by Hilarion

"You can perhaps appreciate that by causing pain and fear in the animals that are slaughtered for food, a large quantity of karma is placed upon The Human Race as a whole. This is shared by all humans to varying degrees, but those who eat meat take on much more than those who do not, and those who actually raise the animals for food or operate the slaughterhouses where they are killed, have an enormous burden of karmic debt to discharge."

"In the case of someone who merely eats the meat but who does not participate further in the carnage, the karma is usually set aside through the episodes of illness which most people undergo and which are promoted by the very weakness that the eating of the meat causes. There are, of course, certain meat-eaters who appear never to become ill, this being due to a very strong metabolism which they have inherited genetically. In such cases, the karma from the meat-eaters is inevitably to be met through undergoing death at an earlier age than would have been the case had no meat been eaten."

"Upon The Human Race lies a great karmic debt to The Animal Kingdom, a branch of life which was made lower than Man and which was entrusted to his care in order that Man could teach the animals, through kindness and through example, something of the lessons which that Soul Group are attempting to assimilate. But Man has assumed that all things on this Planet, including The Animal Kingdom, are there but for his pleasure to do with as He wishes. He massacres the superb animal life-forms that were placed here to beautify his environment so that He can fill his stomach with their carcasses."

"This 'evil' does not go unnoticed, and soon retribution for this wanton slaughter must descend upon The Human Race. Yet, even without a specific time of karmic payment to discharge the weight of the millennia of carnage, the debt would all be set aside. The reason relates to the way in which the eating of meat affects the physical body of Man. To a great degree, this working out of the karma for eating the animals is automatic."

"By suffering these extra illnesses and the early death, each human who has eaten animal cadavers, and thus contributed to their death, fully sets aside his part of the karma that arose with the death of the animals consumed."

"The tragedy is that these illnesses, the rapid aging, and the early death need not occur. In The New Age about to break like a glorious dawn upon this Planet, men will recognize their responsibility to the lesser Kingdoms of Life, and never again will an animal have to be sacrificed for the sake of hunger or find a grave in the stomach of a human being."

"The very large Bovine Group now upon The Earth is performing both a duty and a sacrifice for Man. Not only do they give milk and all the other dairy products for the consumption of The Human Race, but they willingly offer their very lives so that Man may have meat to eat. When We say that they willingly lay down their lives, We do not mean to imply that it is right for Mankind to take this 'gift'. The butchering of these gentle animals for food generates a very large quantity of karma for The Human Race, and this must be set aside by suffering and early death."

"The Life-stream now manifesting in The Bovine Group knows fully well that Humanity has fallen unthinkingly into the habit of consuming for food the beautiful animal life-forms which were intended to be his companions and to beautify his environment. And knowing this, they have decided to make the sacrifice of their own physical bodies in order to allow other life-forms to be spared, at least to some extent. If Man did not have The Bovine Group to feed upon, He would have turned to other more delicate species, species whose progress in a spiritual sense would have been hampered by being cruelly cut down to find graves in man's stomach."

"There was a risk that without The Bovine Family, the great increase in mankind's numbers as The Tribulation approached would have meant that some of the smaller and more easily tamed species -- like the dog, the cat, the rabbit, the squirrel, and others -- would have been practically wiped out of existence by man's ravenous appetite for blood and flesh. If that had occurred, the Life-streams now manifesting as these smaller animal species would have lost much ground spiritually and would have been set back in their endeavor by having undergone the cruel and heartless treatment which The Human Race now mainly deals out to the cows, calves, and steers."

"The average person in North America has typically eaten so much outside protein practically from birth that the body's own natural recycling ability (see The Liver and Protein Requirements) has 'gone to sleep', so to speak. Specifically, the liver loses its natural ability to recycle practically all of the body's own protein and this gives rise to the protein dependence which is rampant today in all affluent societies. This dependence arises as a part of the karma for the slaughter of the beautiful animal life-forms which Man now consumes for food."

"The High Entities Who were responsible for the placing of these life-forms on The Earth are caused much pain to observe the bloodletting of the slaughterhouses, because They had intended the animals to beautify man's environment and to act as vehicles for less-evolved souls with the idea that contact with humans would uplift them and enlighten them. Such uplift and enlightenment presupposed that Man would treat his animal brothers with love and kindness. By murdering them, He only retards their progress and brings a heavy karmic burden upon Himself."

"The services performed by The Guardians, Teachers, and Guides of The Human Race are no different from the help that all levels on the scale of being are expected to offer to the levels below. Indeed, We too have our own Guides and Helpers on Higher Planes than our own, and They, in turn, have still loftier Mentors. The chain of instruction, caring, and guidance continues unbroken to the very highest Places in The Spiritual Panorama, and no creature, being, or entity is ever left alone and unloved."