Mumps and Vitamin C
Mumps The Vitamin C Conspiracy

I have treated a number of patients with the mumps and the disease is always ameliorated or cured by massive doses of ascorbic acid orally or sodium ascorbate intravenously.  In children the disease is usually mild but can cause deafness.  Particularly in adults, it can cause , meningitis, a swelling of the testicles or ovaries and, rarely, death..  All of these complications result when free radicals get out of hand in the affected tissues.  Even the usual swelling of the parotid glands is mediated by free radicals.  All of this can be prevented by forcing electrons onto the affected tissues, forcing a reducing redox potential onto the affected tissues.  The trouble is that these massive doses of ascorbate will ameliorate all acute infectious disease and so be a financial disaster for the drug industry.---Cathcart, M.D.

"Six cases of virus encephalitis were treated and cured with vitamin C injections. Two cases were associated with virus pneumonia; one followed chickenpox, one mumps, one measles and one a combination of measles and mumps. In the case that followed the measles-mumps complex, definite evidence was found to confirm the belief that massive, frequent injections are necessary in treating virus infections with vitamin C............A lad of 12 years had generalized headache a week after having mumps, this followed by malaise, and in 12 hours a lethargic state and a fever of 105. Admitted to hospital he was given 2000 mg. of vitamin C then, and 1000 mg. every two hours. Following the third injection he. was sitting up in bed, laughing, talking, begging for food and completely without pain........Of mumps, 33 cases were treated with ascorbic acid. When vitamin C was given at the peak of the infection the fever was gone within 24 hours, the pain within 36 hours, the swelling in 48 to 72 hours. Two cases were complicated with orchitis. A young man of 23 years developed bilateral orchitis one Friday morning, by seven o’clock that night he was in severe pain, had a fever of 105 and was nursing testicles the size of tennis balls. Vitamin C was started at this time — 1000 mg. every two hours, intravenously. The pain began to subside following the first injection and ceased in 12 hours. There was no fever after 36 hours. The patient was out of bed feeling his old self after 60 hours...........A second boy, aged 11, was allowed to develop mumps to the point of maximum swelling without any therapy, then given vitamin C, 1000 mg. intramuscularly, every two to four hours. This lad was entirely well in 48 hours."--Dr Klenner The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C Fred R. Klenner, M.D. 1949

Klenner MD