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AASQA calls for a Royal Commission into the use and abuse of Myodil / Pantopaque oil based, water based Metrizamide, Dimer-x, Omnipaque, Amipaque dyes; still in use today.  With 80 + Plus side effects that can cause death and life long pain with no known cure.  Adhesive Arachnoiditis can come from Oil based dyes that remain in the central nervous system as a thin film or encapsulated mostly in the lumbosacral region or the base of the skull.  Chemical Contents:  Iodine,  Benzene, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid & Sodium Permanganate (This Chemical Cocktail can melt Rubber).  "How could any Pharmaceutical Company think that injecting those chemicals into a persons back would not be harmful?"  The majority of Sufferers 80% to 90% are forced onto Invalid Pensions paid for by Taxpayers, financially damaging even bankrupting some Australian Businesses.   AASQA believes that there are many thousands of Medically Acquired Arachnoiditis Sufferers in Australia and Millions World Wide. The Australian Taxpayer should not be forking out millions of dollars on Invalid Pensions of which a majority (AASQA believes) are Medically Acquired Arachnoiditis Sufferers. The people who have profited over the last 40 plus years are the ones who should pay, not the Australian Taxpayer !


The Myelographic Dyes can take up to 20 years to show some of the following side effects: Syringomyelia, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancers of the Liver, Bowel / Kidney problems, Epilepsy, Meningitis, Immune system breakdown,  Blindness, unexplained  heart attack, slow healing wounds, Tinnitus, Joint pain, a purple rash that appears and disappears, burning feet, muscle spasms, twitching & cramps. 


Arachnoiditis causes can also come from other medical procedures such as Epidurals and Cortisone Injections, Disco-grams & Spinal Taps.  Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies have known since 1946 of these disastrous side effects, Multiple Surgeries, Nerves removed with no relief, sufferers can:   Be forced to pay their own medical expenses of which a great expense can be medication.  Become Paraplegic then Quadriplegic.  Be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and then later have an MRI proving no Multiple Sclerosis is present. 


Research has shown that a Sufferers life can be shortened by up to 12 years, little wonder after having been hit by a lethal injection of Toxic chemicals.  We have links with U.S. and  U.K. Sufferers.  New Members / Visitors are requested  to visit www.aasqa.info  and join our Newsletter (so we can keep you up to date with what is happening) we also ask Sufferers to complete a Health Survey and forward it to our mail address. (on this website)



AASQA believes a Medical Research Compensation Foundation along with an Arachnoiditis Registry should be created, which in turn must be funded by the Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies to allow present and future Medically Acquired Arachnoiditis Sufferers access to free Medical diagnosis and treatment.  It must be set up by the Government of the day !  And it must be Independent.       

It has to be !


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 www.aasqa.info    Meetings are held every second Wednesday each month at 10 am to 12 noon  Currumbin RSL Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.