Georges Lakhovsky

This was in reply to someone suggesting the elite would suffer as well from all the methods being used to kill us

"The NWO could very soon take over whole areas to cultivate organic crops, served by disease resistant bees, to feed their elite in America. You can bet that plan is ready to be rolled out. Go to Brice Taylor Page 283 Google link, then follow the link to a precis of her book "Thanks for the Memories". The same title as Bob Hope's autobiography. The reason she chose it will shock you, and give a better understanding of how wicked these people are. On Page 283 on the Internet, Brice talks about the future methods of maintaining perfect health which they will enjoy.  She explains about the benefits of electro-magnetic saturation of the body cells to keep them in harmony, so no disease can invade. Let me assure you, it is available today !!! To you and everybody.!!!

Google Lakhovsky and find out how he was curing 98% of diseases in French Hospitals, including cancers, back in the 1930s, over an 11 year period. That is, until he was almost certainly murdered in NY in 1941, as his treatments were far too successful for the Pharma and Medical people to allow to continue. I know Lakhovsky's methods work. I have suffered from a partly blocked leg artery for 13 years post an op. There was no cure. I could walk 400 metres then had to stop because the pain in my calf forced me to. After maybe 3 minutes when the calf was replenished with blood and oxygen, I could walk another 300 metres. Following Lakhovsky's simple plan, from which all his research began, I started wearing a copper headband. Remember the copper bracelet craze to cure rheumatism or arthritis? This was based on Lakhovsky's findings. The copper is only a conduit to capture the electomagnetic forces raining down on us all the time. Within 2 weeks of wearing the copper band I could walk 10 times as far, without stopping !! Yes, I could walk 4 kilometers, or further, as the pain was only slight all the time. This can only mean that what was a 70% blockage in 2 places in the main leg artery, has been partially cleared within 2 weeks. 

It shows it will clean your arteries. There can be no other explanation. I now regularly walk 4 kms or more. I am 71. I wish Mike Adams would investigate and then do a blockbuster article on Lakhovsky.[bombard him with requests, please] When you read the Page283 extract, and the Lakhovsky pages on the internet, you will realise that Brice is talking about Lakhovsky's methods of keeping the body in perfect health.This is the future of health care which will destroy the Pharmas, and most of the Doctors, and Hospitals. They won't be needed. Modern Lakhovsky copper machines which were used in the hospitals can be bought for around $6,000 and syndicated by groups. You only need 15 minutes 3 times a week on the machine, just sitting in a chair, to realign the vibrations of all your cells. See the website for a modern machine. But first we have to elect Governments led by people like Ron Paul, to restore our rights under the Constitution. If we don't do that at the next Elections in Europe and America, then we will go like lambs to the slaughter. It will be too late. That is why we must organise now. Vote for Ron Paul, or you and your family are DEAD."