My beautiful boy's life has been blighted

Daily Express Oct 31, 2003

WORRIED mother Ann Hewitt is convinced the MMR jab is to blame for her son Thomas'  autism and bowel problems.

Thomas, 10, has the measles I virus in his blood and his gut.  "How could it have got there if it wasn't from the MMR?" she asked. "There wasn't measles around at the time."

 Mrs Hewitt, pictured left with Thomas, said that after he had his jab at 13 months he started to behave strangely. He also began banging his head, crying out and even biting his arms after food.

Thomas has now been diagnosed with autism and severe epilepsy. He also has severe bowel problems which cause him much pain.

Mrs Hewitt, 55, of  north London , said there must be more research.

"Thomas is charming endearing but his life is totally blighted and I think he should be given justice "His life has been ruined and nobody seems to care."