Neurotoxic Effects of Mercury in Dental Nurses in Norway


Mercury Girls
  They mixed mercury with their bare hands. They spilled it on the floor.
They heated it over open fire. This was the daily routine for 10.000 Norwegian
dental-assistants until the mid -80`s.
 Nobody told them it was dangerous. The authorities assumed the mercury
levels were low. Today many of the women are ill, and unable to work. They
have classical symptoms of neurological damage caused by mercury but never
the less the health care system treats them as mentally ill.
This is the unknown story of the dental-assistants, and the children they
gave birth to after handling mercury every day.
The Norwegian government has initiated a research-project based on these
  Release year: 2006

  Mercury Children
  They are born with birth defects. Some get depressions and unexplainable
pain in their bodies
Others tell a story of severe learning-difficulties. The doctors have not
been able to tell them why they are ill.
But they have one thing in common. Their mothers worked as dental nurses
during their pregnancies. They were daily exposed to extremely high levels
of mercury.
It is a scientific fact that mercury is transported from mother to foetus.
This documentary is based on the story of 400 dental nurses. These women
phoned the journalists after the documentary "The mercury girls" was sent in
Norway. The women talked about their children, and the journalists
discovered a pattern. The data was discussed with scientists at the
University of Bergen, which confirmed that this was concerning and new
A fresh study of dental nurses in New Zealand shows the same tendency. The
children are ill, and in addition, 25 % of the dental-assistants have had a
hysterectomy, caused by severe bleedings.

  See Michael Bender's slides on the Mercury Girls and Mercury Children on
FDA website. This was part of the presentation on mercury at the FDA
hearings on dental amalgam on Sept 6th and 7th.
  Release year: 2006

    Director: Kjersti Knudssøn
    Running length: 29
    Production company: NRK

  Neurotoxic Effects of Mercury in Dental Nurses in Norway
  I have just posted an incomplete version of what happened at the FDA
meetings in September.

You can now see the complete transcripts from the FDA hearings on September
6, 2003 and September 7, 2003 at

  Marie Flowers