'Invest in ME' (IiME) & 'Action for ME' Exposed charities
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1.  UK Invest in ME Charity - Stock Plummets.

This item is of particular interest in relation to the Invest in ME (IiME) charity conference scheduled to be held in London in May 2007.

Many concerns have been expressed by our worldwide readers in relation to the UK charity Invest in ME (IiME) and its links with the activities of the mendacious and litigious Dr Ian Gibson MP, chairman of the dangerously flawed Gibson 'inquiry' and extensive pharmaceutical industry supporter. The one constant in ME/CFS charity world is that so many of these outfits seem to start out so well and then immediately proceed to descend down the oh so familiar well oiled greasy chute of vested interests. One Click delineates the serious misinformation being constantly promulgated by this charity and highlights Gibson’s links with the pharmaceutical industry, including his recent overt support of the five vaccine cocktail to be given to eleven year-old girls.


2.  RiME On Gibson.

One Click publishes today a selection of letters from RiME - Campaigning for Research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Of particular interest is the letter from stellar investigative writer Martin J. Walker that deals with Dr Ian Gibson MP and the farcical Gibson 'inquiry'.  The activities of Professor Simon Wessely are noted.






1.  AfME Research Summit: The list they did not want us to see.

Suzy Chapman and Ciaran Farrell write: “The joint AfME (Action for ME) / MRC (Medical Research Council) Research Summit, first scheduled for April 2006 but postponed following representations from outraged campaigning groups and patients, was finally held last November. The list, which includes names like White, Sharpe, Chalder, Weardon, Garralda, Morriss, Reid and Creed, reads like the boarding list for the 2002 psych jolly to the island paradise of Rarotonga.”  One Click comments: “As new ME/CFS charities in the United Kingdom enter the field, they too have become immediately compromised by cankerous vested interests. In the United Kingdom, the interlinking of the words ME/CFS and charity have filthy, corrupt connotations.”




* The UK Charity Action for ME Exposed - Again!
It has been most unfortunate for the reputations of stock broking firm Panmure Gordon and Pelham Public Relations involved in AfME's latest fund raising drive to learn that this charity has had more complaints in regard to its activities laid at the door of the Charity Commission for England and Wales than any other operating in this field and many others besides. Thoroughly detested by the majority of ME/CFS labelled patients, AfME has refused to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the last twelve years, since 1996. The strategic direction and policies of this charity have not been agreed by its members/subscribers who have been entirely disenfranchised by the AfME Board of Trustees. Donors beware.

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