Oxygen therapy

Used in Germany for over 30 years to successfully treat cancer, stroke, gangrene, eczma, herpes, hepatitis and now AIDS.  By 1992 doctors had killed HIV in 300 patients.

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Wherever I went, I treated people for malaria (and sometimes typhoid fever). Although the stabilised oxygen worked only about 70 per cent of the time, it was enough to make me quite famous in the jungle......I began making the solution much stronger than the stabilised oxygen than is sold on the market. For many years, stabilised oxygen was 3.5 per cent sodium chlorite. At this time my solution, which I have named the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), was 28 per cent sodium chlorite.......I didn't go from 10 drops of stabilised oxygen to 120 directly, but I finally wound up at 120 drops and used a second 120 drops one hour later. I did it a little at a time until I found out what it took to cure a disease......I have never put anyone at risk and I have treated over 2,000 people personally. Over 75,000 malaria cases have been treated, mostly by people I trained. The people treated were cured, and no deaths were reported in the bunch. Normally, over 300 deaths could be expected. When I say "cured", I'm referring to the fact that these people got up, smiled, put their clothes on and went back to work. They have not relapsed, as far as we can tell........Bill Gates told us over the phone that he would not help until we had Food and Drug Administration approval.
We know that the MMS (28 per cent sodium chlorite) generates chlorine dioxide (that's CIO2) when mixed with vinegar. The reason why is because the acetic acid in the vinegar causes the solution to be neutralised or, better than that, causes it to become slightly acidic. The   MMS   solution   is   normally extremely alkaline. When it is made acidic by adding the vinegar, it becomes slightly unstable and it begins to release chlorine dioxide. By measuring the drops and the acetic acid, we know that it creates about three milligrams (3 mg) of chlorine dioxide in approximately three minutes. When apple juice (or other juice without vitamin C) is added, it dilutes the solution so that there is about 1 ppm of chlorine dioxide in the total apple juice mixture. The MMS solution continues to generate chlorine dioxide, but now at a much slower rate.
    Chlorine and chlorine dioxide have many antiseptic uses; for more than 100 years they have been used to purify water and kill pathogens in hospitals. ......Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water and it does not create compounds from other constituents in the water, which chlorine does. Simple chemistry tells us that, without doubt, the same situation exists in the body. It has been proven that chlorine in drinking water creates at least three different carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body, but no such compounds have been found from chlorine dioxide. The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide is the most powerful pathogen killer known to man.
    There is no excuse why more research has not been conducted into a solution that has been used for 100 years to kill disease-causing germs. The pharmaceutical companies not only haven't done the research, but they've actually refused to test the stabilised oxygen many times. . A Miracle Treatment for Malaria and Other Diseases by Jim V. Humble

In 1976, the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) published the following: "Ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical uses."  Printing this statement in a publication paid for with our taxes is either a blatant attempt at suppression of truth from the highest levels, or one of the poorest research jobs ever done. It obviously favours competitive therapies, and ignores well over 50 years of safe and effective medical use of ozone on hundreds of thousands of humans backed up with thousands of medical references and clinical studies in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the U.S.
Let's compare medical ozone therapy with prescription drugs. In 1978 the FDA reported 1.5 million were hospitalised in the USA due to the side effects of medication. On the other hand, medical ozone has been legally used in clinics worldwide on a daily basis since the forties, and in Germany 644 ozone therapists were surveyed, and they reported 384,775 patients had received 5,579,238 ozone treatments. The side effect rate was only 0.0007% during 5.5 million dosages! Yet, each year approximately 140,000 people in the U.S die from prescription drug usage.
    Despite 50 years of use on humans and existing flawless and effective animal studies, the FDA still won't allow human testing, claiming ozone is "On clinical hold." What a great example of "newspeak." Sounds real officious, doesn't it? Like there's a problem, and our kindly government father will take care of everything, but it's a lie. No testing is being done while you might be next to die. Clinical hold just means "blackballed." Why would such a documented beneficial therapy be prevented from being looked at at all, while millions of innocents suffer - unless foul play is involved? OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES--Ed McCabe

 "I have in possession, for example, a paper that was published in the Journal of Blood, I think it was 1991, by Poitz and his colleagues, for the American Hematology Society, and it was in the very prestigious medical journal, Blood. Now Poitz is one of the doctors I exposed royally in the book Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola. And what is he investigating here and showing works terrifically? The oxygenation of the blood to clean up the blood of the AIDS virus.
    Now that was 1991. Colleagues of mine have shown me the documents, scientific documentation that said that knowledge was not available in 81, not 71. but even decades before that they knew how effective oxygen was in decontaminating the blood, inexpensively. So now here you have a virtual Rockefeller-related researcher publishing in the most prestigious medical journal, and to this day do you think they're cleaning the blood of Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B and AIDS virus completely? No, they're still not, because they're still not using oxygenation technologies to clean the blood up." THE SATANIC NAZI FLU CONSPIRACY by Jim Redden

In that year, I began travelling the world, lecturing and interviewing extensively upon the subject of ozone and oxygen therapies. I called all the major network news bureaus, including Public Radio, and reported ozone AIDS cures coming out of Europe. Not a single reporter or show called back for details. I wrote and sent documentation to all of the "household word" TV talk show hosts who make their living by acting "concerned" and I tried with all the "AIDS fundraising spokespeople", show business celebs, even sending proof of their home addresses, but as of yet not one single phone call or inquiry came back asking for more. The shining media lights are not the big names who plunk down millions or give benefits for "research," but the many brave independent talk show hosts, show producers, and health expo promoters that have let me on to put the information out there for you. We owe them a debt of gratitude. OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES--Ed McCabe

During Ed's last visit to Australia a couple of years ago, a reporter from a well-known Melbourne newspaper stood up in question time, and told the audience that he had been 'told' to do 'a hatchet job' on Ed McCabe. After listening to Ed speak, he promised to write the truth about oxygen therapies. He also said that if he did this, his newspaper would not run the story. And they didn't. OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES--Ed McCabe

Ozone eliminates... viruses and  bacteria  from   blood, human and stored... Medical ozone is successfully used on AIDS,   Herpes,   Hepatitis, Mononucleosis, Cirrhosis of the liver, Gangrene, Cardiovascular Disease, Arteriosclerosis, High Cholesterol, Cancerous Tumours, Lymphomas, Leukemia... Highly effective on Rheumatoid and other Arthritis, Allergies of all types... Improves Multiple Sclerosis, ameliorates Alzheimer's Disease, Senility, and Parkinson's... Effective on Proctitis, Colitis, Prostrate, Candidiasis, Trichomoniasis, Cystitis; Externally, ozone is effective in treating Acne, bums, leg ulcers, open sores and wounds, Eczema, and fungus." These results were from many different clinics and repeated year after year.
    Despite all this, the U.S. media still barrages us with sad pleas for money constantly so our medical establishment can "Find a cure" for these diseases. Well, if myself, only one man with a computer and a telephone, can find all this documentation I really don't think the med­ical establishment with all its money and vast resources is looking very hard. Do you? OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES--Ed McCabe

"Everyone on this planet needs to be made aware that for several years now I have met and keep meeting people who no longer have AIDS, cancer, and almost any other disease you can think of, due to the continual and correct application of oxygen therapies."---Ed McCabe (1992). Ed McCabe is currently in jail, 1998.

"You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact."---Hans Nieper.

"I called all the major network news bureaus, including Public Radio, and reported ozone AIDS cures coming out of Europe. Not a single reporter or show called back for details. I wrote and sent documentation to all the ‘household word’ TV talk show hosts who make their living acting ‘concerned’ and I tried all the ‘AIDS fund raising spokespeople’, show business celebs, even sending proof of their home addresses, but as of yet not one single phone call or inquiry came back for more."—Ed McCabe.

"There is so much medical evidence to support oxygen therapies that no media dared cover it."—Duncan Rhoads, Nexus Editor on Ed McCabe lecture tour of Australia.

"One of the original AIDS experts recently stated that all he could see as a result of all the millions of dollars being spent on AIDS research was that all of his colleagues are now driving more expensive cars."—McCabe.

"I interviewed 15 people who stated they were cured of cancer by using one of the oxygen therapies…amazingly enough, one of them had pancreatic cancer A man had prostate cancer. Someone else had colon cancer. Dr Otto Warburg won the nobel prize twice for stating that the cause of cancer is a normal cell denied 60% of its oxygen requirements….I asked a big cancer specialist …if he had ever heard of Dr Warburg, and he said no. And this specialist’s title was ‘Head of Fermentation Process Laboratories."---McCabe.

Oct 1991, Jim Caplan at Capmed in Pennsylvania sends all 150 top US AIDS researchers copies of Journal of Hematology report showing ozone, when used as a virucide eliminates HIV. He invites questions or response. Not one response was received from any of these "top" researchers using tax money to "find a cure."

Dr Satori, M.D. has had 149 AIDS patients become healthy, 50 of which zero-converted to negative and became virus free by combining ozone with vitamins, minerals and other supplements. In 1992 he was arrested.

"The FDA won’t spend a dime on ozone research, but they spent over $1 million intimidating, harassing, and persecuting me alone." Dr Jonathen Wright http://www.seattle.net/~drwright/