[This is what you can expect if you post alternative medicine advice or information on alt.support.cancer. This is just from one person "J", probably Quackwatches S. Barrett (as "she" recommends you report people to sbinfo@quackwatch.org which is Barretts e mail addy)--a combination of abuse & medical propaganda, trying to get readers to block your posts, and when that fails to deter you reporting you to your ISP for "abuse".]

If you or a loved one has been quacked by Howard Strauss (grandson of  Max  Gerson) at Gerson Center in Arizona, contact Quackwatch at email: sbinfo@quackwatch.com

If it (laetrile) had any value for treating cancer, drug companies would have developed it into a treatment long ago.---- 


Is there a moron newsgroup somewhere?
You could clean up the gene pool by posting (your webpages) there.

[Post header.  This is ad hominem.] Follow "john" the whale and you'll get death...

here a conspriacy,
there a conspiracy,
everywhere a conspiracy.
that's "john" the whaleto..

[Post header] How to filter "john" the whale's posts

So filter his posts

"john" <nospamoridiotss@vaccine.com>
and the phrase http://www.whale.to

How to Block Senders in Outlook Express
Highlight/select the post.
click on 'message' between 'tools and help' at the top of OE...
then click on block sender..

Get yourself a free newsreader which blocks posters like him...
 http://xnews.newsguy.com X-News, or Outlook or Netscape.

If you are reading and posting through Google, send suggestion to Google,
such as making their software be able to filter posters...contact Google's
beta support feedback

Just to be clear, since there may be more than one John on this newsgroup
it's "john"
and posting email address  nospamoridiots@vaccine.com


Print this up, to remind you.

How to Block Senders using Outlook Express
Highlight/select the post.
Click on 'message' between 'tools and help' at the top of OE...
then click on block sender..
They may not disappear immediately, only when you exit the newsgroup and
come back in.

If you are reading and posting through Google, get yourself a free
newsreader which blocks posters.
http://xnews.newsguy.com X-News, or Outlook or Netscape (Mozilla).
Outlook comes free with most Windows based computers.

In Netscape (Mozilla), it's (usually) - Edit, Message Filters

Here's a partial list of who to filter /delete their posts.

Just to be clear, since there may be more than one John on this newsgroup
Posting name: (no capital "J")          john
Posting email address  nospamoridiots@vaccine.com

Posting Name:             Jorge Mendez
Posting email address   jam127@csufresno.edu

Posting Name:            Willcox
Posting email address  not_giving@you.my.address.com

Posting Name:            Howard Straus
Posting email address  hdstraus@earthlink.net

Posting Name:            Harpoon
Posting email address  spamandidiotsabound@whale.to

Posting Name:            Rtr5998
Posting email address  rtr5998@aol.com

Posting Name:            doc (not a doctor )
His posting e-mail addresses are

another one:

poster name: IMRAN JATTALA
poster e-mail: imran.jattala@verizon.net

poster name: Dr. Jai Maharaj  (not a doctor)
poster e-mail:  I'll fill this in, if he becomes a problem again.

Immunotec salesman who makes unproven claims and cannot provide proof of
clinical trials.
(I'll have to fill these in if he reappears..
poster name: Research
posting email: n...@msn.com
poster name: Immunotec Research
posting email: hotm...@msn.com
poster name: search
posting email: hotm...@msn.com
poster name: Imprwe
posting email:saaskjw...@yahoo.com

and sadly.....(he's new here and we can't figure out why he posts such as
he does)
Posting Name:            Alan B. Mac Farlane
Posting email address  alanb@sonic.net

If you cannot filter them, pretend that you can. Do not reply to their
posts. Or click on thier posts, delete everything and type "plonk".

With some newsreaders, when you hit the spacebar (on your keyboard), the
newsreader goes to the next "unread" post. That makes it easier to skip
certain posters.

[Abuse, and they come in teams]

I did not. we have a team to fight off quacks like you.

take your meds..

George, plonk that "john". He spreads scare tactics and conspiracy theories all
over various newsgroups.
Let Steph handle him.

[This is a lie, see Suppress alternatives]

If it worked against cancer, it would not be "alternative" anymore.
It would be used conventionally.

> Hi J,
> I see that John has gone off his meds again. I thought that mental
> institutions did not have Interenet access; guess I was wrong.

[They don't want you looking anywhere else]

> This website has some interesting information: http://educate-yourself.org/

bs website, not even worth exploring

Here's what NOT to do.
Ignore your doctor and go "alt-med"

[Ruth Sackman, who has been doing alternative cancer advice for 30 years, after her daughter died of leukemia.]]

>  Ruth Sackman, Foundation For Advancement in Cancer Therapies, PO Box 1242,
> Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10013. 212 741 2790  Free Advice
> www.fact-ltd.org

What ? she hasn't been arrested yet?

It's the same damned "cure" that you're pushing on your webpage.
So now you admit that your altie stuff is for guinea pigs.

testimonials are useless...

> Your posts about Gerson are not welcome here.
> Scram or you will be reported.
> J


> http://www.whale.to/a/last.html

Winner of the Internet's Misinformation site of the year.

Almost all yout alternatives have been disproven. Use the archives to reread
Peter Moran's post.
I know you saw it because you're in the thread on that discussion.
*tip for you for searching archives" type disproven and unproven and Peter
Moran as the author.

George, plonk that "john". He spreads scare tactics and conspiracy theories all
over various newsgroups.
Let Steph handle him.

Maybe you should have one. You need your head examined....

Radiotherapy can be curative.
If they follow you, they'll certainlly die.

Liar, liar, misinformation web site of the decade.

I'ts holiday time.
Let's not bait him...

[Report to ISP so you lose your internet connection.]

For now, shut him down (like I suggested) by reporting him to his ISP.

If anybody out there has time and the energy to report him, select his posts,
then show full headers (I'll post them), then insert the blurb and forward to
his ISP.

To: <abuse@btopenworld.com>

BT Yahoo you have a dial-up subscriber that posts links to his web site
whale.to in violation of alt.support.cancer Charter and Usenet AUP. John
does not have cancer. John does flood the newsgroup with his posts, nearly
all of them have nothing to do with cancer support. Many are outside of the
topic for the newsgroup.

Please enforce your Usenet AUP.


When you grow up, let us know.

"Jorge" has been trolling cancer newsgroups for years.
According to Google, his name appears to be Justin Martin, 27 years old.
Such wisdom (sarcasm).
"Jorge"s" mother died in 1998.
He's still trying to figure out who gets the house she left him, when he dies.

Jerry report him for trolling...please (you'll find him trolling the prostate
cancer newsgroup also)

I sometimes wonder if he gets paid by them (for posting the web pages for them)
and that's how he makes his living.


[The favourite shill site, you can see the use of quackwatch]

Take your guidance from your oncologist and read how to not get "quacked"

These explain how promoters of dubious treatments manipulate the emotions
of desperate cancer patients and their families.

    * Be Wary of "Alternative" Health Methods
    * How Quackery Sells
    * How Quackery Harms Cancer Patients
    * 25 Ways to Spot Quackery
    * "Health Freedom" How It Harms Cancer Patients
    * More Ploys That May Fool You

People (or their "claimed" treatments) to avoid

"john" <nospamoridiotss@vaccine.com> and  http://www.whale.to

[Quackwatch even have a blacklist of alternative doctors, like the ACS had.]

http://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/index.html - Explanations for each are on
that web page
Promoters of Questionable Methods

Each of the following has been involved in some way with the promotion or
administration of questionable health products and/or services. Many of
them have written at least one book that I believe contains invalid
information. Most appear to hold sincere beliefs. Those marked with a red
asterisk (*) have been subjected to regulatory or enforcement action.
Nonaccredited degrees are marked with black asterisks (*). Each asterisk
represents one action or degree.. Click on each name to see the reason
they are on this list.


    * David Amrein*
    * Stephen B. Ayre, MD
    * Nicholas Bachynsky, MD****
    * James F. Balch, MD
    * Phyllis A. Balch, CNC
    * Neal Barnard, MD (link to another site)
    * Robert Barefoot*
    * Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD
    * Berkley Bedell (link to another site)
    * Joel Berger, DDS**
    * Brian Berman, MD
    * Paula Bickle****
    * Harvey Bigelson, MD*
    * Sam Biser (to be posted)
    * Jeffrey Bland, PhD***
    * Tim and Jan Bolen
    * Robert W. Bradford****
    * J.E. Bouquot, DDS, MSD
    * A. Glenn Braswell***145 actions***
    * Peter R. Breggin, MD
    * Joyce E. Brown, RN**
    * Sylvia Browne
    * Jennie Burke*
    * Milan Brych** (link to another site)
    * Stanislaus Burzynski, MD, PhD*
    * Craig D. Butler, MD**
    * Gregory Earl Caplinger********
    * Rebecca Lee Carley, MD*
    * Sam Chachoua
    * Stephen A. Cherniske**
    * Deepak Chopra, MD
    * Daniel G. Clark, MD**
    * Larry Clapp, PhD, JD (to be posted)
    * Hulda Clark, PhD, ND**
    * Florence Comite, MD
    * Arthur Copes, PhD* (to be posted)
    * Serafina Corsello, MD*
    * Robert M. Currier, DO* (link to another site)
    * Leo Daboub*********
    * Irving I. Dardik, M.D.*
    * James Gary Davidson**
    * Richard Claire Davis, Jr, MD**
    * Lorraine Day, MD
    * Jeanne Drisko, MD
    * Harvey and Marilyn Diamond*
    * John A. Dicke, PhD, JD*
    * Kurt Donsbach*********
    * Harold J. Dykema, DC*
    * Stephen B. Edelson, MD*
    * John Edward (link to another site)
    * David Eisenberg, MD
    * Roger H. Fisher, PhD**
    * David R. Friedman, DC, ND*
    * Viola M. Frymann, DO**
    * Joanne Gallagher, DC*
    * Charles Gant, MD*
    * Michael Gerber, MD*
    * Robert Goldman, DO*
    * Nicholas Gonzalez, MD*
    * James S. Gordon, MD
    * David L. Gordon, MD***
    * Richard Gorringe, MD**
    * Doug Grant*
    * Bill Gray, MD* (link to HomeoWatch)
    * John Gray, PhD* (link to another site)
    * Alex Guerrero
    * Ronald L. Halstead, DC** (link to Chirobase)
    * William M. Hammesfahr, MD*
    * Bruce E. Hedendal, DC, PhD* (link to Chirobase)
    * Jay M. Holder, DC**
    * William Holder, MD*
    * Len Horowitz, DMD, MPH**(to be posted)
    * Hal A. Huggins, DDS**
    * James E. Johnson, MD*
    * Gordon Josephs, DO**
    * Jesse Jutkowitz, DC*****
    * Eleazer M. Kadile, MD*
    * Daniel Kamen, DC*
    * Jimmy Keller**
    * William D. Kelley, DDS*
    * Ronald Klatz, DO*
    * Monte Kline, PhD***
    * Jay Kordich
    * Ernst T Krebs, Jr.***
    * Josef Krop, MD*
    * Hans J. Kugler, PhD
    * Jacob W. Kulp, DC**
    * Roy Kupsinel, MD
    * Michio Kushi
    * Andrew J. Lane**
    * I. William Lane, PhD**
    * Don Lapre**
    * Terry J. Lee, DDS*
    * Karl Loren (Loren Karl Troescher)*
    * Rev. George Malkmus
    * Richard Markoll, MD, PhD*
    * Richard A. Marschall, ND*
    * Gary Martin*
    * Robert C. Martin, DC
    * Marijah McCain, ND, MD(AM), PhD*****
    * Andrew McNaughton**
    * Earl Mindell, RPh** (to be posted)
    * David Ira Minkoff, MD*
    * Sandi Mitchell, PhD**
    * Ralph Moss, PhD
    * Gaston Naessons**
    * Devi S. Nambudripad, DC, LAc, RN, PhD
    * Joseph Natole, Jr., MD
    * Robert O. Nara, DDS* (to be posted)
    * William C. Nelson, PhD, MD, NMD, ScD, ND*****
    * Gary Null, PhD*
    * Brian E.P.B. O'Connell**
    * Gary Pace, PhD**
    * Richard Passwater*
    * Durk Pearson
    * Nicholas V. Perricone, MD
    * Laurence Perry, NMD, ND****
    * Brian S. Peskin***
    * Douglas J. Phillips, DDS*
    * Michael Pinkus, DC**
    * John C. Pittman, MD*
    * Charles Pixley*
    * David Eugene Pontius*
    * Helmut Prahl, PhD (link to another site)
    * James R. Privitera, MD*
    * Dr. Ian Geoffrey Raddatz*
    * William C. Rader, MD
    * Mathias Rath, MD*
    * Shelvie Rettmann**
    * Anthony Robbins* (link to another site)
    * Joel Robbins, DC, ND, MD**
    * Anthony G. Roeder, DDS*
    * David W. Rowland*
    * Jordan S. Rubin* (to be posted)
    * Bozena Rozum-Slota, MD*
    * Raymond J. Salani, PhD**
    * Humbart Santillo, ND
    * Thomas S. Sawyer*
    * Alexander Schauss PhD* (to be posted)
    * Diana Schwarzbein, MD (to be posted)
    * James M. Shortt, MD*
    * Robann Sica, MD**
    * Robert Sinaiko, MD*
    * Leanna J. Standish, ND, PhD, Dipl Ac
    * John E. Stauch, PhD***
    * David A. Steenblock, MD**
    * Walter W. Stoll, Jr., MD*
    * Arnold J. Susser, RPh, PhD (to be posted)
    * Murray Susser, MD*
    * Stuart M. Suster, MD*
    * Arnold C. Takemoto* (link to another site)
    * Katrina C. Tang, HMD***
    * Ron Tepper*
    * Thomas Ronald Theodore***
    * Stephen R. Thomas
    * Steven Tondre*
    * Kevin Trudeau****
    * John E. Upledger, DO
    * Richard Vander Heyden, DDS**
    * Jonathan Wainwright*** (link to another site)
    * Joel D. Wallach, DVM, ND
    * U.S. Rep. Diane Watson
    * Joe Weider******
    * Andrew Weil, MD
    * Robyn Elizabeth Welch (link to another site)
    * Scott Rulon Werner, MD*
    * Julian Whitaker, MD (link to another site)
    * Frank D. Wiewel
    * David Williams, DC (link to another site)
    * Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD (to be posted)
    * E. Denis Wilson, MD*
    * Jonathan V. Wright, MD*
    * Paul Yanick, Jr, PhD, ND, CNC, CQM*
    * Gary Young, ND****
    * Chester Yozwick*


    * Albert Abrams, MD
    * Paavo Airola, ND*
    * Hariton Alivizatos
    * William Horatio Bates, MD*
    * John R. Brinkley**
    * Lawrence Burton, PhD*
    * John Colquhoun, DDS, PhD
    * William G. Crook, MD
    * Michael L. Culbert*
    * Adelle Davis
    * Luigi Di Bella, PhD
    * Benjamin Feingold, MD
    * Carlton Fredericks*
    * T.C. Fry*
    * Max Gerson, MD
    * Dinshah P. Ghadiali, MD, ME, DC, PhD, LLD, ND, DOpt, FFS, DHT, DMT,
    * Gayelord Hauser
    * Bob Hoffman*****
    * Harry Hoxsey**
    * Bernard Jensen, DC
    * Bruce Halstead, MD*
    * John Harvey Kellogg (link to another site)
    * Ernst T. Krebs, Sr.*
    * John R. Lee, MD (to be posted)
    * Royal S. Lee, DDS*****
    * Virginia C. Livingston, MD*
    * Harold Manner, PhD
    * Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD
    * Patrick M. McGrady, Jr.
    * Cornelis Moerman, MD
    * Richard P. Murray, DC
    * Paul Niehans, MD (to be posted)
    * Daniel David ("D.D.") Palmer
    * Melvin Page, DDS
    * Linus Pauling, PhD
    * Weston Price, DDS
    * Evans Rapsomanikis*
    * Cary Reams*
    * Willhelm Reich, MD*
    * Emanuel Revici, MD*
    * John Richardson, MD**
    * Raymond Royal Rife
    * Anthony J. Sattilaro, MD
    * Herbert Shelton
    * Lendon Smith, MD**
    * Donald E. Soli, MD**
    * Elisabeth Targ, MD
    * John H. Tilden, MD
    * John W. Tintera, MD**
    * George Starr White, ND, DC, PhD
    * John Yiamouyiannis, PhD

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