10) Some Characteristics of the Mature Intellect  
     1)    Asks questions
     2)    Answers questions
     3)    Does not emote nor use emotional nor colloquial terms
     4)    Does not interrupt
     5)    Uses clear, concise, logical, formal and complete English
     6)    Listens and learns
     7)    Analyses rationality of thoughts before expressing them
     8)    Is willing to say "I do not know"
     9)    Has no emotional attachment to ideas, positions, dogmas, judgments etc.
     10)   Understands the meaning of words used.
     11)   Understands some of the principles of informal and formal    reasoning
     12)   Understands some of the informal and formal fallacies
     13)   Understands some of the basic principles of science
     14)   Gives serious consideration to everything said
     15)   Denies nothing without reason
     16)   Obeys the rules of colloquy
     17)   Welcomes constructive criticism
     18)  pays acute attention to discrepancies, anomalies and contradictions.