranged on the Yin-Yang principle. By around 605B.C., this philosophy was also incorporated into the martial and healing arts. The 'Five Element Theory of Acupuncture and the widely read 'I Ching' (Book of Changes) owe their origins to this Yin-Yang system.

It does not require a deep knowledge of the Universe to realize that there is a harmonious relationship in the dual forces of creation. Taoist natural science suggests that all forces in nature occur in complimentary pairs - Tai Chi - (Ultimate Unity). Yin and Yang, although separate forces, are really part of the same Ultimate Unity and therefore, necessary to one another. The Chinese employ the symbols of Yin and Yang as two comprehensive terms for these complimentary opposites.

Chou Tung (A.D.1016-1073), a Taoist natural scientist of the Sung Dynasty, noted that the order of things in nature was cyclic. He observed that the life-force manifested itself via the transmutation of the two reproductive Yin-Yang forces. Hence the concept -Change - (transformation). He is attributed to have designed the Tai Chi diagram that represents this transmutation - The Tao of Yin and Yang.

According to Oriental sexology, a man is a Yang force. He has all the attributes of a positively charged polarity. Physically, he is more volatile than woman, who has the attributes of Yin, the female force. She is more passive, but ultimately, she is stronger.

In the writings of Lao Tze, a chapter entitled 'The Placid and Contented Nature', he wrote :

" The highest excellence is like water. Water gives life to the myriad creatures. The softest thing in the world dashes against and overcomes the hardest. - The female always overcomes the activity of the male by her stillness ".

The Tao of Yin and Yang

The male belongs to Yang,
Yang's characteristic element is like fire.
He is easily aroused but also
He easily extinguishes himself.
The female belongs to Yin,
Yin's characteristic element is like water.
She is slow to be aroused,
But also slow to be satiated.
- Wu Hsien.

The alchemical text of Wu Hsien exemplifies the Chinese way of relating basic elements in nature, like fire and water, to human characteristics. Fire belongs to Yang - (male), and though quick to ignite, is overwhelmed by water, a Yin force.  In this all encompassing system of analysis, all the myriad manifestations of matter, energy and life belong to a sexually creative power - either Yin or Yang.

" Between Heaven and Earth, the primal energies of motion and stillness are balanced between the male and female elements. The male element absorbs the female energy and is converted; the female element receives the male energy and is transformed. The female and male elements must operate in complimentary ways to achieve a union of completion. When the Jade Stalk (penis) feels firm and strong and the Jade Gate (vagina) emits flowing liquids and opens, the two life-forces combine and exchange in mutually joyous orgasm ". - Classic of the Exalted Girl.

" Heaven and Earth have their opening and closing. Yin and Yang develop from each other. Mankind is created through the union of Yin and Yang and embodies the sequence of the seasons and elements. If one abstains too much from sexual union, then one's Spirit will not develop; since the harmonious interchange of Yin and Yang energies will have ceased. Through regular practice of Healing Love, it is possible to derive great benefit to one's health from the enjoyment of the senses, through sexual intercourse ". - Yi Shen Fang


Out of respect and with a view to consistency, I shall first quote the Essential Information from the texts of the old Tao of Love Masters. Down to earth, step by step instructions on how to do the ejaculation control technique, shall follow the original texts of this truly potent Love-knowledge :

Without doubt, the idea of some form of ejaculation control for longer lasting sex is a very important part of love-making. It has always been perhaps the most important skill, as emphasized by the sexual love consultants who taught the ancient Emperors of China. These highly educated 'gladiators of the bedroom', gave great attention to every detail of this Royal Art. An example of some advice given to novices can be seen in the following passage from Wu Hsien- Han Dynasty (2OOB.C A.D.200) :

1. The beginner is advised not to get too excited or excessively passionate.
2. If he feels he is becoming over excited, he should stop thrusting immediately and withdraw his Jade Peak (penis) to a point so that only about one inch or more, of it remains inside the Jade Gate -(vagina), and apply the Secret Locking Method.
3. He should wait until he has calmed down, his breathing returned to normal, and then resume thrusting.
4. In learning how to control ejaculation, one must avoid being impatient.

Let us look at some further advice from Wu Hsien, where he makes interesting comments on 'Right Sentiment' and 'Emotional Content' -(attitude - approach), in loving sex and of course, the right method to back it up with!

1. It is true that one must love and care for one's partner in order to receive the greatest pleasure. But the novice who is at first learning and practicing ejaculation control must make an effort to keep calm and relaxed to preserve poise.
2. One always enters a woman gently and lovingly, but after entering, the beginner must learn to control the rhythm and intensity of his thrusts. He should carry out his thrusts gently and seductively at first, until he gains control of his ejaculation reflex and can 'return' his orgasm energy.
3. If a man wishes to truly satisfy his woman, he must be patient when learning to control his ejaculation. He should vary the use of his love-weapon with tactile inspiration. But when he feels that he will soon lose control of himself, he should withdraw somewhat, his Jade Peak (penis) and apply the 'Locking Method'. Thus he will calm down and can once again resume thrusting. 

While learning ejaculation control, a man's mental attitude is just as important as, and in some ways determines, his physical skills. But, he should also realize that romantic love and sincere intentions do not in themselves, make him a good lover. He must therefore, by his very nature as a male, learn and practice the art of self-control during intercourse; instead of allowing the exquisite sensations of a mounting ejaculation to overwhelm him. If a man permits his orgasm energy to become excited too quickly, or if he indulges too long in the first exchange of thrusting, he will soon lose control and it will be all over before he even realizes it. In one of her most pertinent analogies, the Plain Girl - Su Nu, illustrates the dangers of male carelessness during intercourse as follows :

" As soon as he feels that he will lose control of his Ching (sperm), he should withdraw instantly. Making love to a woman is like riding a galloping horse with no rein, or as dangerous as walking on the edge of a deeps pit that is full of snakes. If a man can learn to treasure his Ching, he is quite safe with a woman ".

Without proper regard for the rules of sexual love, a man will find that every time he attempts to make love with s woman, he 's drawn uncontrollably into the pit of premature ejaculation, effectively ending the love-ride for both partners. When 'riding a woman' (Yu Nu), a man must be as attentive to both skill and emotional content (Kung Fu), as if he were galloping through the woods on a wild stallion.

" If a man repeatedly misses the right sentiment of love-making, his vital essence will be drained. The effect of incorrect sentiment is forced ejaculation, which rapidly causes exhaustion. As a result of this faulty way of loving, he quickly becomes victim of the Hundred Diseases ".

" The moment before the man is about to ejaculate, he should raise his head (lightly stretching his neck), swallow his breath and look upwards toward the crown of his head. He should contract his stomach causing the semen to become still and thus return the orgasm energy to the blood. This excellent practice has the marvellous effect of improving health and strengthening the Spirit ".
Excerpts from the Taoist Classic - 'Yu Feng Bie Chueh' .


The ancient adepts designed clever methods for gaining control over their sexual energy when they felt they were on the verge of ejaculating during intercourse. The most important and effective of these methods, combined with breath control, is 'Locking Up' of the entire sacral region with strong contractions of the anal sphincter muscle, buttocks and urogenital diaphragm. This flexing of the 'love-muscles' is the secret penile lock that enables a man to control his ejaculation reflex and ultimately master his own orgasm energy. Thus he can make love indefinitely - with full orgasmic arousal and sensitivity. This method is outlined in the texts of the Classic Pillow Book - ' Mysterious Master of the Cave' :

" When a man feels on the verge of ejaculation, he should always restrain himself and be sure to bring the woman to orgasm. He should draw the Jade Stem (penis) out shallowly and play it between the Lute Strings -(frenulum of clitoris) and Wheat Buds (Labia minor)...... He should concentrate his mind, press his tongue against the roof of his mouth, arch his spine and stretch out his neck, clench his fists and feet as if clawing the floor. At the same time, he should open his nostrils wide, close his mouth and swallow a deep breath. Clenching his jaw and love muscles with nine rapid contractions. Directing his eyes to look up at the Pai-Hui (Pineal gland - crown of the head), he can guide the rising Ching Chi (aroused orgasm energy) away from the genitals into the body. If he does this in time, he will not ejaculate. Instead, the semen will return and the orgasm energy will ascend naturally, by itself. In this manner, a man may completely regulate his ejaculation ". - The Taoist physician Lee Tung Hsuan.

In the section of Sun Ssu-Mo's 'Precious Recipes', entitled -'Healthy Sex Life', he also mentions the Locking Method. He gives detailed instructions such as opening the eyes wide and clenching the teeth, and other methods for drawing the vital energy away from the sexual organs and upwards into the body. In addition to constricting the anal sphincter and flexing the buttocks and urogenital muscles, he throws light upon the method of pressing a vital point - the perineum, which is located mid-way between the anus and the scrotum. Pressure on the perineum, called in Taoist texts 'Confluence of Yin', will also suppress ejaculation. But it is usually adopted by beginners who have not yet gained perfect control over their Love-muscles. Until you master the Locking Method, you may also use pressure at the 'Confluence of Yin' (perineum). As the Classic of Immortality states :

" Take the index and middle fingers of the left hand and press them at the point mid—way between the anus and scrotum. If this is done with sufficient pressure and in time, and combined with deep slow breathing, with muscular contractions and gnashing of the teeth, then the semen will not be lost ".

Our old friend, Wu Hsien, considered 'Locking the Gate' to be the most effective of all methods for controlling ejaculation :

" If you tighten the lower part of your bowels (pelvic floor muscles -Love-muscles), to shut off the flow of energy there, semen will stop moving, naturally".

This method, sometimes referred to as 'Locking the Gate of the Immortals' is a practical skill that can be easily mastered. It is the key to ejaculation control.

Locking the Gate of the Immortals is probably the oldest and certainly the most effective and natural way to control ejaculation for longer lasting sex and fulfilling sexual love. These were the secret sexual skills used by the ancient Taoist lovers, and described by Wu Hsien in this rather picturesque series of steps :

1. The Locking Method is like trying to stop the Yellow River with one hand, and its success can depend on a man's character. An impatient man will take more than twenty days of practice to learn it. A gentler person can learn it much faster, half the time is usually enough. Study and practice the method carefully for about e month and then the man's precious treasure - Ching Chi (semen, orgasm energy), will be quite safe.

2. The advantage of the Locking Method is that it can be carried out simply. For example, when a man is doing the three shallow and one deep thrust pattern, he can close his eyes and his mouth and breath deeply but gently through his nose, so that he will not start panting. When he feels that he might soon lose control, he can lift his waist with just one quick movement and withdraw his Jade Peak (penis), one inch or more and stay in that position without moving. Then he can breath deeply and diaphragmatically and at the same time, contract his lower abdomen as though he is controlling himself when looking for a toilet. He must remember the importance of treasuring his Ching (sperm), and that it must not be lost indiscriminately.  When he is deeply breathing, he will soon calm down. He can resume his thrusts again.

3. The important point to remember is not to be too late. He must retreat when he has just become excited. If he retreats when he is already very excited and tries to force the Ching back, then the Ching will not return.

4. To sum up, the Locking Method is excellent, but one must practice it when one is just beginning to feel excited. It is much better to retreat too early than too late. By practicing this method, the man will be able to control his ejaculation rather comfortably, without letting his Jade Peak fall. He can thus save his energy and he will feel remarkably composed. And he should not emit his Ching until he has completed at least five thousand thrusts. Combining the Locking Method with deep diaphragmatic breathing, he could go on almost indefinitely. Then, to satisfy ten women in one evening would not be too difficult for him


Western medical terminology can be just as confusing as Oriental anatomical terms that are unfamiliar to us. In order to label the key muscles in the complex Pelvic Body that we use for the Locking Method, one would require a Human Biology Degree, if one is to benefit from the technical language. However, memorizing the Latin names that medical science employs, or studying complex diagrams of this area of the body in books, will not necessarily improve your sexual performance in the bedroom. Medical authority gained from passing exams that require the memorization of scientific terminology certainly does not qualify one to teach the Art of Sexual Love.

The Perineal body is a complex structure of various nerves and muscles between the anus and sexual organ. This vitally important system of muscles and nerves are interconnected, and form the power-base of ejaculation control. The skill of ejaculation control requires mental awareness of these 'internal' muscles. There are certain key areas to pay attention to :

1. The Bulbocaver Nosus muscle that helps to expel the last of the urine and helps to ejaculate semen. It is also described as 'an accessory muscle of erection' . The same muscle in women constricts (squeezes) the vagina.

2. In the Perineum, which is a point mid-way between the anus and the genitals, below the pelvic diaphragm, is another muscular diaphragm, called the Urogential diaphragm. This is penetrated by the urethra, and to it's underside is attached the root of the penis. The pudendal nerve in the penis controls the muscles of the urogential diaphragm, which in turn holds up the prostate gland, seminal vas deferens, cowpers gland, penis and anus. Part of this lower-most diaphragm comes forward to engulf the scrotum, (Cremaster muscle), then joins to the abdominal wall. Control of this urogenital area gives absolute control over erection and ejaculation.

3. The anal Sphincter muscle and the internal sphincter a little higher up, add power to the Penile Lock and helps to drive the orgasm energy away from the genitals and into the tip of the spine, (coccyx).The vital nerves of this area are directly connected to the brain via the sacral nerves that are connected at their roots to the sciatic nerve in the spine, and branch out into the pelvis. The pudendal nerve emerges out of the perineal body as the dorsal nerve of the penis or vagina.

I would be the first to admit that this kind of information may be essential if one is studying to be a surgeon, but it is not much use to the layman who simply wants to conquer premature ejaculation and unreliable erectile power. Especially when it is not a scalpel or microscope that can guarantee female orgasm during penetrative sex. However, a basic understanding of this area of the body throws light on the fact that there is a direct link from brains to balls! The idea of returning orgasm energy to strengthen and nourish the brain does not seem so far-out, when the basic biological functions of the genitalia are understood.

Anyway, regarding Ejaculation Control — The Key to Female Orgasm, it's not a question of how it works or why it works, but does it work ? The Ejaculation Control technique outlined in the following section -(Essential Information), focuses on the extremely important muscle-groups of the pelvic body, that are involved in the Locking Method. So the reader may mentally locate these muscles and 'feel' how to draw orgasm energy up into the body, here ere two simple experiments for you to try :

1. When urinating, stop the flow. Let it go and then hold it again. Notice a slight internal pull upwards as you contract (squeeze) these muscles.
2. Sit upright on a chair and gradually squeeze the anus muscles. Can you feel a wave of energy travel up the spine, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and sending a tingling feeling into the back of your head ? Sometimes this wave of energy can actually make you shudder as it travels up your back.

Dear reader, what do you think these two simple experiments imply?

In simple terms, the key areas of the pelvic body as mentioned are :

1. The muscles that pull the testes upwards and draw the penis back into the body.
2. The muscles that connect the root of the penis to the urogenital diaphragm and perineum.
3. The anal sphincter muscles and the buttocks.

In future, for the sake of straight forward clarity, we shall refer to these key muscles as the 'Love Muscles'.


This section explains the details of the essential practice of Ejaculation Control, which was referred to in the Ancient Manuals as the Locking Method.


To control the urge to ejaculate, you must lock in the semen and block the nerve impulses that trigger ejaculation. As the sexual energy is aroused, it accumulates in the genital area. The nerves in the penis shoot electrochemical signals up the spinal column to the brain, which gives the order to fire. In a sense, even genital orgasm really occurs in your mind! The Bedroom Art of Ejaculation Control trains your mind and sexual organs to cultivate orgasm energy for deeply rewarding sexual ecstasy.

The Locking Method can be considered to have three levels. The first level is performed by the entire body. The second level involves partial locking - using the pelvic area of the body only. The third level - 'internal locking', employs the use of mind. Of course, an essential part of all three levels includes mental effort. Eventually with practice, the mind becomes the backbone of the Art of Ejaculation Control.

Finally, we have come to the central thrust of the Manual. To explain the Locking Method, I have listed the simple instructions in a series of essential points for easy understanding.

"Reject all faulty reasoning about sex.
Practice the special methods that create
Harmony of Heaven and Earth, (male and female orgasm energy).
To be able to make love and not
Ejaculate is the secret of returning
The Life-force.
Increasing and recycling the
Life—force is the Tao of
Sexual Love ".- Su Nu, The Plain Girl's advice to the Yellow Emperor.


All the following points, 1—7, are performed simultaneously,


Point 1 : Stop Thrusting, Squeeze Tightly and Retreat.

When you first sense ejaculation approaching, no matter how 'early', stop thrusting and tightly 'close' (squeeze) the urogenital and pelvic floor muscles including the anal muscles, as if holding them when looking for a lavatory. At the same time retreat so that only about one inch or more of your penis remains inside the vagina.


Point 2 : Flex the Love Muscles with Nine Rapid Contractions.
Immediately you sense the urge to ejaculate and have withdrawn your penis to shallow penetration, flex fll the key Love Muscles in point 1 with nine rapid contractions.

Point 3 : Take a Deep Breath and Hold During The Nine Contractions.
As you withdraw your penis to carry out the Locking Method, draw in a deep breath and send it down to the lower abdomen as if you have swallowed it. Hold the breath pressure in the lower abdomen while you perform nine hard clenchings of the pelvic floor muscles.

Point 4 : Clench Buttock Muscles
Total lower body lock is greatly aided by the power grip of the buttocks. Clenching these large muscles assists the overall locking of the pelvic 'door'. The nine rapid hard flexings of the Love Muscles includes clenching the buttocks.

Point 5 : Arch Your Spine Concavely and 'Grip' the Orgasm Energy at the Root of the Penis.
As you withdraw your penis to shallow penetration to perform the nine contractions, swivel the hips forward, bending the vertebrae at the base of the spine towards your partner. Use will-power and grip the orgasm energy at the root of the penis, as if drawing it into the tip of the spine, (coccyx).

Point 6 : Clench Teeth, Press Tongue to Roof of Mouth and Straighten Neck.
At the same time, flare the nostrils and imagine (ideate - think) the orgasm energy up the spine to the neck and up to the top of the head. Orgasm energy in this sense, means highly aroused sexual energy, not climax - ejaculation. Swivel the head slightly forward, bringing the chin toward the throat by lightly clenching the teeth and pressing the tongue against the upper palate.

Point 7 : Clench the Fists and Look Upward with the Eyes.
Include the clenching of the fists during the nine rapid contractions of the entire pelvic region. Roll the eyes upwards, as if looking back into the brain. Imagine that you are sending the message to ejaculate from the root of the penis back to the brain. This helps to draw off some of the orgasmic pressure that would otherwise trigger the ejaculation reflex.


Point 8 : Repeat the Locking Method Until the Urge to Ejaculate Passes.
If after one set of nine contractions of the Locking Method, you still feel vulnerable to ejaculate, take another deep breath and repeat the nine contractions of the Total Body Lock. Do as many sets of nine contractions as are necessary to bring your ejaculation reflex under control.

Successfully controlling the nerve impulses to ejaculate and driving the orgasm energy back into the body, is the first half of Ejaculation Control - the hard half. The soft half that completes the technique is also indispensable to success in learning how to master your own orgasm energy. Rather like the soft and hard principles expressed in the Tai Chi diagram. Incidentally, people often find that the hard aspect of the Locking Method is relatively easy, yet they fail in the soft aspect, which is described in the following points :


Point 9 : Carefully Release the Breath and Relax.
Exhale and release the Total Body Lock. Relax the shoulders, chest and abdomen, but by all means, keep the root of the penis, the perineum and the anal muscles 'sensitively' flexed until you 'feel' sure that you are safe. Then Relax Completely. Breathe long and deeply.

Point 10 : Exchange Loving Affection.
Whatever pleasing position you are in while you are calming down your orgasm energy, there are myriads of ways to share and express tender love. Don't be afraid to do nothing during these rest periods. Tactile loving is one aspect of this Art that is probably impossible to teach!

Point 11 : Resume Thrusting.
When you feel inspired, or when your partner 'senses' you are ready, resume mutually pleasurable thrusting. Choosing the appropriate style of love strokes is a matter of 'good taste'. It goes without saying that there is a great difference between sensual pumping and senseless bashing! Vigorous, gentle, deep, shallow, quick, slow and rhythmically pleasing thrusts are all at your disposal. The inspired lover varies his thrusts like a great musician who has instinctive feel for his instrument of expression. I am not a gifted literary genius, therefore, I cannot find words to describe this seductive skill. However, the indescribable nature of inspired thrusting is also due to it's infinite forms of expression. Also, let us not forget that thrusting is a two-way affair.

Point 12 : Pay Attention to Your Breathing.
While thrusting, try to keep your breathing under mental control. Flare your nostrils and lightly clench your teeth at particularly erotic moments, (Partial Locking), and breathe the pleasure of sex down into your belly. This actually helps to bring the orgasm energy under your mental control. Don't hold your breath during a vigorous bout of thrusting. Adopt a kind of 'Warrior' concentration and weald your Love Weapon with calm and noble force. Soon you will realize that the poetic term 'Gladiator of the Bedroom', is not mere sensationalist romantic hype. Relaxed breathing while thrusting is essential for this 'state of mind'.

Point 13 : Stop Thrusting and Lock.
When you feel the urge to ejaculate return, repeat the entire process again. Do how ever many sets of nine contractions that are necessary to control the urge to ejaculate, and then relax. Breathe deeply to calm down your heart rate and share a loving moment of affection for a minute or two. Then continue thrusting or perhaps, even change positions.

Point 14 : Change Love-making Positions with Loving Care.
It would be immature and clumsy to rashly change love positions too early. A 'Gladiator of the Bedroom', varies his love positions to artistically express different forms of the joy of sexual love. However, he does not neurotically 'experiment' with different love-making positions just as an excuse or substitute for lack of staying power. The Gentleman of the Bedroom also varies the position of love-making out of courtesy and care for the woman's comfort. He should affectionately sense or ask when she is in need of a rest from a certain position, and lovingly manoeuvre her into another pleasing love position.

Timely communication - sexual requests, ie. telling her what you would like, asking her what she wants, and vice versa; becomes a practical possibility when, as a result of controlling ejaculation, penetrative sex lasts longer than two and a half minutes. With one or two hours at your disposal, 'communication' can have some meaning -at last!

Point 15 : Do It Again and Again Until She Orgasm.
If you think you can bring a woman to orgasm in five or ten minutes, then you have seriously underestimated how long a woman loves to be made love to, until she reaches climax. And thank goodness too! Surely the longer it lasts, the more sexual enjoyment there is for each other. Don't be surprised therefore, if as a beginner, you may have to perform the Locking Method twenty or thirty times in a love session that could last for two hours! Don't worry, provided your penis is not ridiculously small, she will love it. And is this not the true and lasting pleasure of sex ?

Point 16 : Do Not Ejaculate Before Female Orgasm.
Of course, everyone is entitled to make mistakes. Sometimes you may take it too close to the edge and lose control, and sometimes you are taken by surprise. This is all part of the learning process, provided you analyze what went wrong. But, don't be tempted to race her to the finishing line just because she's moaning and groaning in ecstasy. She will beat you down into the pit of premature ejaculation every time! A woman can moan and groan with pleasure for twenty to forty minutes or more, before she actually climaxes. So don't be overwhelmed by her erotic responses to your lengthy thrusting sorties. Remember, any ejaculation before female orgasm is premature ejaculation - even after twenty to forty minutes! Safeguarding your sperm rewards you with enhanced potency, reliable erectile power and deeply fulfilling, long lasting penetrative sex. Not only can a woman finally let go and enjoy her sexual nature to the full, the man also gains intense orgasmic satisfaction. Ejaculation control does not mean stopping orgasm.


This simply means that when the urge to ejaculate starts to 'stir', stop thrusting and perform the nine contractions of the lower pelvic area only. With practice and concentration, you will gain greater physical awareness and mental control over the urogenital muscle groups - Love Muscles. You will not need to clench your teeth and fists etc, of the Total Body Lock. You simply pump (flex) your Love Muscles when you feel you need to bring your orgasm energy to 'heel'. In this way of love, you can learn to 'Ride the Female Tiger' with a firm rein.

In other words, in emergencies perform the entire Body Lock to stop yourself ejaculating. But to bring the orgasm energy under your command, you can rely more and more on your Love Muscles. Actually, the Love Muscles should be kept slightly flexed throughout the entire love-making session, particularly at the root of the penis and the perineum. If you are wise, you will not risk spoiling the session by thrusting beyond the natural warning signals of an impending ejaculation. Manly patience, tender love and erotic passion should be seductively and tactfully balanced as you negotiate your journey toward the ecstasy of female orgasm.


If there is any truth in the old saying, "Mind over Matter", then it exists in the body. Ejaculation Control is certainly an art that requires Mind Power. A combination of sensitivity and attention to one's inner forces, tactile loving, and the penile lock; all add up to a greater mental control over one's orgasm energy. The more you practice this Royal Bedroom Art, the more expert your ability to control the ejaculation reflex, and the greater your capacity to draw the healing power of orgasm energy into the body - where it belongs

Depending on your character, attitude and partner, you will very quickly find that you are able to thrust for longer love rides. However, even a Master of the Art of Ejaculation Control is forever safety conscious. He never underestimates the seductive power of a woman, especially during the opening bouts of a sexual love session. Also, he is not ashamed to admit to his lover that she is so sexy, he's having a hard time trying not to be overwhelmed by her! Making love to a woman is like daring to sail around the world single-handedly; part of the journey is stormy and difficult to navigate, where not much distance is covered; other parts of the same journey are calm, and one leisurely drifts along; and some parts of this journey of love, he has the wind in his sails, the tide rushes him along, covering great distances (long thrusting sorties).

Satisfying a woman in bed with your penis will always be an exquisitely erotic challenge. She is forever the one who holds the power in the bedroom. Ejaculation Control gives a man both the weaponry and armour, not only to 'perform', but to 'survive' the Battle for the Sexes. A Love Warrior who courageously fights the undisciplined urge to ejaculate develops a manly patience and a talent for seductive love-play. He becomes a 'Hero of the Boudoir' and claims victory in the glorious pursuit of female orgasm.

Practice the Locking Method with an iron-willed determination not to ejaculate and you will discover the reality, that mind control lies at the very heart of the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.

" True paradise on Earth,
All things considered well,
Is found in bedroom bliss.
Unlike the realm of fame and glory,
Here joy begins and troubles cease.
Each day is spent in slippered ease, each night
In drunken slumber till the morning bell
So open your eyes, take this to heart:
All the world's
A vast erotic work of art ".
The Carnal Prayer Mat.



1. Perform the Locking Method as often as is necessary to control the urge to ejaculate. Rest for a moment, then continue to exchange further bouts of loving thrusts, according to your mutual inspiration and pleasure.

2. Vary your love-strokes according to the woman's erotic responses. Here, more than any other aspect of sexual love, will it become clear to you that Ejaculation Control, the Key to Female Orgasm, is not just a practical science - it is an Art.

3. It may require you one to twenty cycles, (numbers are irrelevant), of thrusting and locking, thrusting and locking, before you bring the female orgasm energy to boiling point. When you have both reached this highly aroused state of sexual pleasure, carefully 'simmer' her orgasm.

4. Cook the female orgasm energy skilfully and patiently. When you have properly 'cooked' the woman's orgasm energy, ride your female Tiger to the erotic realms of Sexual Ecstasy - filling her body and soul with joyous orgasm. DO NOT EJACULATE. Guard your sperm carefully as she writhes in orgasmic bliss.

5. When you successfully 'Lock in' your own seed - sexual energy, you are in a position of 'Power', to reward yourself and your lover with hours of Orgasmic Genital Gratification. It is quite natural for a woman to require at least ten to twenty minutes of passionate thrusting sorties, to bring her to the brink of orgasm. Twenty minutes is ten times longer than the average male can survive with his penis inside a vagina, before ejaculating. For the sexually educated male, twenty minutes of uninterrupted penile penetration without ejaculating, is a 'quick one'. And it is not unusual to make love for an hour or more, when you have achieved a basic command over your own sexual energy.

6. Relax and pay attention to your breathing. Most men who try to rely on brute force when making love, hold their breath or begin to pant. You must reverse this bad breathing habit consciously, but without force. Keep your breathing soft, long and deep. Flare your nostrils when you need to concentrate at any particularly poignant moment while thrusting, and lightly clenching the jaw, breathe into your relaxed abdomen so that the pressure expands the area around the kidneys. Thereby massaging the key internal organs linked to sexual health. Keep the urogenital and anal muscles (Penile Lock - Love Muscles), flexed or lightly pumped, while thrusting.

7. The upward pull of the Love Muscles combined with the downward pressure of the breath, condenses the aroused Orgasm Energy (Ching Chi), in the lower abdomen (navel), where it heats up and is transformed by the absorbed essence of female orgasm energy. This fusion of male and female orgasm energy is the cosmic intercourse of the Life-Force which naturally produces Total Body Orgasm.


After a lengthy exchange of Fulfilling Sexual Love, the woman reaches the limit of her erotic capacities and passionately entreats you to crown the Regal Act of Love with an 'earth moving' orgasm. At this moment, the utmost skill and loving courtesy is called for.

Flex your Love Muscles at convenient and appropriate moments between your loving thrusts and 'Ride the Female Tiger' into the realms of orgasmic bliss. When the 'Tide of her Yin Essence' (female orgasm), is about to crash, like an ecstatic wave upon the shores of sensual paradise, STOP THRUSTING.

As she 'boils over' and the first wave of her orgasm 'comes', do not continue thrusting like a frenzied rabbit caught in a trap. Whatever pleasing position you are in, embrace her tenderly and firmly, and penetrate deeply. Then, when her whole body stiffens and waves of orgasm flood over her and she moans in ecstasy; you may lovingly, but sparingly, reward her with a few inspired love-strokes. This will keep her orgasm bubbling over and prolong the erotic bliss.

A woman, fortunate to be loved by a Gladiator of the Bedroom, will realize to her delight, that the account she has read in this manual is not a naked exaggeration of the true joy of sex; and the term 'Priceless Treasure' is a fitting description of it. In the after-glow of orgasm, she will say to herself with deep satisfaction, "Obviously, he is a Hero of the Boudoir, a Champion of Sex. What else is there to say "?

" Each sucks the nectar from the other's lips,
Breathing lightly, lightly.
In those willowy hips the passion beats;
The mocking eyes, bright like stars.
The tiny drops of sweat are like a hundred fragrant pearls;
The sweet full breasts tremble.
The dew, like a gentle stream,
Reaches the heart of the Lotus;
And so they taste the joys of love
In perfect Harmony ".
- Chin Ping Mei, The Golden Lotus.


" Breath, thought and sexual essence (semen - orgasm energy) are the three constituents of the enlightenment potential. They should be harmonized and consciously controlled. The adept who brings together breath, thought and semen becomes One with the Life-force and is endowed with transcendental spontaneity. " - Khala Chahkra.

To control the urge to ejaculate involves mind, body and breath. The basic muscular Locking Method is the first step to master, which of course includes willpower. With practice, the Love Muscles develop strength and enable the male to 'grip' his sperm energy, indefinitely. This process, which involves mental effort, naturally focuses the mind on the tangible feeling of orgasm energy, ultimately leading to complete mental mastery over his ejaculation reflex.

This Bedroom Art requires the combined skill of muscular control, inner resolve and proper breathing. A modern discovery of this kind of Total Body Consciousness has been developed by disciplined and highly motivated Body Builders, who apply surprisingly knowledgeable skill and scientific analysis to their art. These tokens of the male sexual dream have for quite some time now, stressed the importance of 'Putting Mind into Muscle'. Their succinct terminology for this rather enlightened form of 'chucking weights about' is "Muscular Realization". Indeed, body builders who achieve the higher level of muscular realization describe the feeling as orgasm!

With continued practice, you will feel the orgasm energy of your physical body become more integrated with the subtle Spirit of your personal consciousness. On a higher level, Orgasmic Genital Gratification really means — spiritual consciousness through the sexual osmosis of the creative Life-force of orgasm energy. There is absolutely nothing esoteric or sanctimonious in this statement. Neither does it require mystical superstition to understand it. Words may fail due to prejudiced concepts that have become attached to their meaning. None~ the-less, everyone can experience this 'in the body' revelation of sexual ecstasy, once they learn to follow the natural 'rules' , as first observed and recorded by our old 'friends' — The Tao of Love Masters.

"Those who want to nurture nature and prolong their lives should meditate deeply on their ultimate aim and consider the source of their origin ". - Tzan Dong Chi

Putting mind into body makes more sense to a man who masters herself by sexually educating his bio-spiritual function1:. His sexual genius, conceived in meditative concentration, develops a spirit that can both feel and ideate the sexual metaphysics of his own orgasm energy - Life-force. The incubation of true sexual power in the biological core of the body, is a higher form of pregnancy that gives birth to the Spirit. 'Come to think of it', this is why I have said that Man's spiritual salvation is rooted in sexual happiness. Religious issues are not my concern. But the least that can be claimed for this kind of love-making is that it enables men and women to 'come to their senses'.

In the Battle of the Sexes, when the two opposing forces of male and female orgasm energy unite in perfect balance, spontaneous combustion releases in their bodies, the joy of the .life-force. The creative essence of the eternal Life-force is Spirit. Thus, to release the joy of the Spirit and 'to return to the source of being', amounts to the same thing! This is why it is said that " Returning orgasm energy to it's source is the Way of the Life-force "

" Both the original Ching Chi (orgasm energy), and that which is ejaculated during sexual union are essentially the same. Before sexual arousal, the Ching Chi is distributed over the entire body; it has no fixed location, but dwells in a condensed form within the Original Spirit. It is this aspect that is referred to in Classical Texts as the Original Sexual Essence of the Creative Life-force:. When a man and woman make love, the Sexual Essence (orgasm energy) is drawn from all parts. A place in the inner part of the brain (Pituitary Gland) causes the Sexual Essence to descend along the spine to the lower region. Other aspects of seminal essence are drawn from the different organs and glands of the body, such as the kidneys and adrenals ". - Tzung Shu Chi Ching.


Apart from knowing that this might be the last day of your life -nothing concentrates the mind (spirit) more than controlling your ejaculation reflex, while in the heat of love in the arms of a passionate woman. The Way of Love and Sex is identical to nature and therefore, it's truth is as clear as the morning sun. Perhaps for obvious reasons, not everyone is likely to want to understand or practice it's precepts. In order to perceive that ejaculation control is vital for female satisfaction, one must have a particular strength of character. In most cases, one's strength of character determines whether or not, one will ultimately concentrate the will, discipline internal forces and reap the rewards.

Lao Tze (literally - 'old wise man'), is probably the most widely read Oriental sage in the West, through his much published literary masterpiece, Tao Te Ching - (The Way of Nature and the Nature of It's Power / The characteristics of Natural Energy and the Transformation of the Eternal Life-force). In Lao Tze's classic treatise, he comments on the foibles of human nature that are related to the character requirements for success in the Bedroom Arts :

"When a man of noble character
Hears about the Tao of Love and Sex,
He does his best to put it into practice.
When a man of ordinary capacity
hears about it, he is in two minds about it.
When a man of low character
Hears about the Tao of Love and Sex,
He laughs out loud about it..."

In a 14th century manuscript entitled 'Family Instructions', the importance of fulfilling sexual love for maintaining harmony in a relationship is illustrated by an amusing anecdote :

" To the East of our street lives a young and virile man of impressive good looks. Yet, his woman quarrels from morning to night and pays him no respect. To the West of our street lives an old Greybeard, whose women do their very best to please him. How can this be so? The answer is that the old man knows the Subtle Secrets of the Bedroom, while the young man is ignorant of them ".

In addition to it's medical benefits for both partners, orgasmically satisfying sex establishes a foundation for harmony between man and woman. Orgasmic Genital Gratification enables them to make love, not war! Nothing is more disruptive to happiness between  husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, than the man's incapacity to provide the woman with mutually rewarding sexual love.

The secret fear of failing to fulfil woman's superior sexual nature, is the hidden curse of man and leads to his ultimate downfall. The gentleman, faced with the demanding challenge of winning and keeping the sexual love of a beautiful woman, would have great advantage from learning this Art. The more delicious the woman, the less likely the man's ability to control his ejaculation. Failing to master his sexual energy during the act of love results in unfulfilled short-lived genital orgasm for him, and lack of orgasm for her. This is followed by lack of sex—drive and emotional emptiness, which breeds confusion, depression and even resentment. A vicious cycle ensues in which either he is not sufficiently aroused - impotent. Or, when aroused, he is unable to satisfy his lover because he ejaculates prematurely.

The man who masters Ejaculation Control, the Key to Female Orgasm, realizes the true Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy and becomes a 'Gladiator of the Bedroom'. He can ravish his concupiscent lover with long erotic love—rides to as many intoxicating orgasms as she pleases.

" So toss aside the course straw mat
Of self-denial in this world.
And for your prayer mat take flesh
As the place for your devotions ".
- Prayer mat of the flesh.


Choosing a program of ejaculation frequency depends entirely on individual aims and is relative to age and health. For example, if we were to follow the strict advice of the Oriental Sexual Gladiators, who passed on their knowledge to 'Fighters' for martial purposes: " One hundred days without any emission ", would be appropriate. This one hundred day rule was also a fundamental precept for adepts of Sexual Yoga, who practiced dual cultivation of orgasm energy for attaining spiritual enlightenment. Cultivating the elixir of Immortality may not be everybody's cup of tea. However, a man who has serious erectile disability - impotence, would do well to abide by this rule until he has regained his natural virility.

There is nothing new to modern boxers or athletes in regard to storing up seminal energy. Indeed, some professional footballers have to sign contracts demanding them to abstain from sex before important matches. This is particularly true of Italy and Spain, where they take their football very seriously. Ejaculation Control would revolutionize sports where athletes depend on sperm power for stamina and energy in performance. Regular sex without ejaculating increases potency and energizes the vital functions of the body. Can you imagine the delight of a football star being ordered by his coach to make love three times a day for three days, before an important match? If only he could do it.

Obviously, one ejaculation in one hundred days, or even once in one hundred coitions is appropriate for men engaged in Gladiator Sports, men who have chronic impotence problems and men who are over forty and have already ruined their health. Younger, healthy men, with ordinary ambitions, do not need to follow such a strict rule.

Let's take a look at what the Tao of Love Masters had to say about regulating ejaculation. Doctor Lee Tung Hsuan, a Tang Dynasty physician, wrote in his Manual 'Mysterious Master of the Cave':

" In sexual love relations, a man should permit himself to ejaculate two or three times in every ten coitions ".

China's most eminent medical physician, Sun Ssu Mo, famous for his discovery of 'germs' (bacteria) and his development of the inoculation for Small Pox, out-lived three Emperors by practicing what he preached. Regarding ejaculation frequency, he said :

" A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of no more than twice monthly, or twenty-four times in one year. If at the same time, he pays careful attention to good diet and proper exercise, he will live a long and healthy life ".

Doctor Sun Ssu Mo repeatedly warned his male patients of the dangers of undisciplined ejaculation. In his encyclopaedia of health and medicine, aptly entitled 'Priceless Recipes', he Ta:l-: various analogies to help the layman to understand the importance of ejaculation control:

" If a man disciplines his vital forces and retains the life energy of the semen, it is like adding new oil to a lamp that is about to die out. But if a man fails to discipline himself and mindlessly ejaculates every time he makes love with a woman, it is like removing oil from a lamp that is already burnt out".

Some very practical advice on the subject of ejaculation frequency comes from Master Liu Ching, a Han Dynasty adapt who sensibly regulated his emissions in harmony with the cycle of the seasons:

"In Spring, a man may permit himself to ejaculate once every five days. In Summer every seven days, and in Autumn, once in nine days. During the cold Winter months, a man should preserve his semen and avoid ejaculation altogether. The way of Heaven and Earth is to accumulate Yang essence in Winter (hibernation of the Life-force). A man who follows this guide line will live a long and healthy love life. One ejaculation in cold Winter is one hundred times more harmful than an ejaculation in Spring ".

In 'The Secrets of the Jade Chamber', there is an invaluable dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and our sexual mentor - Su Nu, (The Plain Girl):

Emperor Huang Ti : " I wish to hear the benefits of regular loving with infrequent ejaculation".

Su Nu : " If a man loves once without losing his seminal energy, his vital essence is increased. If he loves twice without ejaculating, his brain is invigorated and he feels alert. If three times, his biological functions will begin to be healed of lethargy. The fourth time, his nerves will be strengthened and he will begin to feel inner peace (Orgasmic Genital Gratification). The fifth time he loves without ejaculating, the enlivened hormonal energy will unite with his blood. The sixth time, his genitals will gain new prowess. By the seventh, his loins, buttocks and thighs will become more powerful. The eight time he loves and retains his semen, his entire body will absorb orgasm energy and he will radiate good health. The ninth time, his youthful vitality and life-span will be increased. If ten times, he will be like an Immortal ".

It would not be an exaggeration to say that men who ejaculate frequently, eventually 'lose their minds'. The truth of this seems reasonable when we consider the fact that nearly twenty per cent of male semen is composed of cerebro-spinal fluid. Men's faulty way of loving not only robs women of orgasmically satisfying sex; it also causes chronic drain of the vital fluids that are required for the brain and spine to function properly. Common conditions such as mental and physical lethargy, post orgasmic anxiety, depression, loss of sex-drive and erectile power, and a host of other symptoms related to hormone loss; are a result of this crippling deficiency of cerebro-spinal fluid, brought about by mindless ejaculation in every act of sex.

Medical science is quite aware that with every ejaculation, a man suffers a significant loss of zinc. This vitally important trace element is understood to be essential for healthy brains and bears a significant relationship to mental health. Undisciplined ejaculation results in a critical zinc deficiency. Symptoms such as weak memory, depression, headaches, hyper-sensitivity to sunlight, etc., are aggravated by the continual loss of semen. Thus, regulating ejaculation improves the overall health of the individual.

As you master the Locking Method, you can determine your own ideal emission schedule by following the guide lines already given, in a trial and error analysis of your own potency levels. Remember too, that regulating ejaculation enables you to harness sufficient bioelectrical sexual tension to arouse female orgasm with your penis - high potency male orgasm energy is a key to female orgasm. Only when semen supply is what the Chinese call 'full and flourishing', will there be sufficient sexual energy supplies for both partners to experience orgasmic genital gratification from sex. This is the biological core for understanding the function of the sexual organs, the nature of orgasm energy and the purpose of sexual love.

If after ejaculating, you feel tired or depressed, it is a sure sign that you should increase the interval between emissions. Maintaining high testosterone levels is the only way you can guarantee reliable erection power, safeguard your sex-drive and keep your emotions on an even keel - at any age! Regular sex with infrequent ejaculation is the key to male potency and emotional consistency in a sexual love relationship. A man who cultivates his sexual energy and carefully regulates his semen expenditure will find that he is able to make love for as long as he and his partner pleases. Tranquilizing his emotions and restoring sexual confidence. This is an absolute necessity for achieving happiness in love.

Impotent doctors who prematurely ejaculate their way through life will swear blind that short-lived ejaculatory sex is 'healthy'. Men who know no different, are encouraged to ejaculate to their heart's content, yet they are unknowingly sowing the seeds of discontent. Women are profoundly disillusioned when they find that their lack of bio-emotional satisfaction from sex (O.G.G.), is not even compensated by the man's short-lived orgasm. She feels frustrated and used-- he feels small, wasted, pissed off and even angry. What a disaster.!?! Reject this faulty way of loving, and you will discover to your real satisfaction that regulating ejaculation - orgasmically satisfying sex, without ejaculating - is the revolutionary issue of Fulfilling Sexual Love

Regarding erectile power, the Plain Girl assures us that by practicing these methods:

" The penis will grow as hard as iron 'and as hot as a torch, enabling a man to overcome all female oncommers and to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles".

" Is this not what all men should be looking into"?


If Shakespeare was a sex therapist, he would have said: "To ejaculate or not to ejaculate, that is the question".

It is not surprising that few men would be persuaded to accept such a revolutionary approach to sexual love. The purpose of this Manual has been to thoroughly convince men that the 'I haven't got that problem' mentality, is a folly that leads to disaster in sexual love relationships. However, as the saying goes, 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'. Any man can prove the truth of Ejaculation Control by performing a few simple experiments :

1. Try analyzing the effect of making love without ejaculating before a competitive athletic activity or 'work out'. Not only will you be amazed at the difference in your physical stamina, you will also gain profound insight into the nature of your own orgasm energy and it's relation to your emotional life.

2. Compare the amount of sleep you need and how you feel the next morning, after a night of energetic sex without ejaculating.

3. Compare the difference in your vitality at work after making love in the morning without losing your sperm energy.

4. Notice the practical health benefits of reducing your emissions of vital energy during the cold winter months. You will find that by carefully harnessing your sperm power, you suffer far less from colds, coughs, flu and other symptoms that are common during the winter season.

5. Psychologically - When you are feeling down-hearted or emotionally stressed — to ejaculate your vital energy would only drag you deeper into the pit of depression and magnify your emotional anxieties. Oriental medical physicians would prescribe 'a healthy dose of erotically soothing sexual love - without ejaculation' as a natural remedy to 'pick up your spirits'. By regulating your ejaculation frequency, the significance of your sexual energy in relation to your romantic emotions will become as clear to you as the light of day.

6. Another important factor for you to analyze is how your sexual confidence soars when you feel a consistent potent sex-drive and reliable erection power! And how your desire for your lover and enjoyment of sex is brought back to the realms of intense romantic passion, as was once felt when you first fell in love with your sweetheart.

7. The decisive factor in this crucial experiment is what effect your new-found sexual prowess will have upon your woman's desire and love for you? Her erotic surrender to your potent love—making will prove to you without a doubt that Ejaculation Control really is the Key to Female Orgasm.

Disciplined intercourse is an excellent palliative for many chronic ailments, especially those influenced by hormone levels. The Tao of Love Masters, to whom we owe our grateful respect, were not superstitious fools when they taught that this 'Way' of loving is a natural form of sexual healing. The sexual love consultants who advised the Emperors of China, have left us many 'Precious Recipes', which are true and tested words of wisdom. By combining the potent love-knowledge of these inspired sexologists with your own individual insight and practical experience, you may wisely determine an emission schedule that suits your own personal needs.

" One cannot manage the myriad matters
of Heaven and Earth,
Unless one stores up energy.
Storing energy means absorbing essence.
And absorbing essence doubles one's power.
Doubling one's power, one acquires a strength
That nothing can overcome ".
- Tao Te Ching, Lao Tze.



What more could there be to this astounding achievement of bringing a woman to orgasm with your penis, after twenty or more minutes of loving passion and erotic thrusting? Believe it or not, dear reader, this is only the beginning! Ejaculation Control, the Key to Female Orgasm, is the elementary level of this gloriously fulfilling Bedroom Art. Unlike short—lived ejaculatory sex, where the somewhat neurotic quest is to hopefully bring a woman to climax, one way or another, (usually the other!); the Way of Sexual Ecstasy enables men and women to approach male, and particularly female orgasm, with an entirely different attitude. The man, through controlling ejaculation regains his confidence in his sexual prowess and can revitalize his essential sexual energy by regulating emissions; restoring reliable erectile power and sex-drive. His male psyche is cured of sexually related neurosis by the ego soothing cries of female orgasm.

However women, through decades of dissatisfaction from intercourse, have become conditioned to rely on clitoral stimulation for sufficient arousal to achieve orgasm. When a woman makes love with a 'sexually educated' man who can 'keep up' with her all the way to orgasm, she is freed from the neurotic pressure to reach orgasm before he ejaculates. She finds that at last, she can reveal the fullness of her erotic capacities and revel unashamedly in the bliss of long lasting, deeply rewarding penetrative sex.

The advanced level of this exotic Bedroom Art is essentially the key to Orgasmic Genital Gratification, through the natural restoration from short-lived outward flowing orgasm of both sexes, to lengthy fulfilling inner orgasm - Total Body Orgasm, (sometimes referred to as Organs and Glands Orgasm or Valley Orgasm). The Locking Method as described, is an effective method for men to control ejaculation for longer lasting sex. The natural solution that empowers a man to bring a woman to orgasm with his penis. To complete this potent Love Knowledge and enter into the higher ecstasy of inward flowing Body Orgasm requires a method that can harness the unfathomable nature of female orgasm energy. This advanced level was referred to by the Tao of Love Masters as 'Cooking Female Orgasm'. Men and women who engage in this kind of loving, realize that the Dual Cultivation of Orgasm Energy does not concern itself with esoteric mysteries - it occurs spontaneously and naturally when men and women make love correctly. The essential information for this advanced level is outlined in the following section.

" Bring her orgasm to the boil
and 'simmer' with a thousand loving thrusts.


The way of sexual ecstasy involves bringing the woman's orgasm energy to 90-99 % to the point of climax, (with your penis). Then pausing to allow her to perform the nine contractions of the Locking Method, so she doesn't boil over into outward flowing climax straight away. This highly satisfying erotic love-play - bringing the woman's orgasm energy to boiling point and holding back, so she doesn't boil over at her first peak of orgasmic arousal - is a tried and tested Way of achieving the lengthy exchange of orgasmic genital gratification; which ultimately leads to the ecstasy of long lasting inward flowing Body Orgasm - male and female. It is essential to practice this multiple cycle of cooking female orgasm, in order to heal the woman from the conditioned syndrome of clitorally orientated orgasm - the root cause of anorgasmia/orgastic dysfunction! You've come this far and deserve a pat on the back. But do not underestimate the importance of cooking female orgasm. It is an indispensable aspect and perhaps, the most Priceless Treasure of Fulfilling Sexual Love.

Unless a woman learns to retain her orgasm energy, she may find that her orgasmic arousal during love-making will die down very quickly when the man stops thrusting to control his ejaculation. The sexually refined Bedroom Art of cooking female orgasm increases a woman's awareness of her orgasm energy, thereby heightening her pleasure and allowing her to retain the orgasmic pressure inside her body. Therefore, the feeling of orgasmic bliss does not die down between bouts of thrusting, but 'simmers' inside her.


It must be understood that because women are conditioned to rely on clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, through lack of long lasting penetrative sex; they will find that at first, when they apply the female version of the Locking Method to stop themselves climaxing; they will not yet feel the orgasm energy rising into their bodies and it's intensity will die down very quickly. Don't be frustrated with this temporary loss of orgasmic arousal when either partner performs the Locking Method. This merely proves that as a result of clitorally conditioned orgasm, you have never had the opportunity to harness and therefore, come to know the nature of your orgasm energy. This is why I have said that fore and afterplay, in the neurotic pursuit of female orgasm, is the sexual 'red herring' of the twentieth century.

It is natural for a beginner to find that, until she has healed herself from the clitoral orgastic dysfunction syndrome, that her orgasm energy will subside to some degree following the Locking Method. However, there is joy to be found in this 'difficulty at the beginning', provided your man has successfully controlled his ejaculation and can resume thrusting; bringing you to the heights of ecstasy again aid again! Is this not the true joy of loving?

Soon, through the healing balm of regular long lasting penetrative sex, you will discover to your delight, that once you have been brought to your first point of climax and stopped it escaping; the orgasmic intensity will not die down, but will remain at a high fever. This means that when you continue to exchange erotic thrusts, your orgasm energy will increase in intensity and take you to unimagined heights of sexual ecstasy. When you experience the erotic bliss of this kind of loving, which we call 'Cooking Female Orgasm', you realize that the charming Oriental bedroom phrase, 'Ride the female Tiger with a thousand loving thrusts', is a gloriously fitting description.

Naturally at first, you will want to crown these incredible sex sessions (that may last for an hour or two!), with a climax. But, after months and months of orgasmic genital gratification, the biological core of your sexual nature will be satiated and the chronic famine of sexual satisfaction in your love life will be no more. Having thus healed the biological core of your sexual nature with lashings of orgasmic genital gratification and fulfilling sexual love, you will find that you are no longer neurotically attached to outward flowing climax (genital orgasm), because you have discovered the true and lasting pleasure of sex. Then it would be wise to regulate outward flowing climaxes in order to carefully maintain your vital energy levels; in much the same way as a man does when he regulates his emission of sperm. This means that you not only gain orgasmic genital gratification from sexual love, you will also greatly increase your sexual appetite by regulating outward flowing climax according to your health, age and fitness. In this 'Way of Loving', you will come to realize that cooking female orgasm is the key to understanding the nature of female orgasm energy.

" The Spirit of the Valley is inexhaustible.
Draw on it at your pleasure,
For it never runs dry ".
- Lao Tze, Tao Te Ching.

It is important for the man, while performing the Locking Method, to keep his penis inside the woman's vagina. This maintains the bio-electrical sexual tension of the male and female orgasm energy. With both partners at the height of orgasmic arousal, the positive and negative polarities of male and female sexual energy literally harmonize (neutralize) each other. The volatile male orgasm energy is balanced by the calming effect of female orgasm energy, and the man finds that he can then thrust, almost indefinitely. This kind of thrusting, with a rock hard, orgasmically charged penis, is extremely erotically satisfying for a highly aroused woman. Unlike short-lived outward flowing genital climax, this long lasting Body Orgasm takes lovers on a journey of sexual joy that is rarely known. Their sanity restored, their bio-emotional needs fulfilled... They are healed of sexual suffering.


It goes without saying, that the information in this Manual is essential reading for both sexes. It would be wise for you to tactfully invite your lover to study this potent Love Knowledge as a means of education and inspiration. Having practiced the elementary level of Ejaculation Control and established bio-emotional satisfaction from intercourse, both partners are now ready to make the natural progression of this Bedroom Art and enter the higher level of Cooking Female Orgasm. The following points are a guide for your initiation into this way of Sexual Ecstasy.

1. The male performs the Locking Method when he needs to control his ejaculation. He should repeat the cycles of thrusting, locking, etc., until he has brought the woman to her first point of climax.

2. The principles and practice of cooking female orgasm are identical to the Locking Method for controlling male orgasm energy. Instead of continuing to thrust when she feels the spousal of her orgasm energy coming to a climax, the woman lovingly communicates to her man that he must stop thrusting, so she can perform the Locking Method to avoid her orgasm energy escaping through outward flowing genital orgasm - climax.

3. In this Healing Way of Love, the woman soon develops the skill to consciously harness her orgasm energy. She may then find that she doesn't necessarily have to clench her Love Muscles with nine contractions as the man does. Depending on how close to the edge she is, she can clench her vaginal muscles, hold a deep breath and squeeze tightly. This 'partial locking', with mental control, naturally draws her orgasm energy upwards into her body. In an emergency, she can do the Total Body Lock, (clenching the fists and jaw and the nine contractions, etc.). Obviously, it is easier for a woman to clench her Love Muscles when the man retreats to shallow penetration.

4. When she has sufficiently brought her highly aroused orgasm energy under control — either partner may resume thrusting.

5. Repeat this multiple orgasmic cycle of cooking female orgasm according to your mutual pleasure and desire. When she reaches boiling point again, carefully 'simmer' her orgasm with tactile thrusting so that it rises up like waves of deep pleasure into her body.(O.G.G.)

6. The method of cooking female orgasm is similar to the principle of a pressure cooker. Clenching her Love Muscles at the moment just preceding climax, is like sealing the lid on a pressure cooker. The build up of orgasmic pressure, denied an escape root, must rise up like steam into her abdomen and solar plexus; giving intense orgasmic-pleasure - This is the root of orgasmic genital gratification and paves the way for the healing ecstasy of Total Body Orgasm.

The natural healing process of cooking female orgasm teaches a woman to develop control of and sensitivity to the nature of her own orgasm energy. By practicing the Locking Method close to the point of climax, she reawakens an instinctive awareness of the 'ebb and flow' of her sexual energy. A natural inner sensory perception that enables her to think/feel her orgasm energy rising upwards into her body -like a fountain bubbling up from her vagina deep into her abdomen. The truly potent Love Knowledge of cooking female orgasm revolutionizes a woman's understanding of her higher sexual nature.

The Dual Cultivation of Male and Female Orgasm Energy was first taught to the ancient Emperors of China and was described as : " The Secret Inner Alchemy - Transforming Sexual Energy into Spiritual Consciousness". In this sense, 'Spiritual Consciousness', simply means becoming Human! This is why it is not sanctimonious waffle or mere pseudo rhetoric to say that:

For men and women to freely partake of nature's healing energy -orgasmic genital gratification, it is essential that the sexual education of the masses provides the true and potent facts of life, that naturally inspire a healthy sexual mentality. To annihilate through sexual happiness, wordly neurosis and unveil the joy of human existence in it's natural uncorrupted state implies that Mankind's spiritual salvation is rooted in sexual happiness. To awaken this Healing Love in man and woman is to discover the Creative Life-Force behind our Bio-Spiritual Evolution.


As a woman, who has partaken of the joy of long lasting, fulfilling sexual love, I would like to add some feminine insight on the subject. Men who are learning Ejaculation Control may wonder what a woman's response will be. In the heat of passionate love-making, you will find that when you stop to perform the Locking Method, your woman is writhing and thrusting her hips at you because she wants more! Don't be afraid to hold her back, firmly but tenderly, in order to signal for her to stop moving. You can win her cooperation if you seductively entrap her and lovingly communicate to her your need to be still for a while. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear, for example; you could tell her she's so sexy, she's overwhelming you and beg her to have mercy, etc. It's flattering for a woman to know that you're enjoying sex with her so much that you're on the edge of ejaculating. The essential rest period after performing the Locking Method, is a natural opportunity to savour the luxury of each others bodies in an intimate sexual embrace. In this 'Way of Loving', lovers develop an 'orgasmic rapport', where each can 'feel' the other's excitement from the bio-electrical sensation of aroused orgasm energy, that will soon be able to sense when you need to calm down and becomes your loving ally in the 'Battle of the Sexes'.

Once a woman is highly aroused, as long as you don't ejaculate and are therefore able to 'keep up' the orgasmic sexual tension and a hard erection — essential for arousing female orgasm even the slightest movements are extremely pleasurable.  When the urge to wriggle her hips becomes irresistible, if you cannot handle it without ejaculating, don't let your ego get the better of you! She will understand if you can't move at times and need to be still, while you gain control of your orgasm energy. This may sound rather frustrating for the woman, it is! But it's a sweet sexy frustration, a far more erotic tease than clitoral stimulation, and it will heighten her desire for you. When you have managed to sufficiently calm yourself down, you will find that you can reward her patience with some deeply erotic thrusting, which will drive her wild!

Many men may feel they have no problem with long lasting sex. Through sheer determination to be a 'good lover', they make love, stop, engage in something else (ie. clitoral stimulation, oral sex, change positions, etc.), make love again, stop, have a cigarette, make love and so on; until they feel they've proved themselves and finally allow themselves to ejaculate. For many men and women, this is their only experience of long lasting sex. They therefore believe that 'good sex' is a combination of lots of oral or manual clitoral stimulation for her, and penetrative sex for him. There is a stark difference between these kinds of neurotic tactics that artificially prolong sex and the undeniable ecstasy of long lasting, deeply fulfilling penetrative sex. The strategies of fore and afterplay are often void of real emotional union, whereas Ejaculation Control, the Key to Female Orgasm empowers men and women to consummate the act of sexual love with a genuine emotional bond. The truth is that most men who suffer from 'I'm a good lover' delusions, haven't got the faintest idea of the real sexual nature of a woman. A fitting remark from the Kama Sutra points points out this universal fact:

" The extent of a woman's love potential is rarely known, even to those who are objects of her affection. This is because of the subtlety of a woman's love. Women are hardly ever known by men in their true light, though they may love them or become indifferent toward them, may give delight or abandon them, or even extract from them everything they possess ". - Kama Sutra

Women, as they get older and 'wiser', succumb to the persuasive spiel of magazines and sex therapists, and catch on to clitoral stimulation. Through continual disappointment from penetrative sex, they become convinced that - foreplay, afterplay, inbetweenplay, or other diversionary tactics that are supposed to spice up your sex-life; is what they need for sexual satisfaction. However, the short-lived genital orgasm experienced by both partners does not provide them with real orgasmic genital gratification or emotional fulfillment. Indeed, it is not uncommon for women to feel a hunger for more cuddles and loving affection after a clitorally stimulated climax. In long lasting penetrative sex, where the male controls his ejaculation and 'cooks' the female orgasm energy; both partners experience lengthy periods of deep orgasmic bliss (O.G.G.) and the loving sexual embraces that completely fulfil the natural human needs for close intimate affection.

It is interesting to note that young women, after their initiation to sex (which is often uncomfortable or painful), usually feel that all they want is to make love. For them, foreplay is looking into his eyes across a crowded room and knowing it's going to happen tonight! This is partly because young men and women have the hot firey passion of youth in their blood and their vital energy is 'full and flourishing'. But also, young women (and men) have strong romantic ideals that have not yet been crushed by the realities of the disappointing bedroom fiasco. It very quickly dawns on them, "did I really get anything out of that "? ... And the problems begin.

Unless a man can harness his volatile sperm energy, he will never be able to truly satisfy a woman, or himself, sexually. Therefore, a woman would be wise to support her man as he endeavours to master the Royal Art of Ejaculation Control, and follow such eloquent advice as is found in Li Yu's Carnal Prayer Mat:

By listening to her precursor, she finds a
            strong opponent;
By allowing a little grace, she fosters a
            true talent.

Beauty, while enjoying herself,
Should allow her lover some rest.
To spare a thought for the morrow's sport -
Mightn't that be lust at it's best "?

Women will discover that this kind of loving really does give deep physical and emotional satisfaction. All it takes is a little patience and willingness to be still, while he performs the Locking Method. Soon, with practice, he will become a 'Gladiator Lover' who can take you to the heights of ecstasy and liberate the full erotic capacities of your higher sexual nature. Frequent long lasting penetrative sex will heighten awareness of your own orgasm energy. Through learning to control it, (see 'Cooking Female Orgasm). you will feel it glowing inside you, sometimes shooting up into your abdomen and solar plexus in response to your man's potent, erotic thrusts. This natural development of Body Orgasm is the root, or biological core of orgasmic genital gratification. As you learn to savour the exquisite sensation of orgasm energy within your body, you will realize that there is a world of difference between long lasting, inward flowing Body Orgasm and short-lived, outward flowing climax.

Having experienced for myself the 'true joy of loving', in the arms of a sexually educated 'Gladiator of the Bedroom'; it is my sincere belief that all men and women really want end need in a love relationship, is long lasting, deeply fulfilling penetrative sex. It's just that they don't know it, because they've never experienced it. Tragically, in our modern sexual culture, such a wonderful thing is unheard of. It has yet to be discovered, it could even be called a 'secret'.

People who read this Manual and put this potent Love Knowledge into practice, have been amazed at the physical and emotional fulfillment they can now enjoy from sex. Contrary to popular myth, men do seek emotional fulfillment from sex. It's just that the universal male dilemma of repeated premature ejaculation in every act of sex robs them of the bioelectrical energy that drives romantically motivated sexual love. Thus destroying the very heart of their emotions and sexual confidence, whereby the nature of their sexuality becomes confused and corrupted. Continual sperm loss in every act of sex, at any age, is the bio-emotional ruin of man's fragile sexual identity and leads to his ultimate downfall. Modern sexology has failed miserably to understand the biological core of this identity crisis in the sexual psyche of men. To try to cure this chronic problem through psychologically orientated counselling or therapy, which is typical of todays' new age witch doctors; is a foolish attempt to 'shut the gate after the horse has bolted'!

As for those who have read Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy and have been liberated from the modern myths of sexual ignorance; men and women have admitted that they never imagined, not even in their wildest dreams, that sex could be so good. The so-called psychological and emotional hang-ups of both sexes are blissfully washed away in a tide of orgasmic ecstasy. These men and women realise that such problems were mere illusions, brought about by the 'faulty ways of loving'. This is why Ejaculation Control, the Key to Female Orgasm, could revolutionize the sex-life of millions - sowing the seeds of a greater harmony between men and women, which has not been known since the dawn of love.

" Those who do not know the Tao of Love will die before their time, without ever having really known the true joy of loving '.--Su Nu. Plain Talking Girl.


The enormous appetite that newspapers, magazines and the media have for sex, love and relationship features, has meant that sex therapists and journalists who 'specialize' in this product/service are at their wits end to come up with something original. It seems that they have worked the balls off the foreplay syndrome, even though female orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation has remained a sore point for women! Sex journalists who rely on publication of their 'work' for financial survival, grope hopelessly in the dark, frantically searching for a new angle to give their sex essays some form of originality, as they compete with a mob of like-minded professionals for editorial attention. Some of these enterprising pseudologists become so desperate in a bid to be original that they really stick their necks out. One such amusing example of going against the grain to attract notoriety, was an article written by yet another female sex therapist-come-journalist who had the bright idea of suggesting that women should tactfully fake orgasms occasionally to keep her man 'happy', and herself sane. Obviously, there was method in her madness - she got paid by a high profile contemporary women's magazine for her speculative literary risk. Gambling with the happiness of masses of people's sex lives for the sake of fame and fortune - which no doubt, would be described by quacks in more politically correct language such as, counselling, expert advice, education and research, etc. - is not only a money motivated farce, it is a crime... A kind of Russian Roulette where the player holds the gun to the head of the punter!

Foreplay and more foreplay, communication, clitoral masturbation, mirrors for morons, vibrators and dildos for the 'lost' and the wierdos, hot tips from infantile dickheads to 'spice up' our sex life. Books and videos written and produced by sexually backward witch doctors, performed by ex-porn stars and pathetically impotent male specimens who laughably believe they show us virile examples of a good sexual performance. What else is there for these cocksure fools to grasp at as they search for new ways of exploiting the global famine of fulfilling sexual love? If necessity is the mother of invention, then this would explain why sex therapists are determined to mine this inexhaustible hunger of the sexually frustrated masses. Having successfully sucked the blood out of the cornerstone of todays' 'great sex' ethos - Foreplay; the next obvious ploy for these up and coming clones of Doctor Strangelove is.....wait for it... 'AFTERPLAY'.

Bird-witted 'educators' and 'researchers' of human sexuality, (often women) in a rash of do-gooder recklessness, are stampeding the madcap mongrelism of 'afterplay', (in other words more clitoral stimulation), in a flurry of suicidal caprice. In an attempt to slurr over the incompetency of modern sex therapy's pathetic failure to find a practical solution to lack of male and female satisfaction from penetrative sex; pioneering witch doctors laugh off this scandalous fiasco by selling us yet another seductively contagious lie: "Success in a sexual relationship is said to be more closely related to satisfaction with afterplay than with any other phase of the sexual encounter. Including foreplay, intercourse and orgasm." 

According to modern sexology's evolved understanding of this nightmare scenario, it is now 'afterplay' that holds the key to female satisfaction and even emotional contentment for men! This is sex therapy's post mortem for understanding men's sexual nature. But it is only a reflection of their misconcieved view of 'postorgasm anxiety' in men - a common phenomena originally referred to as 'post coital blues'. The so-called crux of this 'postorgasm anxiety theory' revolves around the audacious lie that men have a deep-seated problem; exposing themselves to emotional risk in a relationship and that the primal motivation for men in sex, is supposed to be physical - ejaculatory orientated, release of tension, etc. If this were true, why don't men at least gain orgasmic genital gratification from intercourse? And why are they so emotionally devastated, disappointed and confused after ejaculating?

The hit and miss aberrations of psychosexual medicine arrogantly advocates in a deluge of superficial psychological rhetoric that 'post-orgasm anxiety' is an emotional problem that men need to somehow work out during 'afterplay'. One could call this sexually ignorant witches' brew, a hair-brained courage of despair or simply, culpable negligence. Whatever the case, you can be sure that when it comes to meddling with men's emotions in the catastrophic aftermath of failing to satisfy a woman in bed - they are playing with fire'. The folly of the afterplay syndrome only proves the ultimate irony that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In spite of the unqualified antics of sex doctors and the bungling confusion of modern sexological theory, no amount of adventurous foreplay or face—saving afterplay can compensate for the misery of short-lived penetrative sex.

I have already explained the reasons for bio-emotional dissatisfaction from mindless ejaculatory sex, as well as the obvious humiliation of failing to sexually satisfy a woman in bed. However, the outrageous clap-trap sex therapists preach about men's so-called intrinsic emotional insecurity being the cause of post-orgasm depression, only reveals that modern sexologists do not understand the function of the sexual organs, the nature of orgasm energy and the purpose of sexual love... For goodness sake! when will common sense prevail? Misjudging men's outward behavioural symptoms of post orgasm anxiety and blaming men's emotional nature for this universal phenomena, and then dressing up trendy jargonistic terms with a sophisticated ploy of psychiatric sophistry, is in my book, the last straw.

When you have realized the truth of this folly for yourself, you can take all your impotent lovers guides and substitute sex videos out into the back garden, build a bonfire and say 'goodbye' to the sexually ignorant garbage of the new age witch doctors - the politics of sexual suffering.... Then open a bottle of. champagne, raise a glass to your cherished sweetheart and truly celebrate your love!


The success of this Manual ultimately depends upon your success, and recommendation through word of mouth. As the saying goes, 'nothing succeeds like success'.

Having mercilessly slapped the face of modern sex therapy with a cast iron gauntlet, and made other best-selling lover's guides look like a teddy bear's picnic; you can imagine therefore, how valuable your personal written testimonials are for feed back and as a counter-force to the anticipated uproar from the establishment. Ridiculing modern sex therapy was an unfortunate expediency as a result of having to wrestle with the universal cock-sure male delusion "I haven't got that problem ". Out of compassion and for the sake of happiness in sexual love, I had no choice, but to annihilate the myths that perpetuate the chronic plague of sexual suffering.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a vindictive campaign against sex therapists, per se. Quite frankly they are an irrelevance and I couldn't give a damn. I am concerned however, to collect as much evidence as possible from lovers like you, who have read the Manual and put it's principles into practice. I sincerely hope you succeed in this, glorious bedroom endeavour for Fulfilling Sexual Love.

Apart from sending me your comments on what this Manual has done for you, if you have any difficulties and would like some confidential advice, do not hesitate to write to me and include your phone number, if you would like a free consultation over the telephone.

By the way, 'Romeo's True Love Story' is a true word for word account and a typical example of many of my 'clients', who have purchased the original pamphlet version of this Manual.

Those who understand me will do so
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Because of the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.