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Dr. Marijah McCain Under Attack

Herbal Healer Academy Update

I am sorry to have to write this update, and I want you all to know this is NOT a publicity stunt, this is the real thing. I am being personally sued by the Arkansas Attorney General's Office along with two other people in the State. They are saying that our correspondence classes are not allowed to train naturopathic physicians. (Of course we have never claimed that) They are also saying the ANMA is not authorized with the US Dept. of Education. (No alternative correspondence school in the country is or has been) We have the ANMA helping us fight this one and hopefully this will help as we have been recognized by them for years and have graduated many students. Also they are charging me personally with fraud and here's a quote from the papers they sent.. " I have advertised my services while using the abbreviations Dr., MD and N.D. This advertisement is unlawful, fraudulent, and has a high likelihood of misleading consumers as to the quality and degree of expertise associated with her services."
Item 3 reads " The State also seeks to abate the public nuisance created as direct and proximate result of Defendants acts that are determined to the health, safety, security and welfare of the people of the State of Arkansas."
Item 5 reads " The State seeks civil penalties from the Defendants for multiple violations of the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, including but not limited to the fraudulent advertising, and offering consumers degrees in the discipline of naturopathic medicine through correspondence courses in selected medical fields."
Now, I have been a board certified naturopathic doctor for many years and have all the credentials and diplomas that I state I have. See my biography on HHA web site. I also have had Herbal Healer Academy since 1988 and been doing business in this state for that long without any problems. I have been selling my correspondence courses since 1988 with no problems. We are hiring a lawyer and will fight this as best we can. This is a civil suit by the way.
Secondly the FDA, who does address me as Dr. McCain, by the way, also has come after us regarding the web site again. This time they made us remove some descriptions of what some of the products are used for. We have been compliant on this. However what is alarming is the caliber of what they are picking at us on. For instance, they wanted removed,
a) HHA Glucosamine/Chondroitin - "This is our leading product for arthritis"
That's all we said
b) MSM - "Outstanding supplement for skin disorders, allergies, infections, and more". Followed by a testimonial they also wanted removed - " I have had fibromyalgia and for six years I suffered with this horrible painful problem. After taking MSM religiously for one month, I started feeling better! One morning I woke up feeling no pain!" Thank you - HHA Member
c) STOPSMO - (A Dr. Chi product from China) - "How it works is that you paint a small thin line of the herbal extract, using the applicator, on your cigarette and smoke it. If you are determined to quit, give this Chinese formula a try."
I could go on, but my point here is that this is pretty alarming to say the least. If they will not allow testimonials, and they will not allow me to say anything about the products, then how are you going to know what they are used for. I have over 18 years experience with natural medicine and I am an authority on it, and my concern is for you. Where are you going to get good safe information on natural supplements from? Where are you going to find alternatives that you might need to survive if they close Herbal Healer down and go after others like us?
Also, the reason I cannot do the Ask The Naturopath on-line consultations, is due to the pressure from the government to not allow me to practice and give out my advice. They are trying to frame me into a situation where they can charge me with practicing medicine without a medical license. Same thing on the telephones. It is tragic and I am so sorry. Maybe somehow this can be changed?
Needless to say I am heartbroken about this and I am sorry to have to write this to you, but I do need your prayers and anything else you feel guided to do. The FDA is under control as of now as we have come into compliance with their demands so far. But who is to say we won't get another letter tomorrow and our web site will slowly disappear. We still have 15 days to respond to the Arkansas Attorney Generals Office, and we plan on that in the next week or so. Here is the Arkansas Attorney General Information - Mark Pryor - 323 Center Street, Suite 1100, Little Rock, AR. 72201. (501-682-8084) web site is: http://www.ag.state.ar.us
Please pass this along anywhere you think it might help and please pray for us here, as the Herbal Healer Academy touches many many lives for the better everyday. Do whatever you can to help, it would be greatly appreciated.
You can e-mail me at herbalhealerinc@aol.com
Dr. Marijah McCain ND
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Contact Information To support Dr. McCain
From Arkansas Attorney General Web Site:
501 682 2007 800 482-8982
Contact people are: Brian Brooks or Lamar Davis.
Also the judge presiding in the case: John Plegge
Case number is CV 2002 008480
You can also contact the Arkansas Attorney General's office
via email at: oag@ag.state.ar.us
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