Lupus    Sam Biser  Dr Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

Interview with Dick Shulze by Sam Biser



"Burdock is the greatest herb for eliminating the poisons just underneath the skin."

SCHULZE: A young lady in her mid-twenties came to see me. She had chronic lupus and she had it since she was 13 or 14 years old.

The doctors had treated her with numerous medications that lupus patients already know. And it got worse. The toughest thing she experienced was no energy. She had no energy to do anything. She told me she felt absolutely disabled. She couldn't go to school, she couldn't think, she couldn't work, she had been diagnosed from holistic practitioners with a lot of different things, including Candida overgrowth.

BISER: They couldn't help...

SCHULZE: No, they couldn't help. I got her off of her makeup. If you want to improve someone's skin, burdock root is the greatest herb for the skin. Everything that's under the skin, it pushes right out through the surface. You will look pimply for two or three days, but when that's done, your skin will glow.

I gave her burdock root tea and I had her do hot baths in burdock tea. And you can eat burdock root. It's a staple of the Japanese diet, but Americans don't eat it. They grow it like carrots.

BISER: Why is lupus so difficult to cure for the natural health community?

SCHULZE: Because no one gets to the bottom line. Of course, the bottom line with lupus, like any incurable disease, is you need to open up the elimination channels.

BISER: But don't the people in natural healing know that?

SCHULZE: No. They say they do, but they really don't. I rarely find that people in natural healing do anything effective.

To show you how stupid and ignorant they are, most of my colleagues have names for my intestinal corrective formula. They call it TNT, herbal explosive; they call it depth charges, they call it nuclear bombs, they think it's outrageous, they think that it will hurt people:...

I think it's outrageous that every American, if they live long enough, will have bowel disease.

BISER: Dangerous? They think your formulas are dangerous?

SCHULZE: Yes, and that they cause herbal addiction. But they're crazy. My formulas were created in a clinic for real live people with real diseases.

Their formulas were created from reading books, and based: upon the chemical analyses of herbs. But just because something should work based upon a 400-year-old herbal book doesn't mean it will work for the people living in the 1990's.

My formulas and procedures work on lupus and everything else I treated. I know, because my patients told me, and I saw the results.

Basically, with lupus, we're looking at an immune system disorder. One of the greatest for that is echinacea. [For immune system formulas with Echinacea, see the chapter on Immune System Formulas.]

BISER: But everyone knows about Echinacea. That's no big deal.

SCHULZE: No, it isn't. But the Echinacea most people are taking is so useless you could swallow a whole bottle and you couldn't cure anything. The truth is, most herbalists I know wouldn't know an Echinacea root if they stumbled over it.

I think it's important to get that root and boil it at home, and drink that tea. I've seen miracles happen overnight with everything from lupus to hives to blood poisoning. Unbelievable cures from it. People with lupus also need to add the blood-cleansers we discussed elsewhere.

I had a businessman come to me, in his late 30's, a very stressed-out man. He wasn't aware that he had lupus, but his wife complained that he smelled, that his breath smelled, that his skin smelled, and the harder he was working, the less energy he had.

He started feeling sick and he had all the classic symptoms of lupus as diagnosed by the doctor. This doctor was giving him medication but he didn't make any changes in the man's life, so he just got sicker and sicker and sicker, and finally he couldn't go to work.

Of course, when he couldn't go to work, that created more stress. The lupus got worse and it's a real catch-22 situation. Finally, they tried holistic methods, natural methods, chiropractic adjustments, and the chiropractors were selling him vitamins, which didn't work.

What he did was useless, because he didn't make any major changes in his life.

BISER: So you got a hold of him and he started getting better?

SCHULZE: Sometimes, people who are the worst have the most immediate responses, and he did. It's not true that it always takes a long time to get well. Healers use that as an excuse when they don't know how to heal.

You'll know when you are on the right track, because you can feel better in two days. I mean, prepare yourself for a miracle, that's what I always tell my patients. And they get well. They all tell me, "I've done this before or done that before," but they have never done it this intensely, or all at once. The incurables is a tough, full-spectrum program, and the people who stay sick are the ones who dabble.

BISER: What happened to this man?

SCHULZE: He got better in about two days. He felt dramatically better, and his energy came back. Sometimes it's hard for me to put the reins on patients, because the first thing was he wanted to go back to work. I said, "No, you need to take some time off here. Your body is responding very quickly but we need to rest."

I have to hold these patients down, sometimes, because they are feeling so good. I forced him to go through the other incurable routines.

His lupus went away he went back to work, and went back to all his old ways. Okay, the coffee drinking, the pot of coffee, the cigarettes when he got really nervous; he forgot his exercise program, he stopped the bowel cleansers, he didn't do this, didn't do that. And the next thing, it came right back.

I've seen this with cancer tumors, they come right back. I'm not saying you have to stay on the incurables program forever, but you haave to stay in a good, healthy life-style.

BISER: The lupus came right back for good?

SCHULZE: No, but it came right back, and hit him harder the second -time.

He came back to me and he goes, "The lupus is back." And I said "I know why." And he goes, "Yea, I fell off the program." I said, "You didn't fall off the program, you leaped off the program."

The minute he got back onto the right ways, the lupus went.  With some people, we have inherent weaknesses, meaning that we weaker parts of our body. You will find under times of stress, these areas will dysfunction. This is a sign for you to get back to work on your healing programs.

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