Mum to take MMR jab fight to the top

Nov 2004
A MANSFIELD mum is back on track for a High Court battle over the
controversial MMR jab after her legal aid was restored by appeal judges.

Ladybrook campaigner Maria Gibson was left devastated in June this year when
a blanket move blocked legal aid for more than 3,000 families fighting four
multi-million pharmaceutical companies over the MMR jab.

The Gibsons are one of 11 families who have had their legal aid restored and
now Maria has vowed to continue her 12-year fight for justice for her
daughter Victoria (13) who developed epilepsy shortly after having the jab.

Maria told Chad this week: "When legal aid was taken from us I was
distraught. All the time, work and effort that had gone into proving
Victoria's condition is linked to MMR had been stopped and there was nothing
we could do.

"I felt very angry, it was so unjust. But worst of all I felt like a
complete failure as a parent - how could I explain to my daughter that the
fight was over because the money was not there?"

But defiant Maria, of Lees Avenue, refused to give up and along with
families up and down the country she took her case to the appeal courts and
legal aid was finally restored this month.

"It's absolutely brilliant, but I feel for those thousands of families that
have not got legal aid back," she told Chad. "Thankfully we have been given
a new avenue and we can continue the fight. We just have to keep focussed
and see what happens."

Although the Gibson family can continue with their fight, none of the
families who claim the MMR jab caused autism in their children has had legal
aid restored.

Some of the conditions affecting children from the remaining 11 families
include other forms of brain damage as well as arthritis, bowel disease and

Maria and her family are now preparing for a preliminary hearing in London
in May 2005.

Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Classical Homeopath