13 September 2004
Clifford G. Miller,
Lawyer, graduate physicist & former university examining lecturer
Beckenham Kent England BR3 3LA
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 I am grateful to Adam Jacobs (Director, Dianthus Medical Limited
pharmaceutical consultancy) for a further opportunity to assist him. His
prior and latest interventions (1) taken together are welcome as they
tacitly acknowledge that CDR and CD applied to clinical case histories are
proof MMR causes autism. He further asks if a list of safe vaccines could
be provided.

First, a related but privately sent email (2) demands reply. A Mr 'Mike
Gringo' is concerned, and rightly so, about children dying from measles.

If there were a measles epidemic in a postulated unvaccinated UK population
today, there would be 100 deaths - not per annum but if and when there was
an epidemic. One of the commonly made claims for MMR is that is has very
substantially reduced and in some cases eradicated measles and that there
are no deaths from 'wild' measles.

Similar claims are made for other vaccines where death was a possible
consequence of the naturally occurring relevant disease.

SIDS and SBS (sudden infant death and shaken baby syndrome) were rare prior
to 1940 but have now become common (4).

Is it is possible that for well nourished children in western economies
with good living conditions, vaccines may have taken over a part of the
contribution measles' and other childhood diseases have in causing death in
infants? A recent review (4) of SBS in US VAERS data concludes:-

"A diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome must not be made lightly. It should
only be entertained when all other causes for the findings, vaccines
included, have been thoroughly examined and ruled out. Any future research
on child abuse and specifically Shaken Baby Syndrome must include a
discussion of recent vaccinations."

In the UK SIDS affects one baby in a thousand (5), which puts the annual UK
death rate at approximately 620 (6). Accurate figures for UK annual 'shaken
baby' deaths are not currently available to the writer. However, it is only
now becoming accepted that SBS is being wrongly diagnosed in some cases
including when the infant death followed from a very recent vaccination.

Baroness Helena Kennedy's working group, specifically set up by the Royal
College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the Royal College of
Pathologists to consider the problem in the context of wrongful murder
convictions of parents reported recently (7). Key recommendations are for a
nationwide protocol for the investigation of unexpected baby deaths and
greater scrutiny of expert witnesses by the courts. The report highlighted
the shortage of paediatric pathologists.

That this is not a UK phenomenum is shown in that two fathers in different
parts of the USA and jailed at different times have just been released
after serving 21 years and 5 years respectively (8). A US news item (9)
carried by The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons records:
'Jury consultant Toni Blake states that there are about 2,800 cases of
alleged "shaken baby syndrome," and that 95 percent of the accused are
convicted. If a child dies and has the findings attributable to shaken
baby, anyone who was alone with the child is in serious danger of

How many of the annual UK SIDS and SBS deaths wrongfully attibuted to
parental abuse are linked to recent ante mortem vaccinations? If the figure
approaches or exceeds the average for measles, based on 100 for a full
epidemic as and when such occurred, then this will help to put the risks
and benefits of vaccination into perspective.

Regrettably, we cannot rely on government and medical establishment
research. Despite the strong CDR and CD scientific proof that MMR causes
autism (10), the government insists on rolling out and relying on weaker
epidemiological papers which are prone to error. Epidemiology is only
acceptable in US courts as evidence that a drug may or may not have caused
an adverse reaction but is not acceptable to prove it did or did not cause
it in any particular case (11). In contrast CD and CDR are well accepted
and are part of the pharmacological 'furniture' and are strong proof of
causation, including for regulatory decision making.

Despite this, even when whatever happens to be the latest 'last word'
government backed epidemiology paper is shown to be flawed, the government
uses its well oiled media machine to roll out yet another one, as we have
seen this week in the case of the paper by Dr Liam Smeeth and colleagues.

It is almost as if the establishment is buying time. How long will it be
before the latest jewel in the crown is shown to be flawed?

Flawed it must be as CDR and CD demonstrate. The CDR and CD issue cannot be
something that Dr Smeeth and his team are strangers to, so it would be
interesting to see them comment.

As regards Mr Jacobs' request that I identify for him a list of safe
vaccines, I would be delighted to have the opportunity to advise him which
vaccines are safe. If he would be so kind as to contact me, we can work on
what an initial programme of independent research should comprise in order
to ascertain the extent of the full programme required and outline budgets.

However, in view of establishments' religious fervour in the crusade to hit
95 percent take up of vaccination regardless, and their unwillingness to
provide reliable and wholly independent research and figures, it is
unlikely any agency would provide the necessary funding to research the

But the offer is made notwithstanding.

(1) 'Confused'

'Response to Clifford Miller'

(2) Mr Gringo's email is prompted by 'Confused - Aren't we all - Including
those who can still do their sums' (3).

(3) 'Confused - Aren't we all - Including those who can still do their sums'




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Competing interests: Close relative with life threatening food allergy.