By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
February 28, 2006

Nobel laureate, Dr. John Gofman, believed that 50% of cancer was caused by unnecessary radiation primarily related to diagnostic xray studies. Large population studies in Denmark and Canada have revealed that the death rates from breast cancer in women taking regular mammograms and women who have never had mammograms are identical. This probably can be explained by the observation that when a mammogram is positive for a breast cancer the tumor has been present for up to 8 or 10 years. This long delay before a tumor becomes visible in a mammogram allows ample time for the cancer to have spread by lymphatic and vascular channels.

An additional problem with mammograms is that approximately 10% of women who do have breast cancer will have normal mammograms. The false sense of security provided by normal mammography in these women obviously delays the diagnosis of breast cancer even more.

If this information is valid why are women still having mammograms? Mammography simply joins the long list of therapies and procedures where desire for profits and lowering of world population levels have superceded the welfare of our citizens;

The Health Benefits Of Soy Foods Have Been Heavily Advertised

The truth is that the high estrogen content of soy foods is clearly carcinogenic[2]especially likely to cause breast cancer. Too much estrogen causes excessive growth of tissue and the breast readily responds to this estrogenic stimulation.

Soy foods cause premature puberty in young girls and delayed sexual maturation in boys .Infant girls fed soy formula have phytoestrogen levels 20 times higher than normal for girls fed breast milk. These girls may proceed to begin menstruation and breast development by age 7. Boys fed soy have delay in onset of normal puberty with a smaller than normal penis and a greater tendency to homosexuality.[3]

Soybean protein is inexpensive and has spread all over the world. All Western soy foods are currently more than 80% contaminated by genetically modified soy beans and this is almost certainly a bad feature (GMO soybean manufacturers have not released the results of their health studies on these foods as these results could have damaged the market for GMO foods). Unbiased experts are certain these GMO foods will cause cancer, allergies and immune dysfunction as these GMO foods are foreign to the human body. Most soy foods contain isoflavones which are potent estrogens. Soy foods will aggravate our estrogen excess that we receive from petrochemicals, plastics, hormone implatation in animals and cosmetics (xenoestrogens).. Symptoms related to estrogen will thus be worstened in women and males will have greater difficulty warding off impotence and decreased fertility.

The U.S. food with the fastest increasing incidence of allergic reactions is soybeans. This is very likely due to the body’s inability to metabolize this foreign synthetic GMO soybean protein.

Tofu is reported to contribute to accelerated[4] brain aging resulting in dementia

Also it is not a comfort to me to know that we are eating a small amount of Roundup herbicide every time we eat U. S. soybeans as Monsanto’s Roundup tolerant GMO soybeans[5] are widely grown. Previous to this new GMO product, soybeans promptly died when sprayed with Roundup. Eating Roundup herbicide can not be good for human beings.

Soy milk causes significant elevation in lipoprotein (a) levels. This undesirable effect was discovered at Loma Linda.[6] All soy products particularly the milk damage the thyroid gland and impair the body’s hormone balance.

Common soy foods contain sufficient oxalate to contribute to the forming of kidney stones. The absorption of minerals is impeded by phytates in soybeans.

Soybeans must undergo chemical processing before they become edible. This processing includes acid baths, extreme heat, and spray drying. To improve the taste artificial flavorings such as MSG, preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers and synthetic nutrients are added. This processing makes soybeans a very artificial food. The best way to avoid soy is to carefully read labels (watch out for textured protein, vegetable protein etc.)

The Breast Cancer Epidemic Is Steadily Getting Worse.

Massive campaigns exist to encourage women to have annual mammograms. More breast tissue is thus exposed to dangerous cancer causing radiation each year. This yearly ritual generates false positive and false negative results leading to many worthless operations and considerable anxiety in women incorrectly diagnosed. Needle biopsies are often done to evaluate breast masses. This procedure occasionally spreads small foci of tumor along the needle track potentially increasing the spread of tumor cells. Mammograms have had more than adequate time to prove their worth and they have failed miserably.

Breast cancer is a huge growth industry (more than 6.6 billion dollars[7] annually). This industry supports radiologists, xray technicians, surgeons, nurses, manufacturers of xray equipment, hospitals etc. and will not be allowed to disappear by curing and preventing breast cancer.

A few years ago only 12% of U.S. women could expect to develop breast cancer. . Now with more years of mammography, transfats, increased estrogenic environmental contamination and continued consumption of soy products the rate of breast cancer has increased to perhaps one out of every 8 or 9 women. When will women rise up and say we have had enough of the possibly deliberate mis-management of our problem. Women must take charge of their own health and ignore self serving directives to come in for your annual mammogram. What should be done?

Thermography Can Diagnose Early Breast Cancer

Digital infrared thermography detects changes in blood flow in response to cold air blown over the breasts. The blood vessels supplying a cancer are generated by the cancer and are thus not controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This means that blood continues to flow to the malignancy when all other parts of the breast are receiving less blood because of the cold air. producing vasoconstriction. The blood flowing to the cancer shows up as a hot spot on the heat detecting screen with increased blood flow at the site of the tumor. A benign condition like a fibrocystic breast mass retains the normal blood supply controlled by the autonomic nervous system so the cold air causes diffuse decreases in blood flow in a uniform fashion. The thermogram enables breast tumors to be diagnosed when they are tiny and just getting started.

Therapy with immune supporting substances like Del Immune V, organic food, life style changes (exercise, no smoking, drugs or alcohol etc.) multivitamins, minerals and nutrients permit the tumor to resolve and disappear without the necessity for biopsy.

Thermography is safe and gives at least a 2 to 3 year earlier diagnosis of breast cancer than can be made with mammograms. Fewer mammograms will lead to less radiation of breast tissue and is likely to slow the steady increase in breast cancer. Put pressure on your health plan to pay for thermograms!!!


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