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    metamorphon 21 May 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Hmmm. Ran across your post. I have a degre in electrical engineering, have my own consulting company and got sick while I was renovating a house. I’d never been to a doctor in my life before. i was 37 when I got sick. Not exactly an idiot.

    After 2 years of going to the doctor with fatigue, lypomas, chronic headaches, atrial fibrilaltion (yes I got it recorded in the emergency room), severe muscle cramps, cognitive difficulties, yellow stool and eventually fibromyalgia symptoms and jaundice I was really sick of being treated like an idiot and being offered drugs with ridiculous side effects for “depression” and “anxiety” (here take this for 3 months but watch out for a life threatenting rash and body shocks) Perhaps they should invent a drug for being really pissed that you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on doctors that are more concerned with their ego’s than actaully helping someone :-) Thankfully i haven’t lost my sense of humor. So what is one supposed to do without a diagnosis? You find another path.

    Thankfully I found a healer in Hawaii and am 90% better. Everything the CAM therapists say was true for me. Even my corporate lawyer brother went to do the same thing with his wife and was amazed. I am sorry that a reasonably inexpensive side-effect free therapy would threaten your very existence. Class of 1492! The world IS flat. Do us all a favor, keep cutting people open for unneccesary surgery (I met a girl in the waiting room who had had her gallbladder removed because she was “dizzy” then finding that it made no difference proceeded to medicate her on bipolar medicine). I’d be f’ing bipolar if you destroyed the integrity of my organ system for a guess. So leave the rest of us who would prefer to work with the body’s natural healing power alone. The same force that made me can heal me. try ripping off your fingernail (I dropped a beam on mine) and watching it grow back. Hmmm. how is that happening. what drug could I take to make that happen? what surgeon could regrow your finger? I know what my body feels like, I live in

Pardon me while I go and do a liver flush. It cured me of hepatolithiasis. Then I’ll probably do a colon cleanse which cured me of chronic lancing pains in my small intestine, then I might even do the master cleanse which makes me feel light as a feather. It’s sad to see intelligent people who dismiss what they have never experienced. Don’t you ever get tired of cutting people up and never wondering how the disease mechanism get’s started?