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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am hopefully sending you a mailing about Alan Yurko.  I am asking for your
suggestions for ideas to get a response from Dr. Crockett.  I am going to
enclose a letter that I am sending to him via snail mail with this blind copy
to each and every one of you.  I shall also enclose Alan's article.  Please
feel free to send the article to your pen pals to help get my pen pal out of
the pen.




Hi Dr. Landis,

It has been a very long time since I last wrote you and since I have sent you
the reports of Archie Kalokerinos, MD and Harold Buttram, MD on the Yurko
case.  I am patiently awaiting your comments of your review of these
masterful reports.  When might I hear from you?

Alan Yurko has written an article NO MATTER WHAT and I am enclosing a copy
for you to read.

Thanks for improving our communications with your response.



Director, Division of Disease Control
Florida Department of Health
4052 Bald Cypress Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1701


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by Alan R. Yurko

We often hear Dr. Kupsinel tell us of UCLA -- Unconditional Love and
Acceptance.  Here is a tale of how UCLA has transformed me.

I had rushed my newborn son to the emergency room.  He had stopped breathing.
 Seventy-five hours later he died.  His brain was damaged severely.  We had
no idea what caused this.  The doctors and police said that the only way this
could happen was if someone abused him.  Since I was the last person alone
with him, I was arrested and thrown in jail without bond for First Degree
Murder.  So, there I was with a twenty-four hour “suicide watch” cell, my
newborn son dead, and I was being accused of killing him.  Other prisoners
were throwing feces urine, spit and sour milk on me. I was taunted as a
“baby-killer,” which somehow warped in “baby-raper.”  I was in shock,
grief, fear and a state of horror.  I could not eat. I could not sleep.  My
body was shutting down, my spirit was dying and my mind was almost lost. I
lost the ability to speak and eat as the stench of sour milk and the feces
overpowered me.  My wife was arrested as well. my four year old daughter was
taken by the State and was sexually battered and molested in their care.  I
had developed a rash as I was forced to wash my body with toilet water
because my “sink” was mysteriously broken. A prisoner across from me was
gouging his nose to make it bleed and using his blood to paint pentagons and
satanic symbols on his cell walls.  He painted himself as well, sometimes
using his own feces.  I wasn’t allowed bedding and high powered fluorescent
lights beamed on me twenty-four hours a day, non-stop.

The media was busy painting my wife and I as devils and monsters.  My wife
Francine was released and charges were eventually dismissed, and our daughter
was returned swiftly after her molestation.  Eventually, I was convicted of
murdering my baby boy and sentenced to life plus ten years in prison. 
However, my story here today focuses on those “dark” days at the onset while
in that “suicide cell.”

It was during those times where I teetered on the edge of insanity. 
Literally.  At times I wished I would die, and I know deep in my heart, I
would in fact be dead were it not for UCLA. 

As Dr. Roy Kupsinel has shown us in SYNAPSE, UCLA is the key to all healing. 
However, we often overlook how UCLA heals others as well as ourselves.  Let
me tell you someone else’s UCLA healed me!

As I spent those early “dark’ days in fear and cried, I spiraled down a
vortex of death.  However, UCLA reached in and lifted me up.  Alas, my wife,
Francine, had called the jail for she was worried that I hadn’t called or
written. (I was given no phone nor writing supplies,)  Her assertiveness
prompted jail officials to bring me a phone. I called.  I needed to tell her
that I loved her and that I was dying inside, but it was she who did all the
talking.  She told me she knew I didn’t hurt our baby. She said she never 
doubted me and never would. She told me she would stand by me, never resting,
until we proved my innocence and that no power was greater than our love. She
resounded to me that NO MATTER WHAT they say or do, that no matter what
happened and came to pass that she would fight for me because she knew I was
not a murderer.  The phrase NO MATTER WHAT permeated the darkness that was
enveloping me.  I knew she knew that I never hurt our baby. 

All through the phone call I wept in gratitude and sorrow and pain and joy. I
was awash in serenity. She repeated the phrase that she would fight for the
truth and stand by me NO MATTER WHAT and that NO MATTER WHAT she would love
me.  The words and UCLA she gave me stirred me and I grew strong. My appetite
returned. I could speak better. My faith was restored! This was in 1997 and
since then, the words NO MATTER WHAT have become our motto. NO MATTER WHAT is
a manifestation of UCLA.  It is love.  Love is not selfish -- it heals you and
 the person you give it to.  I’s a living example.

Since 1997 we’ve been fighting, searching and gaining support.  We found out
through dozens of medical experts around the world who have received  our
son’s medical records that he died from vaccinations and that one of the
vaccine lots was so “hot” it had been implicated in the deaths of five other
children and harmed to date seventy others.

We’ve rallied the support of 500 people of which over 200 are medical and
health care professionals, doctors and experts. Over seventy organizations
spanning twenty countries support our plight and my wife has spoken at
medical conferences and we’ve put on seminars in New York and the United
Kingdom.  The wheels of justice turn slowly and we are gaining ground.  We  
filed our appeal in the courts on March 22, 2002.

We have a web site <www.freeyurko.bizland.com> where you can see all the
evidence and triumphs towards truth we’ve made.  Our story and plight is
featured in over fifty publications and is the subject of a beginning film
documentary, but ... again, this tale is not about that, it is about UCLA and
NO MATTER WHAT, It is about healing.  It is about love.

Finally, the UCLA has grown. My wife and I and our close supporters, through
UCLA/NO MATTER WHAT are not just working to resolve our own family’s
injustice, we are helping others falsely accused and educating thousands of
people about the dangers of vaccines as well as other health and legal issues.
 UCLA/NO MATTER WHAT is the key to our health, success and happiness. It
affects the giver and the receiver.  Practice it in all your affairs, no
matter what!

ALAN R. YURKO X13917  Washington Correctional Institution  4455 Sam Mitchell
Drive  Chipley, FL 32428-3501
THE YURKO PROJECT  P.O. Box 585965  Orlando, FL 32858-5965 (Send your
contribution! ROY)
WEB SITE:www.freeyurko.bizland.com   freeyurko@bizland.com   FRANSWRLD@aol.com

KUP’S KOMMENT: What a fine lesson and expression of the soul and spirit of
Alan R. Yurko.  Just yesterday I drafted “conference” letters to the members
of a major alternative medicine organization,  business associates of mine
and to a prominent national talk show host.  Now, I plan to include the above
article with the mailings.  Also, Alan’s article is an answer to another
prayer  to be mentioned at the conclusion of the following paragraph. 

On July 1, 2001 I wrote a letter to Mrs. Jeb Bush, wife of the Governor of
the State of Florida, in regard to the Yurko case. (You may know that
Governor Bush has been under fire from Bill O’Reilly about the child care
system in Florida. It is the role of our government to serve the people and
to protect the children from harm!)  My letter was referred to Robert G.
Brook, MD, who was then Secretary of the Department of Health.  I wrote him
December 1, 2001 but had only one initial response. Several follow-up letters
went unanswered.  Then, I heard from Landis K. Crockett, MD, MPH, Director of
the Division of Disease Control of the Florida Department of Health.  I wrote
him January 1, 2002 and several times thereafter but he has not responded,
yet. Both physicians express the opinion of the American Medical Association
and the American Academy of Pediatrics that there is no scientific basis of
the role of immunizations in Shaken Baby Syndrome.  I have sent copies of the
case reviews by Drs. Buttram and Kalokerinos with specific requests for their
evaluation.  I have also called attention to the other dangers of
immunizations with mercury/thimerosal to infants and children as a major
factor in autism, a pandemic with one in 140 kids autistic today, and the
dangers to our canine and feline pets with vaccinosis --death secondary to
the mercury and probably other substances like aluminum knocking out the
pet’s immune system.  Why the sound of silence?  Some have advised me not to
waste my time in writing to these people and state it is all politics. 
However, my feeling is that I am able to touch their minds, hearts and souls
to some degree and raise their consciousness for the truth, as Alan sites,
does eventual triumph and set one free.  You may know that Gray Davis,
Governor of California, dissolved the state Dental Board and now the Medical
Board is under investigation. In SYNAPSE 5-1 I wrote about the Florida Dental
Board Meeting.  I am sure that the information about the dissolution of the
California Dental Board had impact on their decision to put their restricting
rules on hold and go back to the drawing board.  Might the California
situation have some positive effect on the Florida Medical  Board and the
Department of Health of accepting the truth, and taking appropriate action to
protect the children and pets from the dangers of vaccines and to right the
wrongs done to such individuals as Alan Yurko?  So, this article and my Kup’s
Komment has given me an answer to my prayer of how to lovingly yet firmly
communicate the truth to  Dr. Crockett and the Florida Board of Health for
whom he serves. And, the bottom line here is -- they are to serve you (of
Florida) as citizens of this great Sunshine State. Let there be UCLA/NO
MATTER WHAT.  And let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!

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