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>Dr. Andrew Wakefield announced today his intention to move on to a new phase
>of leadership in the autism community as he also prepares a more aggressive
>defense of his scientific accomplishments in the wake of a ruling from the
>U.K.'s General Medical Council (GMC).

Someone should point out to him that he has no defence left to make.
He has been found guilty.  All he has left is a plea in mitigation of

>That ruling, which charged Wakefield
>and two pediatric gastroenterologists with misconduct,

It didn't charge them, it found them guilty of misconduct.

>Wakefield, previously the Executive Director of Thoughtful House, had been a
>senior scientist in charge of an ambitious primate research program on
>vaccine safety. The first paper from this project was published online on
>October 2, 2009 by Neurotoxicology (see HERE) who then decided unexpectedly
>on February 12 not to proceed with publication in the print edition

They didn't decide not to publish - they retracted the paper in its
entirety.  His co-author appears to have now taken his place at his
ex-business at  Thoughtful House.

>Earlier this week, Jane Johnson of Thoughtful House released the following
>statement. "We fully support [Dr. Wakefield's] decision to leave Thoughtful

Is that the Johnson of "Johnson and Johnson" the large pharmaceutical