Johnson & Johnson/McNeil

[2010 June] J&J Secretly Bought Defective Motrin from Store Shelves Instead of Issuing a Recall

Dix, Sean  Sean Dix has invented an ingenious device known as “the floss ring”. He brought it to Johnson & Johnson (hereafter “J&J”) in 1994, unaware that J&J had been attempting to develop a similar product of its own, but without success. That began a series of horrendous experiences that culminated on 21 December 2009, with an apparent attempt on his life by means of a massive injection of flouride administered by his long-time dentist. He has made heroic attempts to expose the malfeasance by J&J by contacting local and state authorities.....we laid out the basics of his invention of a device to deliver sterile dental floss, which J&J had falsely claimed to have done for nearly a century.  Were that fact to be exposed, J&J might well face liability suits for consumer fraud and medical malpractice that could exceed billions of dollars. That J&J had motive to take Sean out makes J&J the prime suspect behind his attempted murder.