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Ed McCabe Blasts Miami AIDS Pharma Propagandathon

By Ed McCabe
March 29, 2004

[Forward by Chris Gupta: Add another book to the earlier post on "Stale Food vs Fresh Food - a banned book!". Nutrition, Oxidative Therapies and Electromedicine are THE cornerstones to health with which no grossly overpriced and toxic drugs can ever compete!Hence the continued information Censoring to kill this incredibly efficacious and cost effective competition...To accomplish this many (almost all) activist/health/environmental/industry associations and groups, in whole or part, are funded by corporations with vested interests as this is the most effective and the best public relations tactic money can buy?...Chris Gupta
http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/chris/2004/03/30/another_banned_book_in_miami.htm ]


First you "fund" with "grants" all the compassionate local people and groups trying to help the HIV stricken, and by doing so eventually make them dependent upon your continued drug company funding. Is this why Miami's Care Resources just banned my book (exploring non-drug therapies and including 133 medical references) from the public Miami Aids "Walk For A Cure?"

Then you take one bodyguard-surrounded millionaire sports hero - in fact idol - of the black community, and mix in giveaway condoms, posters, HIV test kits, and snacks, and then warm up the crowd with some of the best kick-butt gospel choir music on the planet, add endorsements by a "chosen" well dressed good-looking successful medical director of a local school, and finally deliver your punch line by having the successful sports hero millionaire idol repeat over and over and over; "Take your drugs, take your drugs, take your drugs."....

When asked by an audience member if his money affords him better health care, Magic Johnson says, "You have the same choice as I do of 18 drugs." What he does not say is that although he may have the same drug choices like everybody else, he was also able to travel to exotic destinations like Mississippi and the Dominican republic in the early nineties to now closed clinics to get medical ozone therapy.

Medical ozone therapy is commonly used in German, Russian, Indian, and other hospitals and clinics, yet the techniques are not taught in American medical schools because the funding for the med schools comes from guess who? The drug companies. They would prefer you to not notice that 50 years of safe medical ozone therapy use outside America proves that viruses cannot exist in active forms of oxygen which are easily administered to the human body and stored blood. More details and over 500 medical references available at www.oxygenhealth.com.

Our Flood Your Body With Oxygen Book

BANNED in Miami Beach

Every year Miami Beach has a typical big city AIDS fundraiser called "the 15th Annual AIDS WALK MIAMI - RUN, WALK, BLADE FOR THE CURE! " public event. This year it was held on April 13th. 3,000 people participated, and they raised $113,000+.

A Miami Beach resident who likes our Oxygen Therapies reported to me that he contacted "Care Resources" the local 501(C)(3) tax exempt group putting on the event, because he wanted to help sponsor the event. He was looking to rent a booth space in which he could sell our new Flood Your Body With Oxygen book to the crowd. He was willing to have a booth anywhere, either along the walk route, or at the finish building, or in front of one of the event parties.

Our oxy-friend contacted AIDS Walk event coordinator Brian DeRue at the Care Resources Inc. Coral Gables Office @ 305-667-9296 and said he wanted to sponsor a booth to sell the book in. Mr. De Rue delayed and wouldn't give him a straight answer for two weeks. Then with only one week left, Mr. De Rue announced he suddenly had to have the AIDS WALK MIAMI event Dr. Steven Santiago or even possibly Care Resources Medical Director Rick Sicleri look at our Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World book . He said he wanted their doctor to "decide whether or not to allow it into the event."

Mind you, a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization is precluded by IRS regulations from ever being political, or they lose their exemption status. They are to serve ALL the people without discrimination, and that includes the medical minority voice of the Oxygen Therapy supporters.

Care Resources also did not subject any of its other sponsors like Girosol, Motorola/Advanced Radio Systems, Starbucks Coffee Company, The Tides Hotel, Abbott Laboratories, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Gilead, Glaxo Smith Kline, Serono, Van Michael Miami, Virologic, Alaskanstar Interactive, The Albion Hotel, APPI, Armani A/X, Beachcat Design.com, Blue House Studio, City of Miami Beach, Crobar, Gap Inc., Miami Beach Convention Center/Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami-Dade Transit, New Concept Video, Sterling Limo Services, Stonyfield Farms, Walgreens, or Wild Oats Markets to any pre-sponsor scrutiny or censorship.

Care Resources solicits the public for donations and claim they are an independent grass roots organization, but Mr. De Rue stalled and continued not calling back our Oxy friend on a daily basis all of the remaining week. Remember our friend was only trying to give them sponsorship money they advertise for and supposedly desperately need. Finally in the final hours, on April 9th they held a secret star chamber type meeting to decide the book's fate. On Thursday April 10th just 2 days before the event (so late that nothing could be done about it) Event Coordinator De Rue told our friend that they would not let the book into the event, or allow him to sponsor a booth in the event because, if he was allowed to sell the book "their drug company sponsors would not like it."

Amazingly, when I was put on the phone with Mr. De Rue to discuss the obviously unconstitutional and unfair situation - just before he slammed the phone down on us - he protested Care Resources was not a lackey of the drug companies while continuing to discriminate against the public sales of the non-drug book and doing what he said they wanted! The bureaucratic shuffle in action.

The next day Mr. De Rue added more insult to injury by refusing to send our friend a map of the walk route. Ever hear a spoiled child go Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah? The Miami Beach city planning office was kind enough to immediately send one out.

Here in America a supposedly public charity representing all viewpoints banned a book merely trying to help sick people through exploring and discussing alternative non-drug treatments for AIDS and other illnesses commonly used in European hospitals. Our book has 133 plus medical references to back up our discussion, and the only reason people in America don't know about our oxygen therapies subject is that the media outlets here ignore it. Why? Because drugs are the most heavily advertised commodity on their shows, and Oxygen Therapies are not taught in American medical schools which are funded by the drug companies.

Apart from being in violation of their non-profit non-political status, Care Resources surely will always get quite upset when anyone discriminates against someone with AIDS, and also against anyone who discriminates against those that are gay, but they themselves clearly have an internal institutional policy that discriminates against any alternative viewpoint not parroting the prevailing drug company sales pitches.

Should these people receive any more public funding? Should they keep their non-profit status when they clearly have an institutional policy of discrimination against people wanting to help the HIV stricken with simple, proven, safe, and non-drug natural remedies? Should they ever get another parade permit from the city of Miami?

Do you feel that what they did was right? Why not call them up and give their directors and Mr. De Rue and their doctors your opinion of their institutionalized policy of discrimination and book banning? Care Resources may be reached at:

1320 South Dixie Highway, Suite 485, Coral Gables FL 33146 t: 305.667.9296 | f: 305.667.7069 | info@careresource.org

Our Oxy friend did immediately call the Miami Beach Mayors office, and mayor's assistant Elizabeth Stadtler did refer him to the city attorney, who did refer him to the city manager who did refer him to the city convention manager. But because of all these delays it was now late Friday afternoon and too late to get anything done, so no separate permit could be applied for or issued for the book sales. What a coincidence.

And if you are so moved, while you're at it why not call the Miami Beach Mayor's office which did try to help, and was kind, and politely and nicely remind them their parade permits are supporting discriminative organizations posing as public charities and that this is unconstitutional. To have the permit holders/agents represent the city as fiduciaries in this manner is wrong, and any future parade permits should be withheld by the city until Care Resources ends their institutionalized policies of discrimination and silencing minority viewpoints espousing non-drug therapies.

Mayor David Dermer Re-elected: Nov. 2003 Profession: Attorney Telephone: 305-673-7030 Email: mayordermer@miamibeachfl.gov

And why not tell the IRS how Care Resources is in direct violation of their non-profit status by accepting 'funding' from drug companies who they believe 'induce' them to keep the non-drug treatment for diseases viewpoint out. Anyone have the money and time to help file a Title 42 'Civil Rights' or other discrimination lawsuit against them?

Mr Oxygen - Ed McCabe