Letter, Sunday Express, Sept 1, 2002

I WAS very interested to read the article referring to the link between the MMR jab and autism ("Blood test reveals MMR jab is linked to autism", Sunday Express, August 25). I also have a 16 year-old son with profound autism, and would like to say how grateful I, and many other parents, are to you for presenting these facts.

At 17 months 1987, my son had the measles jab as the MMR was yet to be introduced. Up to that point he had been a perfectly normal child, however, he developed severe bowel problems and was diagnosed with acquired autism at two years and nine months.

I have recently discovered that my son has the measles virus in his gut, even though he has never had the measles. It is obvious from my son’s case that it is not just the MMR jab that causes problems in certain children but the single measles vaccination also.


Christine Jackson, Queensborough, Kent