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Re: Insidious mind-control
Reply #3 on: Jan 6th, 2004, 2:30pm


For me, checking for implants was unusual...or perhaps typical. Anyway, there was a spot in the basement where I could stand and I would get no response from the ZapChecker, even on the most sensitive setting (10 on the linear setting). But when I stepped out of that "null" zone, I would get readings at various locations on my body. To me, and us here, it appeared that inorder to activate the implants they needed some signal from the towers. Interestingly, if I was getting a reading from the implants and I very quickly moved, the implants would deactivate and then activate again as though they needed to pinpoint me.

That is when it became obvious to us here that there seems to be different kinds of implants: the kind that are active all the time, the kind that need some sort of signal to activate, and perhaps even the kind that don't give off a signal when they are active.

What we do now when we check for implants is to go by a tower that hasn't been gifted and check for them with the zapchecker. They no longer seem to beam around here any more probably because we disabled the towers and we never get a zapchecker reading on the property any more. It is when we go to a tower that we find we got new implants.

So, give that a try and let us know.


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Re: Insidious mind-control
Reply #4 on: Jan 22nd, 2004, 05:07am

Galaero if you are having trouble trusting the zapper another way to check for implants is with body/muscle testing. Make sure to also check for cloaked and currently inactive implants ( I call the inactive ones sleepers--because they are usually set to activate at a later time. Sometimes they have a very specific purpose and sometimes not....) It is a good idea to also check your etheric body, astral body, aura etc. when doing the body testing otherwise one just seems to catch the physical ones.
If you are interested in body testing and do not know anyone who does this skill I would be glad to do it for you or anyone else who needs it.
Before my husband and I had our Orgonite energy sphere around our property we would sometimes hear a strange whooshing sound followed by a fast moving white light in front of us, streaking through the house. Usually when we see lights, especially golden ones, it means elementals or a visit from one of our teams. But this light was different--it had a very menacing and dark feeling to it. I started psychiclly gathering info etc. on this light and its purpose--and, as part of my regular practice, I check everything with body testing. The "villians" had sent in some new fangled technology that almost instantaneously implants bio organisms. Andrew banished the perps while I checked us for implants. Boy in those few seconds they did a good job. We both had several implants, as I began working on having them removed we both thought of the cats-- wouldn't you know they were full of them (and not just from that night) One of the cats had an implant in the brain that was threading its way to his eyes and ears. He would have been a walking audio and video camera of all we do and all our gifting plans. Needless to say I was very pissed! After we removed all implants with the help of our teams we began preparations to fully gift our home and property. At the time we just had our cb and a gifter in the car and one in the bed room. We now have a sphere of orgone around our property that they have not been able to penetrate. (knock on wood ) We do get astral shadows appearing but they flicker and are gone. I tested that it is very draining for the perps to do this with all the orgonite around. I can't wait til the harp tower arrays nearby are hit. Thats our next big mission.
Anyway every day we check for implants on ourselves and our cats. They have been implant free for several months now, unfortunately we have found some on us after doing errands etc. in the south part of the city. We of course immediately got rid of them. Eventually they will give up on this particular avenue of control and find another way to annoy us--besides the daily choppers circling, that we zap with glee using our power wands.
I have also discovered if you triangulate your bed with gifters -- one at the bottom of the bed and two on either side of the head of the mattress ( just on your nightstands is fine) the "villians" are unable to telepathically influence you, unless you have a specific type of implant(s).
Well it's 2:54 am our time, and definately time to slip into sweet slumber. Good night all

Many Blessings
~Mama Shama