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I Had A Friend


October 12, 2011,

I had a friend who just died. So I wanted to share a few truths with you, about life, dis-ease, healing, and death. For those of you that only have two minutes, I Put The Most Important Points In Bold.

This friend was diagnosed many years ago with the deadliest of diseases, a rare form of cancer. The medical doctors said he only had a few months to live.

He was a man of some faith, so I reminded him that only God knows when a person will live or die, not medical doctors. And from my experience, the medical doctors are dead wrong, pun intended, far more often than not.

In fact, if I had a hundred dollars for every patient of mine that was told they would be dead in a few months, only to live decades after their “medical death sentence”, well, I would be a far richer man than I am today.

Anyway, this man decided to give my Incurables Program a try. He wasn’t a great patient; he didn’t even meet my minimum requirements. Sure, he drank some of the drinks, took some of the herbal medicines, and went through some of the motions of some of the programs, but generally, he had that medical mindset that some of my patients had been brainwashed into: In the back of his mind somewhere, he believed the medical doctors, he believed their diagnosis, their prognosis, and I think he felt that they were very smart people, and therefore they must be at least partly correct. To me this is kind of like believing that the President, or the Queen, or the Pope is the smartest person in the world, or is psychic. I think he felt that somehow surgery, at some point, was going to help him. This can be a deadly mistake, much more deadly than any disease.

I think he expected me, or my herbal formulas, to almost magically heal his cancer. He said if it did, he would tell the masses, at which point I told him I didn’t need “this kind of attention”. He never saw the healing process as “him healing himself” and creating powerful health. I know if he would have just believed, he could have healed himself of anything.

His worst failure, was that he absolutely refused to take what I consider enough time off, to heal himself—at least three or four months, if not six—but again to be fair he did some of the program. So I fired him as a patient, after three days, and then again after five days, but we kept in touch.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I am not Jesus, nor a prophet of God. I have never healed anyone. I cannot heal anyone. All I can do is Illuminate the Healing Path, for a person to walk on, guide them on their Healing Adventure with my wisdom, and supply them with some of the Healing Tools that they will need along their Journey.

OK, so he got very lucky and had his healing miracle, his minimum involvement was enough, he created his own healing miracle, and his disease went into remission, and as my patients often experienced in my clinic, the disease was eaten up by his own immune system. Often when this happens, when the cancer is literally destroyed by your own immune cells, then just the fiber or “skeleton” of the cancer remains. He even had the medical doctors perform a biopsy, and they said, “we don’t even know what this is anymore… it is NOT cancer, it is just some dead cells.” I said, “Wonderful, we have had another healing miracle.” But the medical doctors, nor him, were satisfied with this. They could not leave miracles alone, so they all decided to go in and “clean things up,” which I always feel is a drastic mistake, for a few reasons…

First, surgery in itself causes a drastic reduction in our life energy, our chi, ki, prana, pilot light, or energy level, whatever you want to call it. I always say unless a surgery is absolutely necessary, and you will be dead in hours unless you have it, then DO NOT have it!

His cancer had been devoured by his immune system, it was gone as far as I was concerned, and to go in with invasive surgery, just to clean out already dead cancer, is simply a waste of time, money and a HUGE waste of your internal energy. Your body will do this eventually anyway. This was NOT a good idea, especially when you have just healed yourself from a supposedly very lethal disease. I have faith in our body’s ability to completely heal itself of any disease—he did not. So he just couldn’t help himself, he did it, he had the “clean up surgery” and it was a huge energetic blow to him, like getting hit by a car… no, a TRUCK!

Another reason to avoid surgery whenever possible, but especially when you are healing yourself of cancer, is that I believe the surgical procedure itself can cause the cancer to spread. Actually, it is more than just a belief… I have seen this happen time and time again.

Some of you might wonder why he got sick in the first place. Well, many reasons that I could see.

To give you the best of my decades of clinical practice, ALL diseases are caused by a combination of things, and cancer is no different.

ALL disease is caused by:

Inherited genetic predispositions


Diseases that are activated or created by physical, emotional and spiritual poisons

Most often, it is a combination of both.


Physically, he could have been poisoned by a number of carcinogenic chemicals that are present in almost all of our lives. He worked at a very large manufacturing company, and this company uses chemicals in manufacturing that are known carcinogens. So he could have been exposed to many manufacturing toxins, or just environmental toxins that are commonly present on most work environments.

Emotional Trauma
Emotionally, there were many obvious poisons. He had a huge emotional trauma during his career, and when he explained it to me, he said it was like getting struck right in the guts, at which time he unknowingly pointed to exactly where the cancer lied underneath. He also said that he had physical pain there for a few years after, and even a “twinge” now and then ever since.

Many diseases (especially cancer) are often caused, at least in part, by powerful emotional upsets that we never resolve, or forgive and forget. And this man had a huge one. He wasn’t big on forgiveness—he was big on getting even.

Spiritual Trauma
This man had also made some business decisions that he was not proud of making, to put it mildly. A few of them were very big decisions that made the company a lot of money, but they were decisions that he did not feel good about making at all. He had severe guilt and severe shame about this one decision that he was just in the process of making.

I suggested a solution, which was to simply… NOT DO IT. But my simple and very healing solution, well, it was just overwhelming to him. He couldn’t even imagine admitting his mistake, let alone stopping this project that was just about to launch. It would have cost the company millions of dollars and blah, blah, blah. I believe this guilt, shame and “spiritual trauma” was a big part of why his immune system was shutting down, and why he developed cancer.

A great Guru once told me, “You can’t get what you want out of life, by doing what you don’t want to do”. WOW, how simple is that? This man was simply doing what he did not want to do, and “it” was killing him. What is this “IT”? This “IT” was him, so a better more accurate statement would have been “I am killing myself” if I do this thing. Well, he did it, and he did! We are all extremely successful, powerfully successful, and get exactly what we want. If we are not getting the results we want, then we simply need to change our program.

You cannot be healthy and disease-free carrying a huge amount of guilt, shame and remorse around. We are human—we ALL screw up! Be honest with yourself. Fix any mistakes you have made the best way you can, the best way you know how, and then MOVE ON!

I have a very smart CPA and many, many years ago I was considering an investment that was so complex, neither of us even understood it. He simply said to me, no matter how much money you make on this deal, if you lose sleep over it, it’s not worth it. He then went on to explain to me that he judges all deals based on their “sleep factor”. He said that if any investment or any business deal keeps you awake at night, worrying, it is not worth doing it. So I did NOT do this deal, and I have slept like a baby following this important advice, ever since.

The bottom line is that carrying around guilt and shame will make you sick and kill you, as effectively as any disease. Actually, it is part of the disease!

OK, so now my friend is dead. So what is my point here? Well, I have a few…

First, I only share this story with you so we can ALL avoid these same mistakes and pitfalls in our own lives. He would have liked this.

If you are seriously ill, with any one of the thousands of life-threatening diseases, and you want to heal your dis-ease naturally, well, you simply need to take enough time off to heal yourself. In my clinical experience, the minimum is three months on the programs, but with getting started and recuperation, plan on six months. If you will not take the time off, well, this is what medical doctors, drugs and surgery are for.

Medical doctors are NOT Natural Healers. If you are going to embark on a Natural Healing Adventure, STOP listening to them. In fact, STOP asking them questions. In fact, STOP going to them. By the way, they DO NOT know when you are going to die!

Dr. Schulze is NOT Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Confucius or any other prophet of God or spiritual leader. He has never healed anyone, except himself. ALL of his patients healed themselves!

ALL diseases have physical, emotional and spiritual components. It is very important when healing yourself to identify as many of these disease-causing factors as possible, and eliminate them. They can be toxic food, toxic emotions and toxic spiritual poisons. Guilt and shame can kill just as fast as French fries and trans-fatty acids—actually faster.

Surgery in itself causes a drastic reduction in our life energy—our chi, ki, prana, pilot light, energy level—whatever you want to call it. Only consider it if you will be dead in hours without it. Otherwise, postpone it as long as possible.

With ALL of your decisions in life, remember… consider the “sleep factor”.

OK, I’ll see you next week!

— Dr. Schulze


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