Why Inoculating Big Pharma Against Vaccine Suits Makes Sense, by
John Carey

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comments: Dear BW:  John Carey needs some education about autism and a
lesson in economics.  Excellent epidemiological studies show an exponential
rise in autism rates starting in 1991 when the thimerosal-laden Hep B was
mandated for every newborn.  Each autistic person's lifetime cost of
medical, educational, and custodial care costs 2 million dollars, not to
mention untold pain and grief for the child, family, and society. It is
blatantly obvious that Lilly bought government protection for their
criminally withholding information that thimerosal was indeed a serious
neurotoxin years before it finally got removed from newborn Hep B vaccines.
For the children who have been brain-damaged by thimerosal, early treatment
might prevent ruined lifetimes for thousands.  There is now estimated to be
more than 600,000 autistics in our country, some whose families are
mortgaging their homes to get adequate medical and educational services for
their children.  The incremental rate rises are likely to continue until
all the children born before late 2001
(when thimerosal was finally removed from the newborn vaccine) have been
diagnosed, perhaps another 3 or 4 years, since 40% are not diagnosed until
they go to school.  Flawed studies (done by researchers paid by
pharmaceutical companies) indicating thimerosal does not go to the brain are
only stalling the truth longer.  When mercury-poisoned children are treated
with oral chelation agents to remove mercury (which we see pouring out in
our urine laboratory studies) and make eye contact or speak words for the
first time sometimes within days of starting treatment, it is clear what
mercury does to the brain.

  If Lilly spent a fourth of what they contributed to the Republican
party to set up diagnostic and treatment clinics for these kids, billions of
dollars would be saved, as early intervention is imperative.   Stricken
families do not want revenge, they want the ability to afford proper care
for their children.

 Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D., Autism Specialist (with a 2-year waiting
list) and author of "Children with Starving Brains - A Medical Treatment
Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder" published by Bramble Books, Sept 2002
(1st edition sold out, 2nd edition available in March 2003)

p.s. Mr. Carey might be interested to know that a very large financial
offer has been standing for several years to any physician administering
these shots who would be willing to submit to an injection of thimerosal
adjusted for his/her weight equivalent to what our newborns received.  It
has never been taken up by anyone.  Perhaps if your editorialist would like
to demonstrate his belief that these suits are "frivolous,"  I and many
other physicians working with these stricken children would be happy to
administer the injection to him.