Ferraro & Associates File Suit Against Pharmaceutical Companies Citing Vaccines Contained Poisonous Mercury
PR Newswire - USA; May 1, 2002


The law firm of Ferraro & Associates, P.A., announced it has filed one of
the first mercury poisoning lawsuits in South Florida against American Home
Products and its related companies. The suit was filed March 28 on behalf
of Mohamed and Juliet Edoo, the parents of 5-year-old Justin Edoo. The
child suffers from toxic neurological effects of mercury poisoning after
receiving childhood vaccines containing thimerosal, a highly toxic
preservative with high doses of mercury that were administered over a
two-year period (December 1996 through December 1998).

The complaint alleges that, despite earlier warnings from the Food and Drug
Administration, the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors named in
the complaint continued to manufacture, distribute, market and sell
thimerosal-containing products without any reference to the toxic hazards.
The action, which is pending in the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial
Circuit in Broward County, also includes defendants Federico J. Martinez,
M.D., the plaintiff's pediatrician who administered the vaccines to Edoo,
and Florida Power and Light Company, which discharges and emits mercury
into the atmosphere at a facility less than 50 kilometers from the Edoo's
residence. The claim is seeking judgment for damages.

Research as far back as the 1930s indicated concerns about thimerosal and
its potential hazard to humans who might be exposed or injected with the
substance. In the 1980s the FDA proposed a regulation requiring the removal
of thimerosal from all over-the-counter products due to safety concerns. In
June 1999, the FDA announced, "infants who received thimerosal-containing
injections at several visits may be exposed to more mercury than
recommended by federal safety guidelines for total mercury exposure." One
month later, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a notice to its
members stating a preference for thimerosal-free vaccines.

"It was no secret that vaccines containing thimerosal were dangerous," said
James L. Ferraro, sole shareholder of Ferraro & Associates. "As the use of
these thimerosal-laden vaccines increased so did the number of neurological
disorders such as autism. At one time only one in 10,000 children were
diagnosed with autism, now the rate has climbed to 40 per 10,000 and in
some areas of the country, one in 150."

Ferraro & Associates is part of a coalition of firms from around the
country that are bringing these mercury poisoning cases to trial. Edoo v.
American Home Products, et al, is only the second such case to be filed in
South Florida. Ferraro also is handing nine other mercury-poisoning cases
in South Florida, which his firm plans to file in June.

Established in 1985 by James L. Ferraro, Ferraro & Associates, P.A., is one
of the country's leading law firms specializing in toxic torts, product
liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death and personal injury.