We are fortunate and proud to confirm that Jaquelyn McCandless MD,
highly regarded clinician and author of the recently published and critically
acclaimed book "Children with Starving Brains:  A Medical Treatment
Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorders" will be presenting a day long intensive
educational program for PARENTS on Friday, March 28, 2003. Then, on
Saturday March 29 and  Sunday  March 30, 2003, will be presenting  an intensive
educational training for PRACTITIONERS.

Doctor McCandless received her degree in Doctor of Medicine at the
University of Illinois College of Medicine and is certified as a Diplomate of the
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  After a long and
distinguished career as a psychiatrist, she has dedicated the past six years of her
life and development of biomedical treatments for children with Autism
Spectrum Disorders, after her life was intimately touched by her granddaughter's
diagnosis of autism.

She is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable, effective,
compassionate, and forward-thinking practitioners working in our field

 She continues to work tirelessly, graciously, and selflessly on behalf
of all children with Autism, and has chronicled, substantiated, and
thoughtfully explained the rapidly developing and highly controversial art and
science of the biomedical treatment of these very complex children in her book,
available on her website, as well as on  Hopefully, the second edition of the book will also be
available for the conference.

In addition to Doctor McCandless, we are fortunate to have a widely
recognized research-expert, truly a thought-leader in the world of
autism, Teresa Binstock, presenting at this conference and participating in a
panel discussion.  Ms. Binstock was formerly associated with the University of
Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Colorado's Health Sciences
Center and The Children's Hospital in Denver.  She has published in
neuroanatomy, molecular genetics, immunology, metal toxicity, infectious disease, and
the gut-brain connection.  She was diagnosed with Asperger's by a
post-doctoral fellow (Naseem Smith, M.D.) of the Psychiatry Department of the
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Doctor McCandless and Ms. Binstock frequently collaborate and present
together, consulting on the treatment of children all over the world.
They are well-versed in the DAN!  (Defeat Autism Now!) treatment approaches
as a foundation for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of toxic,
dietary, immunologic, viral, fungal, bacterial, endocrine, metabolic, and
nutritional issues associated with autism and related disorders.  The exact
conference location is yet to be determined, but it will be in an easily accessible
site in southeastern New England in the general area of Fall River/New
Bedford Massachusetts/Newport Rhode Island.  Cost to parents will be $75 per
person and will include breakfast and lunch.  The day will be structured to
include lecture, discussion, and time for questions and answers concerning both
general and specific issues.

Each day is a complete training; attendance is for either Saturday OR
Sunday, not both.  The training will be conducted by Dr. McCandless and Ms.
Binstock, with ample time allotted for questions and "curb-side" consultation.
Each practitioner session will be limited to ONLY 10 participants! Reserve
your place as soon as possible!

The professional program will be based on the DAN! Guidelines, 2002
Edition, enhanced by the insights, experiences, and practices of Dr. McCandless
and Ms. Binstock.  Practitioners completing this program will acquire a
working knowledge of basic ASD treatment principles, and may if desired, be
listed on the official DAN! website as having attended this course.  It is
anticipated that CMEs and CEUs will be awarded.  MDs, Naturopaths, Homeopaths,
Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Advanced Practice Nurses, Registered Nurses,
Dietitians, and Psychologists who are currently treating children with
Autism, or who have the immediate intent to treat this population, are
welcome to attend.

This course will be offered in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts or
surrounding area.  Cost is $275.00, and will include breakfast, lunch, the second
edition of Dr. McCandless' book, and hopefully, CMEs and CEUs (application will
be made to the McLean Hospital Department of Continuing and Graduate

Due to the importance of this opportunity and limitation of space, even
though all details are not complete, it is important for you to please
REGISTER EARLY.  Dr. McCandless has only committed to speaking at four
conferences for the foreseeable future.  Do not miss this opportunity!

To register, send name, address, phone number, web address, and tuition

Pamela J. Ferro
Hopewell Associates, Inc.
PO BOX 1747
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
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