Fillings gave me MS

Letter Daily Mail Nov 25, 2004

I'M SURE mercury in my new dental fillings (Mail) caused my multiple sclerosis. In 1984,1 went to a new dentist who looked at my fillings nine of them, some huge and said they were all old and should be replaced, which he did in two dental sessions.

Some months later, my left leg started feeling stiff. The feeling came and went, but by December I realised it was definitely more than just a nuisance.

My GP recommended a spinal X-ray, but this revealed nothing, and over the next four years I went to various osteopaths, none of whom did me any good. Meanwhile, my left eye went blurry for a few weeks.

In Aug 1989, I went to a funeral and had great problems walking slowly down the aisle. I kept losing my balance. The following February, I consulted my GP again and he sent me to a neurologist who, after an MRI scan, diagnosed MS.

I've read about a possible link between MS and mercury, and I'm sure having my fillings removed started my MS. I now have a sympathetic dentist who gives me white fillings whenever possible. I still have to hold a banister on stairs and I can't walk more than a mile in one go.

I get quite tired, but the MS seems to have stopped progressing. I still manage to work part-time and MS hasn't stopped me living life to the full.