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Be your own expert because the "so-called" experts have lost their minds

 Millions of people are catching onto the dangers of vaccines since the
growing number of afflicted children is impossible to ignore. Frightened by
growing public concern, public health officials feel the need to use the
police powers of the state to justify their unscientific policies that
vaccines are safe and effective.

 compiled by Vaccination Liberation

 Iowa bans thimerosal

This year Iowa became the first state to ban thimerosal, a mercury
derivative, from being added to vaccines. Although it is part of the
manufacturing process and is still in vaccines in trace amount, this is a
huge victory that could snowball with other states passing similar

In fact, another news release from California notes that Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger just signed a bill that bans practitioners in California
from administering thimerosal-containing vaccines to children under three
years old.

Unfortunately, both bills will not become law until sometime in 2006.

CDC decides to go down with sinking ship

In perfect timing to this recent whirlwind of activity surrounding the
controversy of mercury-containing vaccines, the subsequent development of
autism and the lack of safety studies done on thimerosal as a vaccine
additive, the CDC continues to be supportive of thimerosal. The federal
"epidemic" agency is issuing vaccine fact sheets to health departments all
over the nation assuring health care professionals and consumers that
thimerosal in vaccines is perfectly safe and has never been proven to be

Experts claim study proves mercury is good for developing brains

Also well timed is the citing of the September, 2004 edition of Pediatrics
by Reuters Health in which an article appeared claiming
thimerosal-containing vaccines actually improve children's behavior and

The article Reuters Health and other news outlets have broadcast widely is
entitled, "Mercury-Containing Vaccines May Help, Not Harm Kids."  The
article actually says:

"There appeared to be protective effects from thimerosal-containing vaccine
exposure for general developmental disorders, attention-deficit disorder,
and unspecified developmental delay."

 After two years of being told that we should not eat mercury-containing
seafood or breathe it via coal-fired plants because it's bad for you, are
we now to believe that injected mercury takes on a new life and is beneficial?

 Under threat, duress and coercion

In the midst of this heated debate among the controlled media, the CDC, and
Big Pharma versus outspoken consumer advocates, activists and researchers,
we find that our "police state" enforcers of this debacle are out in full
force to make sure we all partake in the medical miracle of vaccines.

In Washington D.C., an October 2 Washington Post article entitled "District
Resorts to Court to Enforce Inoculations: 434 Students Parents' May Face
Neglect Charges," we are told that parents will be fined as much as a $100
and jailed for up to five days for "each offense" if their children are
truant due to lack of "immunizations" or records validating that their
children have had the "required" shots.

Among the requirements for attending Washington D.C. middle and high
schools are booster shots for diphtheria/tetanus (Dt vaccine), Measles,
Mumps and Rubella (the MMR vaccine) and hepatitis B.  More recently,
varicella vaccine (for chickenpox, a mild infectious childhood disease in
healthy children) has been added as an additional requirement for attending

Exemptions based on medical reasons or religious convictions are not
mentioned in the article.

 Nurses know

In Washington state, Virginia Mason Medical Center decided to require that
ALL their nurses be injected with this year's flu vaccine. The Washington
State Nurses Association (WSNA), representing more than 600 registered
nurses, jumped in and filed a petition in federal court seeking an
injunction to stop the implementation of the hospital's recent policy
requiring mandatory flu vaccination for all RNs.

Although WSNA makes statements in these press releases that flu shots are
recommended and they believe they are a "good thing," they are adamantly
opposed to requiring a medical treatment such as the flu vaccine with the
threat of termination for failing to partake.

 A paradox?

So here we have a school district threatening fines and jail time for
parents if their children are truant due to lack of immunization records
and failing to comply with school district "policy," and a nurses'
association filing a petition in federal court to allow nurses to keep
their job if they choose not to vaccinate with this year's flu shot.

Why aren't we hearing cries denouncing policies that violate the Nuremberg
Code prohibiting forced medical experimentation via vaccines?

A People petition

After soliciting vaccine awareness activists for stories of families who
had one autistic child and a subsequent non-autistic child who was never
vaccinated, People magazine published in its  September 27, 2004 edition an
article entitled "Desperate Measures - Armed with a new study, some parents
say vaccines trigger autism. But is skipping shots the answer?"

Many parents of autistic children and vaccine awareness activists were
outraged with the lack of true investigative reporting done on the part of
the four authors cited. In fact, it appeared to be a front piece for
backing up current CDC policy. Or worse, an admission that pharmaceutical
industry advertisement dollars have major influence over People's editorial

The entire article has so many outright lies that Spokane activist Joan
Mootry decided to make a list of them and refute the article in the form of
an online petition to be sent to People magazine when there is a sufficient
number of signatures. To date, 830 people have signed this petition. To
sign the petition, go to    and have your voice count!

 Still trust the FDA and CDC?

While the vaccine police appear to be in full force, we hear that Fluviron,
the flu vaccine the CDC has purchased 46 to 48 million doses of so that 100
million doses will be available for this year's flu season, is contaminated
and must be "dumped."

The story even made the headlines of our local paper, The Coeur d'Alene
Press (October 6, 2004).  According to the Press,The Panhandle Health
District was counting on 7,500 doses-or 63 percent of its stock to be
Fluviron, manufactured in Liverpool, UK, by Chiron.

According to several news releases, Chiron will close it doors for three
months due to British regulators finding of what they delicately termed
"manufacturing problems." What is most disturbing is the fact that our
health officials knew in August of this year that 4 million doses of
Fluviron were contaminated but defended the rest of the supply, assuring
doctors and health departments there would be no shortage this year.

This is certainly a deja vu for our readers since the December 2000 edition
of The Idaho Observer ran an article about the filth and contamination
problems with Medeva's Liverpool plant, and how the FDA gave the green
light to sell 20 million doses of Fluvirin that year despite not having
inspected it to see if the problems had been resolved from their earlier
inspection in 2000.

It just so happens that Medeva was shutdown and then reopened as Chiron -
same owners, different name. What was then Fluvirin is now Fluviron.

What this really means is that unsanitary and filthy manufacturing
conditions are given the green light by our own FDA. In fact the U.S.
purchased a million doses of Fluviron prior to Chiron's UK plant being
shutdown by British regulators, and these doses of Fluviron have not been
recalled. Afterall, thousands of U.S. citizens have already received
Fluviron and this scandal could turn public health into a public "disease"

As if on queue to cover-up the real problems associated with contaminated
vaccines causing serious diseases, doctors across the nation are voicing
their outrage that they won't have enough flu vaccine available to protect
their most vulnerable patients - the elderly - from catching the flu. What
doctors are really admitting is that they are clueless as to other methods
of treating and preventing flu, their training being limited to the use of
toxic drugs and now contaminated biologicals.

Pregnant women and infant children first

While the "mercury-containing" vaccine issue rages, the CDC was planning on
supplying the public with only 6,000 to 8,000 doses of mercury-free flu
vaccine, and this year's sales campaign is targeting pregnant women and

Apparently it is up to the health department to order "thimerosal-free" flu
vaccines. It was reported to The Idaho Observer that the Spokane Regional
Health District (SRHD) did not bother to order any mercury-free flu
vaccines this year even though it is soliciting flu vaccines for infants,
toddlers and pregnant women.

Informationally out to lunch

As vaccine awareness activists begin to investigate exactly what vaccines
health departments are administering, they are finding doors closed and
even police used to stop the public from asking appropriate questions and
learning the truth about vaccines.

Violet Harris of Caldwell, Idaho went to the Canyon County Health
Department to find out exactly which vaccines they were administering to
the county's children in their summertime drive to "immunize" the county's
children before school.

Harris wanted to see the vaccine package inserts from the manufacturers so
she could further her research into epidemic learning disabilities and
behavioral problems in Canyon County children. She was not only refused the
information but was told that she was on private property and was swiftly
escorted out of the building by local police who were called to remove her
from the premises.

Joan Mootry had a similar experience in Spokane when she was abruptly "hung
up on" during a phone call with the Spokane Regional Health District in
which she was attempting to have specific questions answered regarding
their flu vaccine campaign. She finally decided to go there in person with
a gentleman at her side as a witness.

Mootry continued to get evasive treatment with the employees of the SRHD
actually refusing to give out their names. Needless to say, this was quite
a rude awakening for her "witness" who has actively opposed the
fluoridation of Spokane city water being added to the ballot in November.
The people of Spokane have previously voted down twice the fluoridation of
Spokane city water.

How many flu shots can you prevent?

We are encouraging people across the country to mass produce the following
ad as a half page flyer and disseminate as many as possible in your
communities. This insanity can only continue by the few awake among us
doing nothing. 

 The Flu Vaccine: Expanding a Failure

This year, aggressive flu vaccine sales tactics are targeting 100 million
customers in the USA, up from last years 80 million doses. The use of flu
vaccine is still controversial 60 years after its introduction.

Medical theorists disagree on whether flu vaccines protect from the flu or
the opposite, actually cause diseases. Deaths associated with the flu
continue to rise parallel with increased flu vaccine usage. No large
population studies prove the flu vaccine to have any protective value.

Every year, 80 to 90 percent of the population is naturally immune from all
forms of Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI's). Due to the fact that only 10 to
15 percent of these ILI's are actually flu, Natural immunity protects 96 to
98 people out of every hundred from contracting the flu.

An increasing number of people are concluding that the body is
self-protecting and self-healing and that artificial immunization is
ineffective and harmful. Known adverse effects of the flu vaccine include
flu-like symptoms, joint and muscle pain (sometimes lasting for years),
severe allergic reactions and occasional death.

Natural immunity to all contagious diseases is promoted by lifestyle
practices that increase digestive ability and elimination of toxins.

Many religious prohibitions against blood pollution exist for both health
and spiritual reasons. Scientists are awakening to the fact that
vaccination has it roots in the pre-scientific age and no adequate
scientific tests prove vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Explore our treasury of hard to find facts about vaccines at

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How do we immunize without vaccines?

It is important to understand that our medical "experts" are trained at
schools that are funded in large part by the pharmaceutical industry. If we
are going to realize optimal health, we must become responsible for our
lifestyle choices and healthcare decisions. Dis-ease, whether it is cancer
or the flu, is a sign that our body is out of balance with the particular
illness being our body's attempt to regain balance.

Becoming a student of naturopathy and homeopathy will give you the tools
necessary to work with your body's healing energies. Vaccines, antibiotics
and other toxic drugs are foreign to the body and work in opposition to
your body's attempts to heal itself.




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Free Your Mind.....
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"When we give government
the power to make medical decisons
for us, we, in essence, accept that
the state owns our bodies."
~U.S.Representative Ron Paul, MD