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That the non-emergency use of mobile phones by children and particularly per-adolescents be strongly discouraged, on account of their increased vulnerability to any potential adverse health effects. That the Mobile Phone Industry be required to make it clear to the consumer that the value of the specific absorption rate (SAR) - which in some countries is shortly to be declared on the handset - refers only to the degree to which the microwave emissions from the antenna can heat biological tissue, and is in no way relevant to non-thermal effects that the emissions from a mobile phone may have on the user. The Physiological and Environmental Effects of Non-ionising Electromagnetic Radiation by G.J. Hyland

Vodaphone have supplied a mobile phone to a friend of mine that pumps out an 847 MHz signal at over 100 mW/cm2, this is equivalent to 4x100 watt lightbulbs being turned on in the body of the user. This means that mobile phones can potentially be used to kill or so disable a person they no longer become a problem to the establishment. Another Vodaphone tested pumped out 50 mW/cm2. UK safe levels for microwave ovens are 5 mW/cm2 - which are not held near the head. There are reports by military researchers that 1 mW/cm2 will cause swelling of nerve cells exposed to microwave.

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Mobile Phone Adverse Health Concerns by Alasdair Philips

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