Dear Friends,
I would like to invite you to visit my website "1796 - Homeopathy and
Vaccinations", the largest in the RuNet (Russian-speaking Internet) on the
subject of vaccinations.,
Along with original papers by Russian authors, I have featured translations
of works by  Coulter, Scheibner, B. Classen, Geier, Blaylock, Singh among
others and Congressional testimonies by Belkin, Dunbar, White, Megson,
Urnovitz and others.
Our latest additions are

A description and other details about my book "The merciless immunization"
(in Russian, of course) can be found at

In addition to information about vaccines and vaccination practices, my
website features extensive research and information on homeopathy and
homeoprophylaxis, an alternative to routine vaccinations that I believe is
well-worth further R&D.

The web-site is also a forum where Russian-speaking parents and medical
professionals worldwide can interact on many subjects: vaccinations, human
rights, local vaccination laws, etc. as well as homeopathy and
homeoprophylaxis. Every conference at the forum is
supervised by a moderator-volunteer from either Israel, Australia or Russia.

The website is my personal responsability; I have an MD degree from Moscow
and a PhD from Jeruslaem University.

G-d bless all the parental organizations fighting  for the rights of children.

Any help in spreading the word to Russian-speaking families about the
website is most appreciated.


Alexander Kotok, MD, PhD.