National Institute for Clinical Excellence

[Media Nov 2006] Use of drugs to treat hyperactive children soars fourfold in ten years Department of Health figures show GPs wrote a record 384,000 prescriptions for Ritalin and related drugs last year - nearly 7,400 a week. The total of annual prescriptions has for the first time overtaken the number of youngsters thought to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Around 32,000 children are being treated at a cost of 13.5million a year. But the National Institute for Clinical Excellence says as many as 366,000 - or 5 per cent - of youngsters under 18 have the disorder.

1.  Dildo Dillon Gets Document.  Far from assisting very ill people in the UK as it is his duty to do with his salary paid for by the British taxpayer, Andrew Dillon, CEO of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has pulled every disgusting trick in the book to attempt to prevent the One Click document being formally entered into the NICE record over the development of these CFS/ME NICE Guidelines. This is because this evidence based document is so utterly damning. It highlights the complete financial incompetence of NICE in the proposed squandering of in excess of 180million of British taxpayers money that the National Health Service has not got on flawed psychiatric treatments that are not based on credible science. It also demonstrates the criminal political and medical manipulation of due process employed by Dillon and his colleagues throughout the development of these Guidelines.  If Dillon fails to take the appropriate action over this document, as the Chief Executive of NICE, he will be subject to legal action. READ THE NEWS ON ONE CLICK The One Click Group