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This is Don, Ingri's husband. The following is urgent and, with a little
investment in time from each of you we may be able to turn a bad thing
around. There are several ultimately revealing background points to this
case. One is the relationship of the Northwest Autism Foundation to the
flow of money into organized allopathic autism "research." Another is the
possibility that a few people working for the state of Oregon may be seeing
the light in this case.
Thanks for hearing me out and, if you are moved to do so, send an email or
make a phone call to the folks whose contact information is found at the
bottom of this post.
A little backgournd from my perspective
Oregon Health Sciences University has a very close relationship with the
state's child protection industry.  My own investigations and first-hand
knowledge of Oregon's state Offices of Services to Children and Families
(SOSCF) has proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Oregon runs one of the
most invasive, discompassionate and injurious child protection rackets in
the country. In fact, the work we were doing while I was at The Oregon
Observer from 1995-1996 was directly responsible for Oregon Child Services
Division (CSD) changing its name to SOSCF in 1996 and hundreds of angry
parents and grandparents burning of CSD/SOSCF Director Kay Toran in effigy
on the state capitol building steps in 1997.
Below is a recounting of the life of 7-your-old Kristopher Dunn--a boy born
into the most nightmarish circumstances imaginable to a mother who managed
to escape those circumstances with her baby, but not before he had suffered
severe injuries that have resulted in chronic symptoms.
With the support of her family and friends, Kathryn Dunn sought help for
her son by seeking out what she thought was the most qualified physicians
available. She is now days away from a judge deciding to let the state take
Kristopher away from her so SOSCF can place him in foster care so he can
available for whatever treatment OHSU physicians/researchers decide is
best. One can expect that OHSU's interest in gaining custody of the child
is not the same as those of his mother and extended family members fighting
to maintain custody.
The purpose of this missive is to let OHSU and its colleagues in SOSCF and
the courts know that the fate of this medically-challenged little boy is
not to be decided in courtroom with only a few people the wiser. We want
them to know that the case is being monitored by a lot of concerned people
all over the country. Contact information for the various players in this
travesty, and a suggested line of questioning for each, is provided at the
end of this post.
Keep in mind also that the case of Kristopher Dunn is not likely an
isolated one. A private investigation into how OHSU is being funded to
"treat" chronically ill children that it receives through court order is
being initiated. OHSU even employs social workers to scout for children it
can remove from homes and have judges order them placed in that hospital.
The OHSU social worker in the Dunn case has twisted the system in an effort
to undermine Kathryn's capacity as a parent as a means to have the state
order that her parental rights be terminated and custody be awarded to
OHSU. It has been reported that contact information for the OSHU social
worker, Joan Kruse, has recently been removed from the OHSU website. The
story I have received indicates this woman has stretched her boundaries to
construct a case against Kathryn so OHSU can justify a legal argument that
the state should terminate her parental rights.
It is bad enough that the state claims ownership of our children and allows
us to parent their "property" on good behavior only, but for state
employees to steal them through the court system for "medical research" is
on of the most horrific crimes the state can commit against children and
We have to act fast on this one. Kathryn will be in court defending her
right to care for her own child Friday, Nov. 11, 2005. As it stands now,
Kathryn's attorneys have tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a better fate
for Kristopher. It is OHSU's opinion that it has no need to negotiate
anything because it holds all the cards. I, personally, want OHSU to know
that there is are factors here their bureaucratic minds have not considered.
Out of our own love for children and in defense of the right of parents and
families to raise their own children each one of us is a factor that can
turn the tide in this case just by making OHSU, et al, aware that good
people are on the outside looking in on them.
A group close to the case is planning to mount and advertising campaign to
locate other families whose children have been wrongfully removed from
their families and ORDERED into state custody so OHSU can have easier
access to them. The preliminary stages of this investigation indicate that
the world of decent people will be shocked when the pattern of
state-sanctioned abuses of children and families through OHSU is exposed.
Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to
call me.
No matter what,
Don Harkins
The Idaho Observer
(208) 255-2307


OHSU  threatens to take an autistic child from his mother: her crime -
seeking medical treatment for her son.

Portland, Oregon
February 7, 2005

Imagine taking your child to the doctor, asking for a second opinion, and
getting referred to Child Protective Service instead.  This is what
happened to Kathryn Dunn.  Instead of getting much needed medical help for
her chronically ill son, Kathryn is in the fight of her life for her child.

Kathryn Dunn has a seven year old child who was born with several medical
issues.  For the past four years she has been taking him to OHSU to meet
these special medical needs because she was under the impression that this
was the best medical facility in the state. OHSU has diagnosed him with
Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Autism Spectrum Characteristics, Mildly
Mentally Retarded, Disruptive Behavior Disorder, Laryngomalacia, Behavioral
Feeding Disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Allergic Rhinitis, Hyperflexia,
Dyspraxia, Medically Fragile, the list goes on and on.  Every time he sees
a new doctor he is given a new set of diagnosis, or they just add on to his
current list of diagnosis.  Even the doctors he has seen cannot seem to
agree on an exact diagnosis.  She has done everything they advised her to
do, whether she agreed with the treatment or not, ranging all the way from
having a g-tube placed in his stomach to psychological treatments for him
to even advocating for social security and special education with the
public school system for him.  She even postponed her plans to move to
Eugene to marry because OHSU told her that she had to remain living in the
Portland area for her son's ongoing medical care.

In the fall of 2004 Northwest Autism Foundation (NWAF) informed her that
Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital/LADDERS Program had
developed a new  protocol for testing children with autism who have
Gastrointestinal problems. NWAF just donated approximately one million
dollars to OHSU so they  could  start providing the same protocol of tests
on children in the northwest. NWAF told Kathryn Dunn that her son would be
a perfect candidate for these tests with his frequent throwing up,
diarrhea, constipation, self-limiting diet, as well as his autism spectrum
characteristics, and that  she should request OHSU to do these tests on her
son. Taking NWAF's advice she asked OHSU if they would do the
gastrointestinal testing on her son at which time they stated that they
would possibly refer Kristopher  to the LADDER'S program.

Traditionally, Autism and disorders on the spectrum, such as ADD and ADHD,
have been viewed as psychiatric, rather than biomedical issues. Recently,
however, institutions like Harvard University, Massachusetts General
Hospital, and The University of Washington Medical Center, which are part
of an organization known as the Autism Treatment Network (ATN), have found
many of the children suffering from autistic spectrum disorders, suffer
from inflamed bowels, and immune response disorders, and have been treating
them, often with surprising results. Finding these conditions is often the
first step towards recovery. Many autistic children show dramatic
improvement after being treated for disorders of the stomach and
intestines. Because the cause of the autistic enterocolitis is
controversial - some studies suggest it is related to mercury and measles
from childhood vaccination - the medical profession itself is divided over
how to treat this condition.

In June of last year, ATN sponsored a conference announcing that OHSU would
be joining the ATN team, including Harvard, Massachusetts General.
Believing her son Kris qualified for this investigation, Kathryn asked for
a procedure called endoscopy, to scope her son's intestine to determine
whether Kris was suffering from these problems. Dr. Timothy Buie, of
Harvard University, has been instrumental in implementing this procedure
and has identified a distinct condition called Autistic Enterocolitis, a
severe inflammation of the bowel, which appears in the intestines of many
autistic children.

On November 17, 2004 when Kathryn took her son in for a routine check up.
One of OHSU's social workers attempted to trick/coerce her into signing
over  custody of her son to Children's Protective Services (DHS) claiming
it would be a great way to force the state of Oregon to pay for
counseling".  When Kathryn refused to do it she informed her that OHSU
filed child abuse charges against her claiming she had Munchausen syndrome
by proxy because Kathryn was trying to make them do Gastro-Intestinal
testing on her son when there was nothing wrong with him. Munchausen
syndrome by proxy is a controversial disorder, lately in vogue, in which a
mother will actually cause or keep a child sick, in order to receive
attention for herself. It is the worst accusation that can be made, short
of murder, about a mother's relationship to her child.  this social worker
also threatened Kathryn in front of a witness, that if she tried to fight
"them" on this that it would get really "ugly" and DHS would take her child
away. At that time Ruth Patterson from DHS entered the room and informed
Kathryn that the State of Oregon had taken custody of her son, but they
were allowing Kris to reside in her home, for now.

On November 18, 2004 It was brought out during the temporary custody trial
that NW Autism had offered to cover all expenses to send Kathryn's son back
to Harvard to have the gastrointestinal testing and evaluation performed.
Ruth Patterson flatly refused to allow Kristopher Dunn to undergo any
further testing stating it was pure child abuse. then on December 8, 2004,
DHS had Kristopher Dunn tested alone with the therapist for an hour and
forty-five minutes. Why is it abuse for the mother to have her child
tested, but not for DHS to have the child tested?

On December 8, 2004 Kathryn Dunn was tested and found not to have
Munchausen syndrome by proxy by a psychologist chosen by DHS, but instead
of returning medical custody of Kristopher Dunn to his mother, DHS tried to
get Kathryn to plead no contest to at least one of their charges because
they wanted to stay involved in her life. when  she refused to do that they
dropped the Munchausen syndrome by proxy charges and have now charged her
with failure to obtain proper medical treatment and failure to provide
proper education for her son, as well as failure to admit that she has an
undiagnosed mental problem, and no legal father. DHS claims they will have
to charge her with something because OHSU will not let them drop the
charges against her.

This whole situation is very confusing. How can Kathryn Dunn be originally
charged with trying to get too much medical attention and too many
educational rights for her child to now being charged with not getting
enough medical or education for him? If she has been following the medical
treatment that OHSU has been recommending and administering on her son for
the past four years and because of their treatment she's been charged with
child abuse, why hasn't OHSU been charged with the same?

January 5, 2005  there was a status conference in court on this case.
Kathryn Dunn's attorney, George Mead, and Sonya Heinsch case manager with
DHS both requested a postponement of the trial date to have a round table
discussion with OHSU and other experts to try to come to a resolution
without going to court.   This meeting never occurred.

On January 28, 2005, George Mead tried to mediate the case with Sonya
Heinsch. She would not agree with their requests stating DHS had to remain
in control of the case, that Kathryn had to be under supervised long term
psychiatric care, and that Kathryn would need to sign that she agreed with
one of their charges against her.

At this point DHS and OHSU have had all their accusations disproved, yet
they still insist on pursuing it by making up new charges. Kathryn Dunn
takes these charges very personally. What could be more personal than
someone trying to take your child from you? It is hard enough trying to
raise a child with special needs, but it's even more difficult when you are
being harassed by someone in the system. She feels that this is a form of
pure harassment, and wants to know what someone in her position can do when
facing such a devious, inconsistent and unfounded attacks by someone
empowered to take their child?

No parent should have to fear seeking appropriate medical treatment for his
or her child.

Contact Information:

Brian Rogers, M.D. C.E.O.
     OHSU/Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901
     (503) 494-8362
Ask this man to justify his hospital's position that the best thing for
Kristopher is to terminate his mother's custody so he can receive their
treatment when he was receiving their treatment when Kathryn's parental
rights were not being threatened.

Joan M. Kruse, LCSW     Primary Social Worker at CDRC
     Pediatric Social Worker     working with child's treatment team    
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901
     (503) 494-2273
     email: krusej@ohsu.edu
Ask Ms. Kruse to explain why she has been manufacturing a case to prove
Kathryn's dis-proved mental problems make her an unfit parent; explain how
she can accuse Kathryn of being negligent of seeking medical attention for
her autistic child when her employer has been providing the child's
healthcare for the past four years.

Ruth Patterson/Sonya Heinsch, HB DHS     Social Worker Specialist
     Dept. of Human Services    
     Child Welfare program
     Washington County, Hillsboro Office
     5920 NE Ray Circle, Suite 110
     Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
     (503) 681-6947   Fax (503) 681-6901
     (503) 598-6102
     email: Heinsch@state.or.us
This woman seems to have clear insight into the issues involved. Encourage
her to follow her heart in this case.

Northwest Autism Foundation
     Joe Taylor - Dave Humphrey
     519 15th Street
     Oregon Ciy, OR  97045
     (503) 557-2111   Fax  (503) 557-2156
     email:  director@autismnwaf.org
Ask these people to explain why they would support autism research programs
funded and administrated by organized medicine when they know that the
vaccines institutions like OHSU recommend and routinely deliver to our
children are at the foundation of the nation's autism epidemic.

The Mead Firm, P.C.
     George W. Mead
     9900 SW Wilshire, Suite 100
     Portland, Oregon 97225
Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(208) 255-2307 / (888) 249-1421
Free Your Mind.....
From the Vaccine Paradigm
"When we give government
the power to make medical decisions
for us, we, in essence, accept that
the state owns our bodies."
~U.S.Representative Ron Paul, MD

     (503) 296-1390
This man is the Dunn's attorney. Thank him for sticking with Kathryn and
Kristopher and encourage him to continue.
The following physicians are involved in the case. Their contact info
should be retained for future correspondence but could also contacted so
they can understand that many good people can see that OHSU's position in
this matter is out of line:
Nancy C. Winters, M.D.       Fellow in Child & Adolescent     
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital     Psychiatry
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901
     (503) 418-5764

Terry Bronson, M.D.     Resident Pediatrics
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901
     (800) 452-3563
     (503) 452-3563

Steven Gorsek, MACC/SLP    
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901

Carrie Phillipi, M.D.     Lab Investigation of reflux eating
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital     disorders.
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901

Daryyn Sikora, PhD     Clinical Psychologist
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901
     (503) 494-2749
     email: sikorad@ohsu.edu

Kurt Freeman, PhD    
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901

Nancy Sinden     CDRC speech pathologist
     Doernbecher Children's Hospital
     Mail Code 3181 SW Sam Jacksoon Park Rd.
     Portland, Oregon  97239-2901