Kidney stones and kidney cleanses

Kidney Stones GONE!

February 06, 2013, VIDEO by Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

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In less than FIVE MINUTES, Renee tells you her story, about dissolving and flushing out her Kidney Stones, with the 5-Day KIDNEY Detox Program. No PAIN, No DRAMA, No TRAUMA, and best yet, NO MORE STONES!

Renee’s medical doctor said she would need surgery to get rid of her Kidney Stones. Her medical doctor said, “You Cannot Dissolve a Kidney Stone”. And if you pass them, you will be in a LOT OF PAIN.

But she was persistent, kept doing the 5-Day KIDNEY Detox, and went back to the doctor twice hoping her kidney stones were gone, but they were not, so she was scheduled for kidney surgery. But Renee did not want to have the surgery. Then, on her third visit to her medical doctor, she received a wonderful surprise. Her surgeon said, “The stones are gone!”

Renee said, “I never felt a thing… I never had ANY pain”.

A VERY SPECIAL WOMAN, creating her own Healing Miracle!

— Dr. Schulze