The total ineffectiveness of vaccines

>Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 17:32:42 +1000
>From: Bronwyn Hancock

I was told a couple of nights ago about a woman with a PhD in immunology
who confessed to a chiropractor that she was not in favour of vaccination.
When he asked her why not, she said "Well, looking at serum through the
microscope I could see that the antibodies went right past the
vaccine-injected antigens as if they weren't even there." When he then
asked, "Would you be willing to put that in writing?" she replied, "No, I
would lose my job."
What a beautiful little story that so powerfully demonstrates the
ineffectiveness of vaccination as well as the power of the
commercialism/politics that causes the procedure to nevertheless continue
unabated, indeed these days with even more steam than ever.
I have put this little snippet on my web site (at )
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