Dr Irina Ermakova

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Genetically modified organisms and biological risks by Irina Ermakova

[2006] Study: GM Soy Dangerous for Newborns?

[2011 Oct] Monsanto is secretly poisoning the population with Roundup  When Dr. Irina Ermakova came to her office, the meaning of the charred remains of papers on her desk was unambiguous -- it was yet another attempt to intimidate or punish her. So was the theft of samples from her laboratory, and the continuous verbal attacks by biotech advocates. Her crime? She fed rats genetically modified Roundup Ready soy, and reported the results. Those results were clearly not what the sellers of GM soy wanted us to hear. After female rats were fed GM soy, more than half their babies died within three weeks. The rat pups were also considerably smaller, and in a later experiment, were unable to reproduce. Offspring from mothers fed non-GM soybeans, on the other hand, died at only a 10% rate, and were able to mate successfully.