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Pandemic or Factory Farm Fiasco?

by Colleen De Koning 


April 30, 2009

There are many people floating ideas of the origins of this recent 'Flu Pandemic'.  Some scientific, some conspiracy theorist, and some, as I consider myself, just logistical. My present ideas about this topic haven't gone beyond the 'Occam's Razor' test.

I was one of the children mass-vaccinated in the 70's for Swine Flu, and I have the scar to prove it.  They used air-guns at our school, and weren't too careful to get it right on the skin, so the skin on my shoulder was blasted away.  Nobody I knew died of swine flu- but lots of people died from the vaccinations, and many people ended up with Guillen-Barre disease from it.

It surprises me how many people would be willing to subject themselves or their children to some makeshift vaccination now, considering the last Swine Flu debacle, the MMR Autism link and the recent Baxter 'flub'.  My family won't be in line for that.

That said-
Sometimes when you want to get a better idea of what you're dealing with, it's good to go to the people who know- in this case, the local people, the people from Mexico and the area of La Gloria.  I don't speak or read Spanish, but my fiance does, so together we have been reading Spanish news reports, Blogs, and blog commentaries.  And what those people have to say is not really being reported in US MSM.  I could be mistranslating, and if I am, please feel free to let em know.  To wit-

Allegations that:
Beginning in December 2008, La Gloria's population of 3000 had seen 400-500 cases of serious respiratory illness.  Sometime in December a vaccination program began which included only children and the elderly.

By February, at least 2 if not 3 children under the age of 8 had died from it- 2 of those children are to be exhumed and tested.

Locals had been complaining for quite some time about the dangers of the nearby American-owned massive pig farm and it's health affects on the residents.
At some point before the announcement of the 'outbreak', the pig farm's 3 open-air pig fecal matter oxidation lakes were sprayed for fly infestation and a local authority blamed it for the respiratory outbreak.

Soon after that, a containment wall was built around the lakes.

Before being announced as an outbreak,  the pig farms were fumigated and the pigs were vaccinated.  At the same time,  local residents were vaccinated and their homes and patios were fumigated.

THEN, the deaths really ramped up.

Sixteen hospital employees came down with a respiratory illness- the emergency floor has been shut down for 15 days for 'cleaning'.

No mention of 'avian flu' until this time until a woman patient at a nearby hospital was suspected of suffering from Avian flu.  She was treated with a 'restricted' injection medicine, recovered, but then died of infection.

Testing at that point is claimed to show only 2 flu cases- one swine flu and one human flu.

Once the Canadian case is publicised and the outbreak acknowledged, officials backtracked on blaming the pig farm for the outbreak.  One official claims the deaths are due to ignorance in the people who tried 'home remedies'... residents claim they were turned away from medical treatement or were given Paracametol for their symptoms.  A few were given Bactrim, which helped them recover.

Authorities now claim there is not one case of swine flu amongst the local pigs, yet earlier reports claim that up to a third of the pigs were previously 'culled', as well as a large number in nearby towns, all due to swine flu infection.

The pig farm, while American owned, was able to (due to NAFTA, I guess) operate under the lowered environmental and health standards of Mexico, and was of an immense size that would never be allowed in the US.

World Bank comes forward and offers a cash cow to Mexico.

Based on these news reports and personal blogs and blog comments from people who live in Mexico, in the regions involved, whose families have been dealing with this new flu, and on the confusing information being released by news agencies in the US and abroad, I'd like to suggest a possible scenario.  It is hypothetical, and afterwards I'll ask what I believe to be important questions to ask for people such as myself, who have a hard time buying, much less being able to piece together a believable story from our MSM outlets.

Suppose that the US took advantage of lax Mexican environmental and health standards (and working conditions and pay), and opened a mega-pig farm in a small town in Mexico.  Instead of properly dealing with waste like they'd be forced to do in the US, they created 3 huge oxidation lakes of pig urine and feces, and did nothing to keep the leaching poisonous combo of feces, toxins and whatever chemical, pharmaceutical (including vaccinations) and biological waste from entering the local groundwater. 

Eventually, people start dropping like flies, but everything is kept hush-hush.  People are quietly vaccinated, fumigated, the vector of flies is fumigated as well as the pig farm, pigs are vaccinated, and those presenting with Swine flu are culled.  Problem solved.  Until a Canadian is proven to have contracted Swine flu in Mexico.

Then suddenly the previous respiratory illnesses and deaths are acknowleged- as a new and terrifying superbug scare that will kill Millions worldwide.  Nobody thinks about the obvious source of the initial outbreak because now the whole world is worried about the scary new PANDEMIC.  Pharmaceutical companies scramble to take advantage of fear, and suddenly the huge Tamiflus that were gathering dust are now in high demand.

Pandemic never happens, Tamiflu finally gets used/paid for,  people shift focus from all the bad stuff our government's doing, and eventually things go back to normal until the next 9/11, Anthrax, WOMD, Pandemic.  And everybody forgets that there was an environmental disaster that caused it all- namely a super-farm the US owned in Mexico.

This is the opinion I'm following right now, but it's not rigid.
Here are the questions I'd like answered:

Why were 500 people who had respiratory disease ignored in La Gloria between December and the announcement of the outbreak?

Why did Mexican authorities blame the local pig farm for the illnesses until the US called it a Pandemic, at which point they backtracked?

If there are only 2 facilities worldwide that can test for this 'new' flu, how many cases have actually been tested and verified, rather than just 'confirmed'?

Why did the World Bank so quickly offer such a huge amount of funding- funding that is off the scale for the crisis at hand?  What does the World Bank want in return?

If the US flu casualties every year are around 30,000, how does this qualify as a Pandemic?  How many casualties has this caused in the US?  Why was it only identified as a Pandemic once the Canadian case was reported, but not when dozens of Mexicans had already died?

Why is this still being called 'Swine Flu' if it is supposedly a combo of two different strains of Swine Flu, one Human Flu and one Avian flu?  Why has only one suspected case of Avian flu been reported in Mexico?  If this really is a combo, why has the government not given an explanation of how the combo happened?  And how in Mexico?  If the Avian flu has now combined with the Swine and Human, and is now transmittable through respiratory methods, wouldn't this show up in testing?  Why have we not been given proof of this?

Is it not possible that if you have massive open-air vats/lakes full of toxic waste from pigs, which would surely include the Swine Flu virus, that birds flying overhead might have crapped in or died in them, providing the scary combo?  That people nearby already suffering from human flu might have been infected by this through flies and/or groundwater?

Why would the La Gloria people (after having been vaccinated in Decemeber) have been re-vaccinated this spring before the outbreak was claimed, and why would their homes and patios have been fumigated?  What were they vaccinated against, and what were they fumigated with/for?  Everyone knows you do not vaccinate people who are already ill, and you certainly don't expose them to chemicals like fumigations when they're ill.  Could this be the real reason so many of them are dying when the death rate elsewhere is almost nil?  That you don't vaccinate/fumigate 500 people who were already suffering from respiratory disease?  Is it possible they didn't die from the flu, but from not being given antibiotics for their respiratory illness?

As in the Polio vaccine, there's always the possibility of vaccines actually infecting people through the vaccine when using live vaccines.  Is it possible that the Mexican people got a bad "Baxter" vaccine this spring, and that it exacerbated the Swine Flu and respiratory illness they already had?

Logically, does it make more sense that there's some sinister plan to kill off millions of people through manufactured viruses in this case, or is it more plausible that because of greed, American companies moved toxic massive animal factory farms south of the border to avoid environmental responsibility, and to avoid having to pay American minimum wages and healthcare and safety precautions..... and the inevitable happened.  Is it too strange to believe that Swine Flu originated on a Swine farm?  And that all this other 'Pandemic' crap is a coverup for that?  That the owners of that farm were crapping their pants until the Pandemic story got tossed around?

I've noticed that every news report of the Pandemic ends by reassuring people that pork is fine to eat.  How does this figure into the news?  When spouses murder each other, the coverage does not end with the announcer reassuring people that it's still safe to marry.   The fact of the matter is that Swine flu comes from pigs.  If you eat pork, no doubt at some point you have eaten a pig that had Swine flu.  The question then is... if an animal has a virus commonly, that can jump species to humans, does it make sense to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, and still risk scares like this, or does it make more sense to retire the species as a food item?

I don't believe this was a purposeful invention- even though it conveniently plays on some people's fear and hatred of illegal aliens.  I believe it was caused by greed, and it will interest me to see who jumps on the 'Pandemic Money Train'. 

I'll also be interested after the whole pandemic thing dies down to see what happens to the people in La Gloria.  Of whether the massive pig farm does anything to clean up it's toxic footprint?  I'm going to guess no.

My biggest question is why over months the 500 people of La Gloria were ignored regarding their respiratory disease, and why when the first couple of children died from it, nobody cared?